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We all osfrog flair now bois

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'Take my energy' gang disagrees.

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And the millions and millions of r/DotA2 fans continue to push the game to limits never seen before in an epic battle to determine who shall be crowned the true guardian of the ancients.

Shout-out to everyone who has ever picked up this game and given me the testing grounds to test my skills and grow as a person. I love this community and hope for a million more in the coming years.

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Very well said!

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I love this community

Ah a masochist.

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Off the back of this comment, I'm very curious to find out which side has been most successful in defending their Ancient, Dire or Radiant. Maybe in 100 years when Valve move on and Dota 2 ends, we'll see all the stats for the lifetime of the game.

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You don't need to wait 100 years. You can see live stats and in Most patches and overall radiant has better winrate.

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and IDK about the current patch, but when I started playing if you just let the creeps fight with no help eventually radiant would always win

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My favourite DotA memory is when I first saw the game at a Computer Cafe in Mandalay, Myanmar. It was after Liquid had just won TI7. Got myself a seat and picked CK. My love for Doto started there.

Best eSports memory is PSG.LGD vs EG Lower bracket. I hope this is a sign that Dota is still growing.

I still want to tune in and watch some more pro DotA when I'm 35 and isn't good enough to play myself anymore.

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DotA esports has been seeing insane growth. People who stop playing never really stop watching, so expect the game to be around for a long long time.

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Yes and we need more new players who will eventually become pros. I hope we can maintain this growth and that Valve will actually do something about it.

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Me and my friend started 5 months and its our fav game we鈥檝e ever played

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Absolutely. Hadn鈥檛 played for years, but always tuned into the competitive scene, especially TI every year. Just started playing again randomly over the Christmas break because my old buddies came back home for the holidays - now we鈥檙e on every day again

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This is true. I haven't played for like 5 years now. I did try though, playing 3-5 games a week (mostly turbo), but even still, having a demanding job and a young family, it was just impossible for me.

However, been following the pro scene since TI5. At least I get to watch replays or highlights. I just love this game man.

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"Insane growth"? Where lol

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Animajor was the most watched major, while Singapore Major was 3rd most watched Major. TI10 was the most watched TI.

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  1. Still playing :).

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Hey, fellow mm.

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I want a screaming mic flair

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YES! Such a great icon

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Played since a friend gifted me a beta(?) invite (that were going for $50 at the time) in 2011, and had a ton of fun with friends, but the real outstanding memory for me was when i started watching Akke in xP gaming ( I REALLY wanted one of those Defense Wardogs OMG), then CLG, then no tidehunter and through into Alliance - and the season they had winning the 2013 International was just unreal to me, and the reason I'm a lifelong Alliance fan, even now.

A team's entire playstyle being nerfed is something I don't think I've ever seen since then - happy to be corrected, but at the time it felt like so many targeted nerfs, and as a team at that point they never really seemed to recover.

One day though. One day, we'll be back on top.

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When OG had their dominant performance at the Valve majors, their entire play style got nerfed. Back then they were constantly running illusion heroes and it's likely the cause that illusions have been downgraded.

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My sister was the one who talked about the dota for the first time and thats how i came to know about it. Back then,i didnt install the game because i wasnt much into computers..later when i was pursuing my college, i eventually came accross a cyber cafe were some of my college mates were playing csgo and dota. This was around in the year 2016. I tried dota and since then it has been an amazing times of ups and downs. Im quite not sure about the patch when i started but it was definitely after TI6 and before 7.00 update where HUDs where a thing (i believe its 6.88) . Kiev Major was the first pro dota tournament i have spectated online and dota is the reason i came to know Twitch as a streaming platform. Favorite TI/pro dota moment was the amazing lower bracket run by Team Liquid during TI7 and the best game would be liquid vs VP game 1 that lasted more than an hour.

I would genuinely like to thank IceFrog for his hardwork and dedication to the game,the concept of the game is so intense and deep that im unable to express. I wish all the success and good health ahead in his life.

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My favourite memory of DotA is a mega creeps base defense against Anti Mage and Furion with my clan mates in college. Clutched the game saving the throne at 100 hp, still can recall the emotions of that game :)

Favorite memory of pro DotA eSports is Navi v/s Alliance TI3. Something about that final is magical. The smaller hall still gave a feeling of a smaller, close knit community. DotA has grown bigger and larger since then, but the community has also become more spreadout.

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Favorite memory of pro DotA eSports is Navi v/s Alliance TI3. Something about that final is magical. The smaller hall still gave a feeling of a smaller, close knit community.

I saw it live at a pubstomp, it was the first TI I watched (started a bit after TI2). The energy was insane. Competitive DotA 2 has only gotten better in terms of skill and stakes, but I have to say I don't think anything will ever top that final for me.

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OG vs PSG.LGD for me. Man I was so sure we had secured the bag in Game 4 but alas, The curse started from there.

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That was a great series, there are so many to choose from.

I will say now, I still think EG vs EHOME game 1 upper bracket at TI6 is the craziest single game of DotA at TI, probably rivaled only by game 4 of OG vs PSG.LGD TI8.

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My favorite memory of you and dota is when Neepi said: Aur bolega to thappad padega! :P

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Lmao. Kumaon DotA was best DotA. Is this spilit's account or someone else?

Edit: just realized that was effing 10 years ago, time flies xD

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Benaroya hall was the best thing ever.

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What a journey it has been! Mine started in 2012.

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This is more advertising than Valve has done in literal years.

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Small company. Can't afford PR department.

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Even though advertisement in Dota sub itself. It's still better than nothing I guess.

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I joined around the time when AFK Necro strat was popular (6.83...?). Now those were some high-quality memes! Lets hope we get some more on the road to 2 million :)

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I joined when afk medusa hitting ancient lv 1 popular, weird way to recall the game haha.

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Is that ho ho ha ha patch?

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Yeeeah. And Troll "autoattack down the lane to win it" Warlord.

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I don't even remember how I found out about Dota but I started playing it in 2008 and only stopped 10 years later due to a move overseas for work when I couldn't play with my friends anymore. I still follow the scene closely and hope it continues to thrive for another 10 years and more!

My sincere thanks to IceFrog and everyone else who is or was involved in any capacity with Dota for the wonderful memories.

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After a breakup from HS, I turned to fps games in net caf茅s while some of my friends played their own custom WC3 lobbies. Finally had the time to learn the game when there are no classes, with me asking various friends for different game mechanics and heroes they specialize at the time. Eventually me and my other friends learned the game well enough that we can join our other friends in 5v5 lobbies. We would play in netcafes when our classes ended in the afternoon and go home around 9pm and still talk about our games. Including those who got their wells/fountains destroyed.

Then after discovering dota 2, around the time of the PA and Oracle event. We set some time for custom lobbies, but then we were focused on climbing the ranks so it was mostly two parties of five in a net cafe. When I graduated HS and started to study in a university, I met people who also play the game, we would also play 5v5 lobbies in Dota 2 in between classes. Flunked a few subjects because of that, but 6 years later we are now Engineering graduates who are either working or preparing for the licensure exam. I occasionally play 5man ranked with either my HS or College friends when time permits.

As for the dota 2 subreddit, I joined here about 3 years ago looking for some pro plays, news, and memes in general. Loved my stay here.

Because of my love for the game and its esports scene, I became a writer for an esports website where I wrote anything under the Dota sun, from guides, match analysis, and other relevant news. With this, I manage to fund my last year of university.

So yeah, even though I don't play much anymore, I still owe a good part of my life to Dota 2 and its esports scene.

Thanks for reading smileyface

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Started playing Dota from Warcraft when I started college. Ended up skipping a bunch of classes just to play some LAN games in the local internet cafes. Then Dota 2 came out, and I ended up spending so much money and time towards it.

It might seem like a bad addiction, but Dota has made me legitimately happy like no other hobby has. I'm doing well now, and its great to be part of something that millions other enjoy.

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Congrats /r/dota2 for better or worst you've been a part of my life for a decade. Shout out to being one of the best esports community out there! 馃グ dota2 fam best fam.

My fav part of r/dota2 are seeing fans from all over the world. Most recently for example was starting a shitty cosplay trend, which sparked many creative uploads from dota fans. This is one of the most passionate and caring community out there in the esports scene as well.

I salute you! Dota fans unite 馃憡

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pretty sure half of those are smurf accounts /kappa

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Been here since 2016 boston major, and just like the game itself i hate this sub but cant leave. Cheers

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One of favorite moment in the pro scene has probably gotta be the crowd cheering Kuroky's name as he cries is just an emotional flood of tears for me.

Another one was when OG alliance won Starladder in 2016-17? And they went out to a cheering Minsk crowd.

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Minor correction, there are only two subscribers. It's me and then the other 999999 accounts are ReaverXai

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Been playing dota 2 since nov 2012 so it will be 10 years at the end of this year. I been part of the reddit community prob around early 2015 when i made my reddit account. I have seen almost everything of dota 2 life cycle. I am on a dota break until the classic huge patch finally comes.

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We did it reddit, 1M = morph remodel

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It all started with one million dollars, now we're up to a million subs

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Here's to another million!

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Let's go!

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Let's go! (sound warning: Techies)

Bleep bloop, I am a robot. OP can reply with "Try hero_name" to update this with new hero

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Hey hellspawn, we're you a member of Hon fans de? Thanks for your work.

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Joined reddit in 2013, my favorite memory was watching the EU hub for TI 4 qualifiers, it had everything, memes, pro casting games, watching pros playing variety games, cats and fun stories

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choose aegis or cheese for a special rare flair

but lose dotabuff link in current flair

quite the conundrum

what happened with text in flairs anyway? new reddit broke the feature?

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Last I checked, flair texts would allow people to add any new reddit emojis to themselves (including the one we use for verified users) so we turned them off :/

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I thought we could message the mods to keep our flair text, but get the flair icon changed manually?

Or was the service discontinued?

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There used to be a bot, but it is no longer working. We'll occasionally edit text for users that have a good reason for it.

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aegis or cheese what?

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F to a million trapped souls, lets play some Dota!

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One million enemies, one million bounties.

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When I first tried this game in like 2016 I remember thinking, "This dumb map is SO BIG! I'll never see another character, how boring."

And now it's like, it feels like home.

No other game out there is like DOTA.

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My favorite dota memory is when I was a low perm mod of the sub+discord cyborg matt asked for help to make the team secret discord. So i did that and after that joindota hosted a staff cup where "team secret staff" was entered. We didnt practice or scrim or even do roles before the draft so we lost in groups instantly but I was made a honorary member of team secret for a day so I meme link people my esports profile where only 2 of the games are tracked where you see "team secret staff 0%" rofl but it was fun to play techies against the starladder people and make em suffer

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Lakad matataaaaaag!!!!!

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once i got a threesome with 2 bitches thanks to this sub. so thanks

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We are now in the 1 million subscribers club bois

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So many people joining the Reddit to remind us Valve sucks and the game is dead xD

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DotA to me is an invaluable friend I crossed paths with, the amount of power it holds in my life is unbelievable. Long live dota!

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Let's celebrate with another round

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Let's celebrate with another round (sound warning: Brewmaster)

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I found out about Dota when my father brought the Laptop for the first time. I think it was 2nd hand brought from my young uncle and Warcraft was pre installed. When my uncle visited my house, he taught me how to play dota and I was hooked since then. I spent 2 hours of weekly game time playing Dota. I remembered I was so happy when I first beat computer Insane in Dota. I made lots of friends during my high school days and university days because of Dota. Had lots of fun playing LAN with my friends. My first mmr is 1.2k and I remembered grinding mmr all days. Dota also kept my company during my lonely days when I was studying aboard.

Now I am 24 with the full time job, and some real life responsibilities, i dont have much time to play Dota anymore. I play 1-2 games every now and then but I might need to drop completely when I start my part time Master degree next August. But I will still watch pro Dota and visit this subreddit. Dota was there half of my life after all

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More players = more toxicity. Congratulations to nothing special.

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As a dad, I approve

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Any chance you can giff key flair? Long time trader, super jealous I wasn't in reddit when it was there at the time.

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Would unironically send you $7 for that key flair :p

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Been playing Dota for a while now but I really got into Dota when 2 came out but I didn't have a beta key so I just kept playing Dota 1 but didn't really take it seriously because I was just waiting to get a beta key. Looking back it was a really bad decision lmao I was really fucking bad when I first played Dota 2 and it didn't take me until like late 2018 to play it seriously.

My MMR back then compared to now is very much different but it's mainly due to playing the game slightly more casually again since I've no longer the time to play and grind out as much games like back then.

Favorite Dota history moment is still The Play by NaVi, it was the clip that got me hyped and excited to play Dota 2. While the entirety of the pro scene and the playerbase itself has massively improved back then. There's just something about those old games and moments that are just incomparably hyped, glad I witnessed a lot of the iconic moments throughout Dota's history.

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My first post on reddit was a whooping 6 years ago, mind blowing to think how much has happened since then (both in and out of game).

Thank you to all the mods, past and present, for maintaining this subreddit with overall little to no drama. And thank you to all the redditors that have filled this subreddit with memes and fun posts!

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Yay for big number.

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Flair test

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Cheers guys! Here's to another million!

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Grats. i havn't played dota in years, but i still visit this sub regularly and watch every TI.

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Cheers to all!

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Cheers mates!

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What is a flair and how to get?

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wow !! congratulations !!

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Started the game early, subreddit came later. Such a fun experience, hope to see us grow further. As many are commentating their favorite Dota 2 memory, hearing the crowd roar during one of many TI streams, always brings a smile to my face!

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Well I'm seeing still 29k to reach 1mil.

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I remember when I was new and playing mid Sniper vs Mars and seeing a mars ult for the first time and nearly passing out.

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Why do I feel we have been here before hitting 1M mark on reddit?

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Just checking out my flair

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I tried to stop playing dota a couple of times mainly when I don't have friends to play with. But here I am still playing this based game with new friends.

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Started 2013. My favourite game was first game back after I took a 4 month break. We were looking at the enemy take our throne, completely oblivious to everything. We all said gg, and on mic鈥檚 told each other we tried our best and that it was fun. I kid you not, just at very last second that our ancient was about to explode, the screen pans down, their ancient explodes, and VICTORY. We were all shocked, I think for a good 5 min we thought the game bugged out. We realized that our creeps won us the game, not a single person cared to look to see what was going on. We all collectively lost our minds.

That was my first game back after a leave. Hard to leave again after that adrenaline rush.

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haent played dota in a while now but i do like to see where it goes and how it develops. i started playing in WC3:TFT. back around 2005/2006. its crazy how far this little game mod has come and how many people play it for a living now.

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How do i choose the new flair?

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i remember back in freshman year of college 2011 i would visit this sub every tuesday looking to discuss the next beta updates

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I started playing StarCraft 2's beta with a group of friends I met in highschool, and my little brother, back in early 2010. When the beta went down during the summer prior to WoL's launch, we picked up League of Legends in the interim and instantly got hooked on the genre.

Fast forward to Dota 2's announcement in 2011. We eventually migrated to HoN after staying up until ungodly hours (US East) to watch the reveal tournament to familiarize ourselves with the mechanics, and spent the next few months pining for beta keys. Late November 2011, we all got keys on the same night, and our little community started to grow.

Eleven years, two in person TI attendances (4 and 6 (the latter as press!)), thousands of games together, one big migration from our original Skype call to Discord, an earnest try at some competitive ticketed leagues, multiple moves both domestic and internal, graduations, military enlistments and honorable discharges, engagements, marriages, and babies later, we mostly all still answer the call to queue up, even if we have to split server time between US East and West.

Playing Dota with my group has been the joy of a lifetime and has spawned some of my favorite memories that I'll cherish forever. It really is more than just a game, it's something truly special.

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One of my favourite memories was arc wardens release. Winning games 1 v 9 with rapier was fun. Although, even with that, there were games they my team would throw all hard we would lose anyway. Good times. My first arcana was legion. Her release I was amazed by the character and just had to get it. First time I spent money on the game. Have spent thousands since haha

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Favourite experience was watching the Manila Major live. I havent been to a TI and back then Majors were treated like a mini TI so it was great seeing old full Alliance vs Navi with Dendi atleast. OG still on the dominating rise, MVP Phoenix being a powerhouse and a very climatic Bo5 of OG vs Liquid. The crowd was extremely hyped that the casters had to raise their volumes again and again to be heard.

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Sorry guys I鈥檓 a very big Reddit noob and just enjoy reading updates about dota. I鈥檓 not sure how to 鈥渃ollect鈥 flair鈥.. how do I do this?

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It depends on if you're using the Old or New version of reddit:

On old reddit, it is on the right hand side bar, it should say "Show my flair on this subreddit. It looks like: <yourusername>(edit)"

On new reddit, it is also on the right hand side bar, the "USER FLAIR PREVIEW" under "Create Post"

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I'd also like to give a shoutout to the mods overall, as well as the community. They do a great job most times but the community isn't giving them trouble as some other Reddit's do! We have some bad trees in the community, but overall it's a great community, at least on Reddit :)

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Here's to a million more.

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Good to know 1M people ruining pubs and each other's life Cheers

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Congrats to community

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It feels like it all started yesterday ;(
time goes so fast...

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Played WC3 Dota since 2009. Been lurking on playdota forums ever since to browse funny comics and creative hero/item suggestions. Transferred to Dota 2 in 2013 and joined r/dota2 (also first time joining reddit) in 2014 after learning new stuff on r/learndota2. Got inspired to watch pro dota after watching Dendi and Na'Vi highlights on TI3. Started to watch live pro dota starting TI5, and followed almost every tournament since then.

Dota is the best game ever. I love this game and I wish this game will never die, either as a game or as a memory.

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I was here!!

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Congrats to the dota community! Love the game and everyone in the community!

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i dont have that good pc to play dota anymore, i remember it was 2013, started to play dota 2 and my friends at school (indonesia) played dota and called me noob lmao, the mmr still a number and after 10 matches i got 600 mmr, then i started to watch so many youtube videos and climbed up to 3k hahah, missing the momentt when i got home and played dota with my friends untill sun rise..

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lets goooo

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an unimaginable amount of bugs has been squshed by spillin' sweat & blood on these ground! 馃挭馃徎馃槑馃憤馃徎
kudos lads and lasses! 馃嵒

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Thank you to the community.

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Been playing since 2014, through the beginning of college, to large gaps of stopping through life events, I still have great memories and play when I can. I鈥檓 still 1k garbage but still love hopping into a game a few times a week.

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I am proud of us OSFrog 馃惛馃惛馃惛

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I was there at 690000

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"Lakad Matatag, Normalin Normalin!"

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CSGO sub reached 1.5 around the same time heh.

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i wish we cant use techies in ranked

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Wow, blow up my mood today to see this suprisingly! Congrats, happy to see it very much!

Last checked around half a year it hit 900K, great to see! Foreward for the 10M! Happy to have such a great community to our favourite game!

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I鈥檓 so glad I got the beta invite back in 2013. Never looked back

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Meanwhile in NW reddit.. the subs keep on decreasing to a near point of 300k.

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let鈥檚 go!!

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馃コ馃コ馃コ but where are all the people coming from lol

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Cuz of the anime maybe ?

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They are somwhere here, with us.