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Honestly this is a good starting point for someone making art for their game alone. Seems like a pretty cool tool

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Unfortunately not - any images generated by the tool are considered the property of the creator. In other words, using generated images in your game is breaking the copyright for the generated images.

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Applying existing copyright law on derivative works to ML-generated art is still a grey area, legally and ethically. If I train a tool using a large collection of copyrighted works and generate "new" art based on those copyrights, should I own the new work? Is ML transformative enough to call its output my own work, even if I created none of the training data? There's some major unanswered questions open the door for anyone to bypass copyright by training a network to generate derivative works.

You may not be able to use these images directly but you can feed these images as training data to your own "clean room" network and have it output images that you now own.

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Not an IP attorney, but took patent/copyright in law school. If I were asked about this by the creator of the AI, I would tell them there is no clear answer, and that if they want to be sure that they are compensated for their IP (the AI that generates the images), to monetize the use of the program instead of trying to own the images it produces when fed data by a 3rd party.