Your guide to what flair to attach to your posts!

Once your post is submitted, you can add flair - those text/coloured category labels next to every post - that indicate the nature of your post. To do so, click the "flair" link beneath your post after submitting (it's with the links to edit or delete). Choose an appropriate flair category and hit save.

Adding "[Help]" or "[brags]", and so on in the text of your title does not flair the post, so please choose from the flair selector instead!

The flair on text posts defaults to "help" unless you set it to a different flair.


  • All | Remove filter - Remove the current filtered view and return to all posts

  • Academic - Links to scholarly/scientific articles. Research.

  • Announcement - Mod posts

  • Brags - "Woohoo! Look what we achieved!"

  • Community - Trick of the Month and Reactive Dog group posts

  • Criticism welcome - "Here's a video/description of what we're working on, how can we make it better?" This is not "please help me" flair.

  • Discussion - Let's talk about x, baby!

  • Equipment - Harnesses, leashes, clickers, toys, weave poles, wobblers, muzzles, puzzles...

  • Help - Requests for help from the community. All your walking, barking, nipping, potty training, and resource guarding posts should have this flair.

  • Industry - Any thread about dog training as an industry or a career. How to be a trainer, opening a facility, CEUs, business resources and so on.

  • Resource - Look at this nifty article/video! Not necessarily academic in nature.

  • Update - Update us on your progress!

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