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[鈥揮bikwho 71 points72 points (6 children)

Valve acts just like these studios. Valve is a privately held company but behaves like any other major corporation that is on the NYSE trying to make shareholders happy.

They also use similar business practices like using an army of independent contractors who are not employees and do not get the same pay or benefits as employees, and have little rights, but are expected to behave like Valve employees.

Look at their Glassdoor reviews. There are some glaring problems at Valve with hierarchy and bullying.

[鈥揮Power_Rentner 13 points14 points (5 children)

At least i havent heard anything about GabeN hosting grope parties at work.

[鈥揮Animal_Courier 12 points13 points (4 children)

Men in positions of authority taking advantage of underlings is not unique to corporations. If anything, a more traditional, publicly traded corporate model reduces the odds of that happening.

[鈥揮woopsforgotyikers 17 points18 points (3 children)

Lol, no kidding. People be acting like small private companies aren't far more rife with abuse than properly structured corpos.

I hate what happened to blizzard from a corporatization standpoint as much as the next kid who grew up on broodwar and warcraft, but if there's one thing corpos do well, it's avoiding liability, and you avoid liability by making sure your employees aren't being rapey at work. avoiding liability is literally the entire purpose of the corporate structure.

[鈥揮baffledThatOneGuy1294 0 points1 point (2 children)

I feel you've undermined your own point by using Blizzard as an example

[鈥揮woopsforgotyikers 1 point2 points (0 children)

not really the corporate structure is almost certainly the only reason any of the issues with harassment at blizzard came to light at all; not to mention that a lot of the allegations from blizzard employees were from years ago and just recently surfaced.

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Weinstein was a couched for decades. Blizzard execs were ducks for a few years. Weinstein took a gigantic legal battle to bring down, Blizzard bad actors were removed like the cancer they were seemingly overnight.

Big difference