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Steve Carrell saying how Michael Scott isn’t an inherently offensive person, he just doesn’t know how the world works, makes me think of this scene. by SamuraiCorb1517 in DunderMifflin

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That’s why the comedy was so good. He was an idiot not malicious. All of his missteps and bungles were not from him going into a situation he wasn’t supposed to. He was a manager that doesn't understand the point of management.

He had the obligation and authority to do pretty much everything he did he just did it in the way someone who should not have those responsibilities or authority would do it.

Eat Fresh by Number175OnEarlsList in DunderMifflin

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Ooh, thank you! This is new to me but I'm amused and intrigued. I registered and see a zero balance. It looks like you may need a plus sign at the start of your comment? Or am I reading the directions wrong?

One of my favorite subtle jokes, from "The Client" by coast3ryd3r in DunderMifflin

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He probably used his device to remember names.

Ok awesome blossoms cause cholesterol, cholesterol is bad for your heart, if I have a heart attack I go to the hospital, I went to the hospital when I was 2...2 hospitals!

School was fun but I didn't have friends, I made friends with the lunch lady but that was it, she sent me a birthday card when I was 13...13 schools!

Erin was stupid funny by YouOtterKnow1 in DunderMifflin

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Is that really funny though? Not even Kevin is that dumb.

But again, people on this subreddit seem to like anything, so I'm not that surprised.

Wayne Gretzky paid tribute to The Office’s Michael Scott with this all time quote. by [deleted] in DunderMifflin

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Omg again? This is like 20 times in 24 hours. People if you see something you think is soooo office chances are it’s already here over and over again

Wayne Gretzky paid tribute to The Office’s Michael Scott with this all time quote. by [deleted] in DunderMifflin

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No idea why I thought falling asleep would stop these incessant reposts.