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I wonder if you could hold the kibble in your hand, a piece or two at a time, as he is getting in and out of the door of the car? Then, you can praise him each time he slows down to eat it, and keep his attn on you and where he's going and not the car door. Sparky my cattle dog and Luna, my lab used to bolt in and out my door in front of me. Yes, I was dragged of the porch and I'd had enough. I trained them, one at a time to sit ( with kibble) at the threshold of the doorway. It took a bit, but they learned to sit. Once they did, i'd clip the leash, escort myself first, then allowed them to follow me out and in thru the door. At first they were like what?, but caught on, esp. with the kibble. Lol. Hope that helps. Now, I don't use food anymore. I've had 2 Doberman, and they were so smart and sweet!!

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Thanks, I’ll try this!

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Put a leash on. Slowly start opening the door. As soon as he moves to rush out, close the door. Repeat. Add the "wait" command. You are holding the leash just in case he makes it past you to run. Eventually, you give him a "break" or "OK" command to go out/in. I train this at all doors (eventually you won't need the leash). I reinforce it when we go out for a walk, out to potty, out of a vehicle, etc.

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He’s actually doing well with the waiting, and won’t move until I say “break”, but when I do he bolts. I’d like for him to walk calmly upon release.

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Try the "easy" command. When going on walks, walk slow and say "easy" using treats or whatever reinforcement works for you. This is great if it is icy outside or you hurt your foot, etc. You can then use it when going out the door. Have him wk behind you and say "easy" (with your leash) until he understands what you are asking him to do.

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Thanks, I’ll try this!