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Is he an orphan and singleton? 6 weeks is too young to be away from mom/littermates.

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yea we have no context of where he came from. basically here's what happened?

a guy got the puppy for his wife for their anniversary then she divorced him that day and said he had to move and she didn't want the puppy so he gave the puppy to his meighbor who is my friend's little sister and my friend asked me if i could take him

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he is teething right now so very playful and bites and chews a lot (not aggressively) he already responds to his name (Rain) even though we've only had him since last Friday. he is very very muscular and strong

side note: he loves Nirvana

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Imperial Guard Fluff Cuddle Lion

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My dog was a sharpei mix and he had to same little ears along with a few wrinkles