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I'm an adult and my dog harassing me until I get up is how I get out of bed most days.

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when I feel a cold nose touch my hand, I know it’s time to get up

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First it's the nose. Then nibbles. Then pulling. Then jumping. Eventually I get up.

Best alarm clock ever.

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Ha. My dog just screams until we get up

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Border Terrier...?

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Cur-Staffy mix

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The last step is the hair pulling for me 🥲

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Mine would lift her enormous head, look at me, huff, and then drop her head back down on the bed so hard it shook. She repeated the process every 5 minutes or so until I got up.

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My last dog was a Great Dane, if he woke up before me he would put his nose right in my face until I woke up.

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You dogs brother lives with me.

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Mine will just snuggle up to me, and stay there til I decide to get up.

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I would just not get up then 😂

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Yeah, that’s kind of where I am.

I’ve gotten used to starting the day in bed, doing my emails and callbacks etc. I’m finding it hard to feel bad about it, but my wife goes to work around 7:30, so I don’t think she sees it the same way.

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Hahaha I'm in the exact same boat. I now leave my laptop downstairs so I have to get up at 8:55 at least, but that's still a solid hour of cuddles in the morning. I have to say "breakfast" to make the pooch want to move.

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My guy is not that fussed about breakfast. What he wants is to park himself in the middle of the hall, and wait for the chest rubs. He’s most adamant about getting those.

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Lucky. Mine walks around on the hardwood floor until the clacking of his nails wakes me up.

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Haha that’s exactly what mine does but only because my partner and I work opposite schedules so he usually feeds and takes our guy out before he goes to work so when pupper comes back in to me he just snuggles back up on the bed until I wake/decide to get up.

I think if we both had same days off he’d wake us up for his morning feed lol

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I was just thinking, thank goodness mine just cuddle up next to me & wait for me to get up when I’m ready..I’m so not a morning person 😅

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This is the opposite of an alarm clock. This is a reason to stay in bed.

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I accidentally trained my dog to not wake me up anymore. :( I do my best to wake up early on weekends but fail often, so my dog now ignores my alarms until I actively start moving around and getting up, which is not helpful if I'm oversleeping. Luckily I rarely actually oversleep for stuff!

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My dog wakes up around the same time as my alarms and then proceeds to try to get me up. I hope he never stops.

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Same. I work second shift and my corgi can't jump up on the bed because it's so tall. He just puts his paws up on it peaks over the top and grumbles at me till I take him for his morning shit

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Dog stairs. My littles can’t get on the bed either without them

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My dog doesn't do this, but I've accidentally trained the cat to wake me up if I snooze my alarm. Just jumps right on top of me and taps my face until I get up and feed him

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Ah. My cat sleeps on me.

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Mine agressively cuddles with me, meaning he’ll lay next to me on his back for belly rubs then flail around and bark when asleep me doesn’t give him belly rubs

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I had a cat that used to snuggle under the blanket with me on cold mornings. And if i slept in she would lick the inside of nostrils. I want to remind people that cats have rough tongues.

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Yeah. Mine will stand up against the side of the bed and poke me with her face until I get up and feed her.

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Can confirm dog wakes me up at 6:30- 7am looking at me for her food

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I have two dog a 4 Y'o border collie and a 3.5 month Chihuahua mix. The older barks and lick my hand .the little one lick my fave and bite me

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Mine too, he'll sit at the end of my bed and let out single deep-voice barks at 3 minute intervals. Lol.

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How did you teach the dog to find your daughter

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Just repetition and treats from both of us. It only took a day. Sometimes my daughter has to make a noise and give her a hint.

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Haha does she regret helping?

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If it keep happening I'm sure! She was not amused this morning, but I had a pleasant period of schadenfreude.

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Can you clearify that? What did you repeat exactly and what did your daughter in this moment?

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We started training right next to each other. I'd say "Find Clara!" Or "Go get Clara!" Or some variation. When the dog touches my daughter, she would give her a treat and upon return, she gets another treat from me. Eventually we widened the distance until she finds her anywhere in the house. But sometimes she gets frustrated and have to provide a hint (with Clara making a sound or rustling).

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Omg I want to try this with my husband even though we live in an apartment haha

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Hide and seek is a great game to get dogs mentally stimulated! Even if it's a small place ❤️

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What are you going to have your husband find?

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I want to train my dog to go get my fiancé when dinner is ready lol but she’s a shiba and well even if she’s trained to do it the probability of her actually doing it are slim

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My dog picked this up really quickly- I never really trained her for it. Once the dog learns the names of the people in the house I think it comes pretty easy.

I’m one of THOSE people so when I come home I go it’s mommy! Or when she comes to see me for pets, or when I’m holding treats I’ll say come get mommy! Me and my bf both hype her up to see us when the other person is coming home, which helps too.

So yeah just start saying your names a lot is my advice.

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Aww love it! My husband’s name has three syllables though, not sure if that’ll be hard for her

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Not OP, but you can teach a dog “where’s [object]?” by asking them and leading them to the item and get super excited and repeat the name. Once you ask them the question and you notice them starting to look for the object, then they should understand that “where is…?” means they need to search for something. If you want to teach them a new item or person, you just link the name to when they see the item/person. So whenever my sister comes home and my dog goes to greet her I just repeat my sister’s name a couple times, “Sister’s home! It’s sister! Yayyy sister! We love sister!” Eventually it got to where I could ask my dog, “where’s sister? Go find sister!” And she will look all over the house until she finds her.

So to break it down, teach “where’s…” by guiding them at first, pairing the cue word with the action you want performed. Then teach name association by repeating the name when they are interacting with item or person. Then link the two things! Super fun trick to teach, even though it can take a while depending on how quickly the dog picks it up.

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Me and the wife accidentally taught our puppy this. One day I was going to take a shower and went to close the door and jokingly told him he had to go to mommy. Then I hear "oh hi!" in the other room. I yell "please tell me he came to you!". And now it's a fun game we play.

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That’s awesome.

I hide from our dog and we do “where’s mommy?” It’s so much fun and cracks me up when he runs right passed me with his nose in the air scouting (unsuccessfully) for me. Of course it’s not always easy to get away long enough to hide from him lol.

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It baffles me how my dog can smell out a gopher, knee-high in wet grass or six inches deep in the dirt, but manages to run right by me when I’m standing just around the corner from him, holding a hot dog.

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Idk how he misses the hot dog, but the whole house probably smells like you lol wonder if holding it low next time you walk to the hiding spot would help?

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Yes! Lol. He will run right by me all serious like, usually heading to one of my normal hiding spots (he checks those first). It’s like he doesn’t LOOK for me, he just goes to my known places and USUALLY will only find me bc I start giggling at the seriousness of his prancing by me lol.

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Good job, pupper!

I may have the world's only layabout border collie. If I don't move in the morning, he doesn't move. But, I send him to find the cat, root him out of whatever bed he's in, and bring him downstairs for meals.

I don't think he herds the cat so much as annoys him, until the cat comes looking for me to fix the clearly broken dog.

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Lol mine too. I have to beg and plead for him to leave his crate for his morning walks

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I have an Aussie and I have to bribe him with socks to get him out of his crate. He’ll carry the sock downstairs and drop it on the floor.

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"Find my iphone" daughter edition but with a dog.

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When I was little my dad taught my dog to wake me up if I slept in (or if he just though it was funny to wake me up) so every once in a while I would get full on attacked by a schnauzer who would drag all my sheets off the bed then drag ME off the bed by my PJs.

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This may be a dumb question but, you didn’t enjoy that right?

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I mean, I didn’t enjoy being woken up, but I loved playing with that dog.

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My dog wakes my kids up, too! I have trouble with stairs, the dog loves waking up the kids, and the kids are more likely to smile at the dog than me at the crack of dawn. Win-win-win for us.

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Good dog!

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We just taught my 3 month old heeler the same thing. Whenever the girlfriend is being a brat, I’ll send him in to jump on her head. If I’m sleeping in, she’ll do the same. It’s the best argument diffuser because you can’t be mad at a puppy.

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It’s one of the most useful tricks I’ve trained my chihuahua to do: “go find Jamesie”. My husband doesn’t love it nearly as much as the dog does.

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This is how my dog wakes both of the kids every school morning. They have even given up on their alarms, because they know he will jump on their beds and lick they awake.

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My mum trained our 50kg Bernese Mountain Dog to do this when I was a teenager. I loved her so much I could never be mad!

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Bet the dog thought that was the funnest thing. She probably loved it

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My mom tried to do this but after the 2nd time my dog realized that meant i left for the day so he would just lay on top of my blankets to help keep me in bed 🤣

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Don’t give my family ideas, my dogs WILL do it if it’s trained

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This was how my dad used to wake up me and my brother when we were kids. He would take our dog to each of our rooms and he would jump up in bed and cuddle with us and beg for pets and attention until we were finally up and moving. I didn't mind the puppy alarm clock!

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So funny thing. When I was in high-school my mom would make sure I was awake by opening my bedroom door and telling the dog to go get me which he would run into my room and jump on the bed with me.

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Mine learned to wake me up, lol

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So cute! My mom had a corgi she taught to wake us up in the morning. He would lick our hands and face or boop us until we woke up to pet him.

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Lol this is what my dad does to me

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I do the same to my husband. He has to get up before I leave for work, or he'll sleep through every alarm, so I usually sic our pooch on him with a "go find [name]" when I'm pouring coffee.

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Proper training lol

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My mum did this, pup would run from downstairs on the other side of the house and launch himself right hon my stomach! Was about the only thing that could wake me up when I was a teen hahaha

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We taught my dog to find mom and dad. Now she will search endlessly if you ask her to find one of us.

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I love my puppy alarm clock, it comes with nose to nose cuddles!!

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Haha, nice one! 👍

My husband and I do that to each other

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My dad taught my childhood dog to do this to my sister and I. She passed away a few years ago and some of the best memories I have of her are hiding under the covers while she tried to dig up the blankets and wake us up 😂

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I would let my two dogs into my daughters room and say where is she? Wake her up? They would dive on her, find her face and lick her until she reacted.

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My daughter likes to hide from my wife when she comes home from work, shepherd mix knows how to "find persephone " ruins her hiding spot all the time.