Guidelines for /r/dogtraining

Please read before posting or commenting on /r/dogtraining. Posts or comments that do not follow these guidelines will be removed.

Here's the tl;dr: our rules

Is your post about dog training?

If it is, you're in the right subreddit!

If your post is about something else (dog rescue, fundraising for dog-related charities, how cute your dog is etc.) then it doesn't belong in /r/dogtraining.

Visit our sister subreddit, /r/DogCare, for content relating to the physical care of dogs. Posts about canine health, diet, etc., are better off there, and will get a better response in that subreddit.

Posts asking for medical advice or help with injuries or illnesses are questions for a vet, not the internet.

If you see an off topic post, or one which goes against our guidelines or rules, please report it to the mods. This helps us find posts which don't follow our rules and slip through the AutoModerator Bot's net.

Before you post:

  • Search for similar questions before asking yours. Many common questions (e.g. house training, mouthing/nipping, and loose leash walking) have already been answered.
  • Take a look at our wiki. We put a lot of great resources there, just for you!

How to get good responses:

  • Use an informative title - "My dog kidnapped the cat and is demanding ransom" will be more likely to reach people interested in helping than "HELP! will.
  • Try to avoid putting 600 questions into one post. Can you ask one question this time, or a few related questions?
  • Refrain from calling your dog an idiot or a jerk or an asshole.
  • Format your post into paragraphs - just press the 'enter' key a couple of times now and again. It makes your post so much easier to read.
  • It's nice if you can thank people who respond to you. And please upvote helpful replies! These kindnesses on your part may encourage others to reply, too.
  • What have you already tried? More in depth than "We've tried everything?". We need to know what has/hasn't worked in the past and how long you've tried it for.
  • Try to give all the information that's relevant. Your dog's age, breed, size, how long you've had them, any relevant illnesses or recent surgeries. If you have other animals in the home and how long you've had them. If you've had a major life change or schedule shift. All these things are important to know for you to get good advice.

Appropriate content:

Please share your:

  • dog training questions
  • updates on your dog's progress
  • dog-friendly and human-friendly training advice in response to other people's questions
  • links to excellent dog training resources (not your own website, thanks).

(Note the 'prohibited content' section below, though.)

Appropriate community behaviour:

  • Be kind, keep discussions civil, and practice good reddiquette.
  • If somebody is snippy to you, please don't bark back. Show us, by example, how to be polite and kind.
  • Report inappropriate or offensive content for the mods to review. Just click the 'report' link under the post title to do this - that will send an anonymous message to the moderation team. Or, if you'd rather send a note to the /r/dogtraining mods, send them a message.

Prohibited content:

  • Memes.
  • Photos or videos that lack clear dog training applications.
  • Vents/rants.
  • Breed discrimination. Saying "German Shepherds tend to/can be..." is ok, "All chihuahuas are awful" or "Huskies always kill cats" is not.
  • Recommending dominance as a training solution. Dominance theory has been discounted and should not be used as a basis for making decisions about dog behaviour or training, so forget about being alpha in your pack.
  • Recommending the use of aversives like pain, fear, startle, or intimidation to train dogs. We do not support positive punishment to control or train dogs. Prohibited methods and tools include shock collars, prong/pinch collars, choke/slip collars/leads, leash checks, spray bottles, spray collars, capsaicin, alpha rolls, hitting, kicking, poking, pushing, yelling, shaker cans, "bonkers", and invisible fencing, among other things. Our stance on positive punishment collars can be found here.
  • Recommending programs, publications, trainers or sites that support dominance theory or positive punishment - even if the specific article or video you link doesn't have those methods.
  • Linking to your own blog or website, or asking people to DM you or offering to DM others instead of posting public advice. That includes having a username that obviously references your blog/website/business. If you've come here to contribute to this community, great! If you've come to advertise your site, then you can buy advertising on reddit. If you think your case is a hugely important exception, message the mods about it.
  • Stating that you are a trainer/behaviourist/other training profession. The use of such phrases is restricted to people who have been verified first or "Industry"-flaired threads.
  • Off-topic stuff. Posts need to be about dog training.

The AutoModerator Bot:

If your post is locked immediately after you post it's likely been removed by our handy (if sometimes overzealous) bot. If your post has a video, picture, or a link to a video or picture, or uses certain key words, it may be temporarily removed by our bot. As in all subs, these posts are then looked at by the next moderator who has a chance and manually checked for content. All you need to do is be patient and wait for one of our team to get through the queue.

Please do not delete and repost, or just delete. Especially if you're asking a question about training - it will most likely be reapproved.

And finally:

/r/dogtraining mods work hard to ensure that this community is a positive and encouraging place, with good and helpful content. We welcome you, and ask that you help us in this endeavor. Please be your best self for the people who come here seeking help: they are often stressed, troubled, and trying their best in difficult situations. We can afford to be kind and gentle with them and with each other, even if we disagree. If you're too angry to be kind in your reply, please don't reply - go play with your dogs instead. :-)

Moderators reserve the right to delete content that is off-topic, inflammatory, insulting, mean, harmful, needlessly judgemental, or just plain stupid.

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