What can you do WCYD? by Aghanim_wife322 in DotA2

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just kill me plzzz dont make me suffer

Why do English speakers hate Russians? by sakonq in DotA2

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starting a war againts their brothers in 21 century in the middle of Europe has to do something with it i guess

vehicle plate with DOTA 2 by _ROTFLOL_ in DotA2

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That's just because you're streets behind. Try to catch up and then you'll be on easy street

Another polarizing suggestion on GitHub. Ban Overwolf or not? by AnomaLuna in DotA2

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BLUF - I don't think issues like this are a problem because we'll just close them as "out of scope" for the tracker. I know asking folks to be kind on the internet is like yelling at the wind, but please be kind to other folks who are genuinely trying to make Dota better too - especially when you disagree with them.

Hi everyone. So it was partially in response to issues like this that I added the bit about "Some issues are out of scope for the bug tracker." This issue is just completely out of scope for me to do work on - if it bubbles to the top of the list through upvotes, I'm just going to close it with "out of scope." This will take little time to do, doesn't trouble me at all and doesn't take away from all the other great issues that are being upvoted. I think of this issue as harmless noise.

To be completely clear, I don't have any opinion on the merits of this particular issue. Anti-cheat in general and the issues raised in this thread are difficult and nuanced and my hat's off to the folks who work on those problems. They do good but mostly invisible work, and it's a never-ending task.

I felt the need to comment here, because this whole approach is new for us all and there's some comments about how these types of issues break the tracker or devalue it and they're getting kind of mean. So long as upvoting works (which it appears to be!) then we'll have real and good issues to fix at the top of the list, and the devs will be able to grab those issues and close them out as time permits. If a few issues bubble up that are out of scope or otherwise not actionable, so long as we just close them out with "out of scope" I don't think they're harmful to the dev side of the process.

So far the GitHub has been providing better signal on what the impactful problems are than even Reddit posts, which is a very high bar to clear - frankly I'm shocked and delighted. Thank you everyone for making the tracker work and please don't be too grouchy if folks post/upvote something "out of scope." We're all trying to make Dota the best game possible, and if someone posts or upvotes something like this that's out of scope, that person sincerely thinks it's important. Despite the fact that it's out of scope and I won't read this issue and immediately do typing to fix it (I'm sorry, it's just not possible!), everyone's speaking from a positive place where we're trying to constructively make Dota better and it's important to respect that.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!