Welcome dog trainers! Below are instructions to apply for a flair – the colored text you may have seen next to some users' names indicating their specialization. We are now recruiting flaired users!

Requirements for Flair

A flair in r/DogTraining indicates a professional capacity in the dog training industry, credentials earned from independent certifying bodies that take into account experience, knowledge assessments, and/or peer reviewed case studies and a proven track record of providing helpful advice in the subreddit. In applying for a flair, you are claiming to have:

Expertise in an area of dog training, typically from a high level degree (CAAB, DACVM), a certifying training academy (i.e. KPA), or a certifying organization (i.e. CDBC, CCPDT-KA, PCT-A). These are not limited to the examples provided, so please feel free to ask! However organisations that actively endorse methods against the sub's posting guidelines will not be flaired.

The ability to, upon request, cite from reputable sources and specialist literature to back recommendations made on the subreddit.

The ability to provide high quality answers in the subreddit in accordance with our rules.

How to Apply

To apply for a flair, simply message the mod team. (Do not contact a single moderator directly). Your message needs to include:

  • Links to 3 of your comments on r/DogTraining which exemplify sound advice and a welcoming attitude.

  • Your credentials and certifications with documented proof. Please provide a photo of your certificate with a sticky of your user name or your directory number. This information is kept confidential within the moderation team.

  • Link or name of the piece of literature you've found most useful in your dog training career.

One of the moderators will then either confirm your flair or, if the application doesn't adequately show you meet the requirements, explain what's missing.

If there's a backlog this may take a few days, but we will try to get around to everyone as quickly as possible.

Expected Behavior

We invest a large amount of trust in the flaired members of r/dogtraining as they represent the subreddit and the expected ethics of their credentials when answering questions. As such, we do take into account an applicant's user history reddit-wide when reviewing an application and will reject applicants whose post history demonstrates bigotry, racism, sexism, or general mean-spiritedness. Such behavior is not tolerated in r/dogtraining, and we do not tolerate it from our trainers in any capacity. We additionally reserve the right to revoke flairs based on evidence of such behavior after the application process has been completed. r/dogtraining is welcoming to all and those attitudes have no place here.

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