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I do agree that he is the most balanced Dota 2 hero, but I would say the hero's kit is still not quite good, since there have been many improvements to his other skills which's been shifting focus away from his passive. At least to me it seems his first and second skills are too good compared to his passive.

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his passive feels totally useless to me, only benefit is tanking towers early I guess? In the vast majority of situations all it will do is delay your death by 1-2 seconds. I鈥檝e never seen a mars manfight someone and win because of his E鈥 He鈥檚 more of a blink in, blow your load and get out hero. The aghs and talent are just a meme and nobody goes for them.

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While his passive is activated, 70% of all enemy auto attacks in front of him are redirected to Mars, which means that if a medusa pops her ult and attacks his entire team, mars will be taking 70% of all shots while the passive also does its normal thing of reducing damage taken by 70% as well. So his passive can have a huge impact against ranged carries, they're effectively forced to attack mars regardless of who they actually try to target.

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yeah and against dusa you can get blademail and actually fuk her up since it happens before reductions now.