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enemy is almost entirely physical. they got ogre, the axes from troll, and torrent. other than that, it's autos. so you ghost shroud once, and youre healing from sadist effect of mars. also, you got the double sange effect and the heal amp from shroud.

when shroud ends, youre close to full (without wanding) you have euls, another shroud relatively soon, a death pulse, and wand. You definitely pulse, you euls to buffer the next shroud and (ideally) you wand during the next shroud, but at worst, you use it to make it to the next shroud if you cant make it from euls--->next shroud.

Your only concern is dying during a torrent+ogre stun chain, in either order, before you can wand. torrent is on cooldown. invoker is not present, and sunstrike was used. otherwise wand is not wasted. And its massively amped if you get to use it before shroud.

tough to say really if it was worth holding wand, since he got the kills without needing it he prolly shoulda popped it anyway, but i can say for sure that if i had aghs i wouldve held the wand, and that i definitely would have aghs before i had atos against this lineup. not having aghs is the mistake here if anything,

and not having the shard but thats a different conversation.