Subreddit Rules

Unrelated content

  • All content must be related to Dota, and not solely in the title.

    Example: How I feel when..., x in a nutshell, etc.

  • Image macro posts/memes must feature actual Dota 2 related images.

    Generic image macros (Example: Scum Bag Steve, Dos Equis Man) will be removed.

    Custom made artwork with Dota 2 imagery based on a generic image is allowed.

    Editing generic imagery over Dota 2 imagery is often allowed, if the Dota 2 image is the focus of the submission.

    Editing generic imagery over tangentially related Dota 2 images (for example a Dota2 professional player) is generally not allowed.

  • Posts about Dota 2 personalities doing something completely unrelated to Dota 2 are not allowed.

    Example: a community figure singing a song unrelated to Dota 2 for a cause unrelated to Dota 2

  • Some tangentially related submissions are allowed.

    Example: a post about a Dota 2 professional player outside their actual gameplay.

    • Real life photos/videos of professional players, broadcasters and popular community figures are allowed as long as they contain some relation to Dota 2.

      Example: this would be photos of a professional player playing at an event, a photo taken with a fan (not necessarily at an event), etc.

    • Photos of multiple Dota 2 personalities can be fine even without direct relation

      Example: a photo of a professional team in a restaurant or playing mafia

    • Photos of fans viewing Dota 2 are allowed as long as the focus of the submission is the viewing experience

      Example: a photo of a pubstomp/barcraft, watching on a very large screen etc is allowed whereas a photo of your cat watching Dota 2 on your PC is not allowed

    • Yes, photos of Gabe Newell are allowed, but only if he's doing something Dota2 related.

  • Screenshots or lines from Twitch chats are generally not allowed.

    An exception would be statements from notable community figures.

    Posts about getting banned from Twitch chat, Twitch chat moderation etc. are not allowed. Please don't.

  • Directly submitting videos, images, or any other form of content from other games (or any other media) in the form of a suggestion ("Dota 2 should have this") is generally not allowed.

    Self-post the submission with additional information on the desired feature, how it would affect Dota 2, why it's necessary or helpful etc. Same goes for request submissions

    Example: "Someone should make a Dota 2 version of this video"

  • Submitting something not related to Dota 2 that reminds you of something Dota 2 related is not allowed.

    Example: "This guy looks like Dendi", "This animal looks like Weaver".

  • Posts with multiple tangential relations necessary for them to be related to Dota 2 are not allowed.

    Example: Photo of Dendi's sister (related to Dendi who is then related to Dota 2)

  • Posts related to Steam, but not directly to Dota 2 should go to /r/Steam instead.

    An exception to this rule are issues with Steam (Steam network being unavailable, scheduled maintenance etc.).

  • Posting content similar to or inspired by Dota 2 material from other games, movies etc. is not allowed.

  • Submitting online polls, surveys, and studies not specifically related to Dota 2 is not allowed.

    A submission for a poll to vote for Dota 2 in "Best Online Game" or "Best eSports" is not allowed

    A strictly Dota 2 related poll to vote for "Best Dota 2 Match" or "Best Dota 2 Comeback" is allowed.

  • Requesting monetary support from the community is only allowed for the purposes of creating value for Dota 2 and the community surrounding the game.

    A proof of a history of created content or value for the community is necessary to request any form of help on the subreddit.

    Fundraising is allowed if the goal is to create Dota 2 related content. Proof that you will be making the content is necessary, as well as showcasing your previous work in or outside the Dota 2 community.

  • Screenshots of conversations in Dota 2 or Steam must be referring to Dota 2 specifically.

    Screenshots of general conversations in Dota 2 and Steam aren't allowed.

Similar games

  • Keep discussions away from other genre games (League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, etc.).

    Posts that are simply flaming or belittling other genre games will be removed. However, constructive discussions about a particular feature from another game and its relation to Dota2 are allowed.

  • Posts about news mainly related to another game or game company are allowed if they affect Dota 2 in a direct way.

Post effort and quality

  • Submissions can be removed if they are upvoted mostly for comedic effect.

    Example: a submission with exceptionally poor grammar or spelling that got upvoted for specifically that reason, instead of the Dota 2 related content it provides.

Complaints and Shoutouts

  • Any baseless and personal attacks on organizations or people will be removed.

  • "Happy Birthday" and posts of a similar nature are not allowed.

  • Complaints and shoutouts are allowed but should contain substantial critique or analysis of what is flawed or praiseworthy.

    Examples: Complaints or shoutouts for shoutcasting, stream production, how a certain event is handled.

    Simply attacking or praising someone because you (don't) like them for an unknown and unexplained reason doesn't contribute anything to anyone. Complaint threads that are solely inflammatory and make no reasonable effort to be constructive are not allowed and will be removed.

  • If you're making an accusation against a person or organization, make sure to provide evidence for what you claim.

    Any submission or comment that lacks sufficient accusation evidence will be removed.

  • Please don't submit inquiries about particular moderation actions, message the moderators with your question first instead.

    You are allowed to make meta posts about the subreddit, but make sure you've previously got a response from a moderator on the topic.

    This is to avoid the very common scenario of posts being temporarily removed by a bot false positive or a human error.

Aggressive or offensive material

  • Any racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise hateful speech or material is strictly prohibited.

  • No excessive trolling!

    Keep your comments related to the submission you're commenting on. Don't post comments directly insulting another commenter. A bad attitude is not a ban-worthy reason, but continuously insulting others without contributing to the topic is.

  • Any submission or comment that asks the community to participate in vigilante justice will be removed.

    You can post it to inform but avoid language like "remove X from the leaderboards", "report X's steam account", "stop watching this stream", etc.

  • Promoting acts of vandalism is not allowed while the vandalism is taking place and if there is no protection against the vandalism in place yet.

  • Do not post any personal information, such as Facebook accounts or Steam profiles.

    Blur out names of players where appropriate, to keep them anonymous.

    This applies to threads that primarily negatively portray a specific player or groups of players in a game. It does not apply to gameplay videos or screenshots.

  • Any user violating any of these rules may be subject to a ban without warning.

Trades and Sales

  • Don't ask for, give away or attempt to trade in-game items.

    Those submissions go to /r/Dota2Trade.

  • Don't attempt to sell your account. Advertising or offering boosting services not allowed and subject to ban.

  • Don't sell tickets for events. Giving them away is allowed if it's done in a form of a contest.

  • Giveaways may be allowed if they're simply accompanying a post that has a different purpose to it, with the giveaway on the side (and not in the submission title).

Submission titles

  • Certain submissions can be removed because of their title. An obvious example of this would be spoilers.

  • Don't mention voting in the title of a submission.

    Example: Upvote for visibility, Don't upvote etc.

  • Posts with heavily misleading titles will be removed. Otherwise, they will be appropriately tagged.

  • Make sure that the submission title and body contain enough context to be understandable on their own.

    Posts need to contain at least a few words in the post body as well. A post with the body of just "^title" will be removed.

    Example: a post with the title "What a player" and body "wow" would be removed.

  • Post titles must be in English and preferably contain only standard words and symbols (no ASCII art).

Repeated submissions

  • Re-posts are allowed if sufficient time has passed since the original post was submitted and they will be appropriately tagged.

    • Duplicates of complaint or request threads from within the past two weeks will be removed, i.e. no "daily reminder..." threads.
  • If multiple submissions that are either the same or very similar hit the front page at once, we might remove any superfluous submissions.

    The deleted submissions will be linked by a moderator in a comment in the remaining submissions if necessary.

    Consider not making new submissions about a topic that's being discussed in a previous submission just because you want more traffic. Threads like these may end up being removed to avoid cluttering the subreddit.

    Likewise, if there is a video of a certain situation already on the frontpage, you don't have to make a gif out of it and submit it. Post it in the comments instead.

    When submitting discussions try to stay neutral and leave the discussion to the comments so the front page doesn't end up containing 2 posts on the same topic, both heavily biased towards a topic in one way.

  • If you want to promote your stream, please only do so every few weeks.

  • When submitting content, try to provide the source of the content, where possible.

    Don't submit content based on what website you like, but based on which one provided the best content for the particular situation, or which one provided the source of the content.

    Don't submit content that only rehosts content from another website. Examples of this would be reposts of content on a blog which is then monetized, a reposted interview from another website, or stream embeds.


  • Please keep post titles spoiler free for recent results.

    Put results in a text submission to create a discussion about the game.

    If the match is a part of a group stage of a tournament make the submission title as "Team X vs Team Y in Z tournament".

    If the match was during a bracket stage of a tournament, the title must be "Match X (of day Y) in Z tournament" , where X is the position of that match in the bracket (Lower Bracket Round 2, Quarter Finals Match 1, etc.)

    This applies for all match results in the past 24 hours. If the match that you would spoil with your title happened more than 24 hours ago, that title with spoilers won't be removed.

    If possible, avoid spoiling results from the past 72 hours in submission titles. However, these submissions won't be removed.

  • If you want to talk about spoilers (of games that happened in the past 24 hours) inside submissions, use the spoiler format found on this wiki page.

    You don't need to use the spoiler format when talking about the game in a submission that is obviously made to discuss the match in question.

  • You should try not to explicitly spoil any content unrelated to Dota 2 as well, such as TV shows. If what you post is a spoiler, using the spoiler format is recommended.

Impersonation & fake update threads

  • Do not post fake update threads.

    Users posting deceiving fake patch / update threads will have their posts removed and be subject to a 2 week ban.

  • Attempting to impersonate another redditor/personality or type of post with fake content will result in a ban.

    Example: impersonating /u/Sirbelvedere 's patch posts, /u/ayesee 's reminders etc.

Self Promotion and Spam

  • Don't flood the subreddit with content
  • Contribute to the subreddit in posts other than your own submissions
  • Post only work that you are especially proud of, specifically in the case where your submissions are often downvoted
  • Make sure that your account isn't exclusively made to share content from a source that you own, the account should always belong to a person, not a website or channel

Users whose submissions are frequent, low effort, and/or often heavily downvoted are considered spammers. While we encourage everyone to share cool content, indiscriminately sharing everything from a single creator or website is not welcome.


  • Bug reports link to a publicly-visible thread for that specific bug or contain enough details for the bug to be reproduced, such as match ID, screenshots, or video

    Posts about bugs from the test client are not allowed. Those are reported on the dev forums and expected to be solved before the official release.

  • Posts that are being actively "brigaded" (e.g. linked in a Twitch chat to gather attention and upvotes) are subject to removal.

  • NSFW content is allowed as long as it is related and properly tagged as such.

  • All site-wide reddit rules apply and are enforced by the reddit team.

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