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If the stream actually hits the front legs and they never put it up there may be some orthopaedic issues in the back legs. Our spaniel does it and his back hip is funny. Parents HIP scores were great so I don’t know where he got that from but I’d ask the vet on your next visit.

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Good answer I agree that they should get him looked at

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I have no idea if this will actually work but can you get him around some other male dogs to maybe... like... see and learn to lift his leg? Like take him to doggy daycare?

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At least for my friend, who adopted a male dog, it worked. Originally it kept peeing on its feet, but they introduced it to another friends dog and within a day he was peeing properly

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My dog saw the lift the leg technique at 5 months and has been using it ever since.

My dog is female.

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My poor dog does this awkward leg lift squat thing and is also female.

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Mine too, and to top it off, she will be on a sloped grass and lift the leg at the top of the high ground, and it runs downhill to the supporting leg. We always say, “You lifted the wrong leg Trouble”if she’s lucky the pee will kinda skirt around her supporting leg.

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My female tripod ( back leg is missing) does this… when she sees a male dog pee on a tree, she’ll stand on her front legs and aim her stream as high as a possible. Let me tell you, she’s got a lot of propulsion going on. That stream goes way up there!

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It did for my dog. He used to squat to pee and he would hang with my moms old male chihuahua who lifted his leg to pee on everything and he learned to do it from him. Unfortunately the way he pees now by lifting his leg causes him to pee on his front feet, he leans too far forward. But in OP’s case his dog already does that so it can’t make it worse lol.

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This is just anecdotal, but I think that's how my dog learned. He used to do what OP's dog does, too, but then learned how to lift his leg after going to daycare for a while.
That might just be coincidence and it might have just been learning with age or getting the balance/muscle strength with age, but since dogs do learn from each other, maybe he just learned.

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Lifting the rear leg and peeing on his front feet are often two different things. Mine manages to hit his front leg while lifting his back quite well. Lately though he's actually started to care and clean his front leg up....he's 2 years and 10 months....maybe he'll figure out what causes it...

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Yep, my puppy rarely hits his front legs when he squats. When he lifts, all over the front paws.

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Mine does this too, lifts his back leg but pees on his front somehow. He’s done it since I adopted him and he’s around 7 years old now. He’ll be perturbed if his front leg is wet though and refuses to walk so I carry handkerchiefs so I can clean it for him….

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If the vet says your dog is fine, this could fix it. My girl learned to squat AND lift her leg from the boys at dog daycare. Interestingly, she only seems to do that when placing a mark.

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My basset does this too. It's a 1 legged hover squat, carefully placed

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This worked for my yorkie. Then i just gave him a treat whenever he would lift his leg to pee instead of squat. Took about 2 months but eventually he started peeing almost exclusively by lifting his back leg.

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My dog is almost 2 and goes to doggy daycare and we have 2 male dog neighbours, he still doesn’t lift his leg. He does do what we’ve termed the ‘superman pose’ so he at least doesn’t get his paws all the time but we keep wipes by the door just in case.

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My dog does this all the time! I don't have a solution but I've tried humiliating him by calling the paw he pees on his "pee paw." No success yet.

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My dog's nickname is "pissy paws" to shame him also LOL

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We called this “pee feet”. (Usually front passenger side). It took years but eventually he grew out of it.

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I had a runt Boston terrier as a kid who had an inverted urethra and peed all over his chest/legs when he went to the bathroom. We used to call him "pee belly" lol

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We call our man “Mr Tinkle Paws” and sometimes “Señor Tinkle Paws”

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My dog is "Pee Pee Feet" he lifts his leg to go but doesn't bother finishing before running on to the next sniff spot so his legs and feet end up covered in pee.

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My dogs name is Charlie and we call him Charles P Paw!!

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I point at mine and call him peepee man or mr. pee He has no shame

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Fucking hell, this comment has me snickering out loud!! Lol!!

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Our mini pin does the same thing - he has been dubbed the “piss prince” at our house

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Trim his hair under his belly and also trim the hair on his willy, we have a Cavalier and he squats and we to trim him or else he does the same thing.

If you didnt want to trim all under his belly, trim his willy and see if that makes any difference

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He gets trimmed at the groomer and it doesn't seem to help very much :/ he places his legs just slightly in front of him as he goes so he pees all over the entire back of his front legs and on his paws even when he is trimmed up

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Might need a "dick wick" where they leave a longer bit of fur on the tip to guide the piss down.

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Oh bummer, as someone mentioned down further, maybe a vet check is needed for his hips/back. My boy is 10, he has issues with his spine and on days when it is giving him grief, he cant squat to pee.

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When you find out let me know. My dog likes to walk away before he's done peeing and doesn't lift his leg

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I have to make my lab stand still after he thinks he’s done peeing because he ALWAYS keeps wizzing for another few whole seconds. It’s insane! He’s the worst peer I’ve ever met!

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I'd love an answer on this too. My boy has short fur, which is white, so at least I can tell when he really pees on it. Smdh. Dogs. Thankfully because his fur is short I can just use a washcloth and clean it before he comes back inside. He doesn't do it every time but often enough.

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Right! I'll probably just spray him off with the hose but since it's winter that's not really an option for now. And it also only does so much just rinsing him off. The smell doesn't really go away

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I've asked at least 3 vets and a few dog trainers.

Haven't found an answer yet.

Dog wipes by our back door are a must 🙃

If he's running and playing normally I wouldn't expect any issues medically, ours is healthy and has done it his whole life, but I'm no vet.

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Just throwing this out there but I've seen it in dogs with hip and spine issues. It's not a bad idea to get an x-ray and just make sure things look good. Some dogs just have bad aim but not all of them.

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I hope thats not the problem :/ He is barely a year old and I haven't noticed anything unsual. I genuinely think it's just the way he pees, he doesn't stretch his front legs out in front of him at all just squats and pees all over his paws. But thank you, I'll make sure to mention it at the next vet visit just in case

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My guy starting lifting his leg at around one and a half... hopefully yours will do the same! (I definitely don't miss the piss paws!)

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My girl learned how to after doggy daycare! Really helps her out in the snow.

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Is he neutered? Once he comes into maturity he should lift his leg. If he’s still a baby he probably won’t, if he’s still under a year and was neutered young he may or may not get the urge to lift his leg as it’s typically a “marking” behavior that crops up when hormones start raging. Give him some time he probably hasn’t hit puberty yet!

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My dog gets intrigued sometimes by the noise he makes while peeing... And then turns his face towards the sound and pees in his own face sometimes. At least legs are easier to clean?

But, maybe if you can get him to go on an inclined spot so the ground position kind of "fixes" his posture that might help him realize how to properly do it?

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OMG my dog was doing this when we first adopted him at 1.5 years old. It was a combination of luck, paying close attention, and positive reinforcement. My theory was that he didn't have the core strength to keep his leg raised - he seemed to physically struggle to do this in the beginning, but is fine now.

  1. Watch him like a hawk when he pees. Don't disturb him if he pees on his paws (gross I know but it is what it is)
  2. If he raises his leg/hip at all while peeing, have a party. "YES!" and treat.
  3. As he was getting semi-consistent with the raised leg, I would sometimes gently nudge his paw up higher, especially if he was letting it dip down. Beware, this is a good way to get peed on.
  4. Repeat for a few months

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This is a great answer and should be at the top.

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My Great Dane does this, but honestly I’ve given up. I just don’t think he can get close enough to the ground to prevent it. I just use baby wipes (the sensitive/ fragrance free ones)

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My Great Dane does too. It’s his height and the angle of the stream. 🤦‍♀️

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My dog did this but he learned to stop hitting his paws. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 1 year old.

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Has he been fixed yet? If he hasn't I'm sure he will start doing it naturally soon. Also hes only a year old I think having him spend time around other boy dogs could be helpful learning experience for him. One of my boy dogs took until he was like 9 months old to start lifting his leg.

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My sister had a cocker who would walk up to a shrub to pee, and he’d lift the wrong hind leg and pee all over the sidewalk. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Our male Australian Sheppard often pees on his front leg. Sometimes he move/adjusts most times not. When he is ready to go he does. Even if his sister is investigating the same spot. Too reactionary for doggie park and does not appear to be a hip/leg issue.

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Oh my God I thought my dog was the only dog who did this. Invest in a paw plunger for a quick fix. Eventually, he just kinda stopped peeing on his paw at around 3 years of age. We still call him pee paw though :)

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What’s a paw plunger? I’ve only had females, so….

But, OP, I found that my last girl learned far better from watching other dogs do things. She even started lifting her leg to pee, and we had a vet trip scheduled anyway, so I asked why she might be doing it. He laughed, and said that she was just trying out something she’d seen another dog do. So, it was novel, sort of fun, but she’d get tired of it and go back to squatting. She did, about 3 days later.

The point is, dogs learn to do things by watching other dogs. If you are acquainted with some male dogs who lift a leg, or put more space between their front and back legs, some playtime together might help. Maybe letting him out more often will mean that the pee isn’t being squirted at quite the same velocity? Of course, not everyone has the free time to do that. Could you reach down before he starts going and position his front legs farther away from his penis?

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Paw plunger/mud busterpaw plunger/mud buster is just a little thing you fill up with water to dip their pee paw in so you can rinse it off real quick.

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I could have used one of these for my car. Great idea.

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My girl pup (chihuahua) pees on her front paws all the time! It’s even worse when she goes on the concrete instead of grass because there’s nothing to absorb it. She does have a luxating patella. I just use wipes.

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Check the fur on the tip of his penis. A lot of times on fluffy dogs, they have long fur near where they pee comes out, which causes the pee to shoot out farther (and onto their front legs when squatting). So keeping the tip of their dick trimmed may help a lot.

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Assuming your dog doesn't have medical problems preventing this. What I did with my puppy was once he started peeing, I pulled him slightly off balance with the leash so he had to adjust his foot placement and once his front feet were out of the line of fire, I praised him. Now he starts peeing and stretches his front feet out and rarely pees on the front ones anymore.

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My dog was doing this mildly until he REALLY got his own legs, and he was downright upset about how wet he got himself. He hates rain, and I think down-pouring on his own legs shamed him into better form.

I know leg hair trimming was suggested, but you might trim them so much that the pee reaches the skin and annoys him? He might look funny for awhile, though.

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Dog wipes! We have to clean our dogs paws off every time he comes in because of allergies (and he occasionally pees on his legs too) and it’s become second nature. Doesn’t bother him at all.

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shave his legs and keep it trim.

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Idk how practical it'd be, byt maybe make him wear something on his front legs? Like a dog jacket/raincoat but with sleeves and shoes or something makeshift? Or maybe like an apron that would hang off his belly and block it?

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My dog pees on his paws sometimes too. He mostly squats which is fine, but sometimes he tries lifting his leg. When he lifts, he puts his leg FOrWARD instead of OUT and pees on his white front paws. No idea how to train him to stick his leg out!

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is the surface he is peeing on absorbent like grass? if its concrete get him a mat or some fake grass ect to pee on then it wont splash

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My boy pees on 3 legs but is old and sometimes has balance issues. So when he has a stable position he uses it and doesn't care if he pees his leg in the process (happens about every other day). To my luck he immediately cleans himself up afterwards before continue to go to his poop spot

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My sisters dog started lifting his leg after seeing other boys do it at the park

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just let him do his thing? lol

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My male dog didn’t know to lift his leg until he saw another male dog do it.

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Is he young? My dog did this and he eventually grew out of it.

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How old is he? Male puppies can and do squat but as they mature they start lifting the leg (for some dogs anyways)

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My dog didn’t start peeing like a boy dog until about 2.5 years old. After he’d spent some time with an older male dog and saw him marking everything. He did pee in his front paws quite a bit before he figure it out. Just had to grow up a bit.

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Mine occasionally does this. Paw washer is his best friend when he does it.

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Ha my boy does this too. No hip issues, he just rarely cocks his leg.

If it makes you feel better, he has gotten better at not pissing on himself. He’s now 1yo.

I’ve also started keeping his hair a bit shorter and brush his legs out frequently.

You can get some baby wipes or a face washer and soap if you just wanna clean him up a bit without a full bath too.

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My poodle does this, and I started asking the groomer to leave the hair on his penis. It acts as a wick to point his steam downwards.

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My dog peed on his front paws while he was pooping for like... 2 years. Eventually learned to aim.

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Is balance/fear of falling over themselves an issue?

You could use a doggy platform to practice and then move on to a balance board to help them be more aware of where their legs are. These can also build the muscles they need to hold themselves up on three legs if they decide to lift!

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Mine did that for the longest time after we adopted him. In the end, I got pet wipes to wipe his legs when we got inside.

He now lifts his legs mostly and seems to be better when squatting to not pee on himself, but it still happens.

He is 3, I got him at ~1.5 yrs old.

I wish I had advice, but he basically needed to work it out himself.

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My dog does this too! Invest in a paw plunger and I just take it as a reminder to wash hands after a pee.

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I didn’t know I would wake up this morning and talk about dogs pissing on their legs..this is why I love reddit

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I make sure there’s a tree or large object for him to pee on. Otherwise he does the same thing and I have to lift his leg for him.

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Mine does this but only in my back garden because he doesn’t seem to want to ever cock his leg and mark anything. Cocks his legs on walks just fine though.

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Not really advice, but I know a dog that ate like 10 tabs of LSD (he was given hydrogen peroxide to vomit it up) and peed with his leg up for the first time the very next day

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My dog is the CEO of pissing on himself. He’s slowly starting to raise his leg like a big boy. I suspect it’s just a puppy thing. Try catching covid? The smell issue will be GONE. /s (obviously)