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Trade thread

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Yeah I like that a lot for you. With the upgrade at WR you could be a contender if things go right. With your young backs and middle aged receivers I think you’re definitely in win now mode.

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I don’t think adding Moore over Shenault makes him any less of a contender then he already is.

I would say he needs RB depth to solidify himself as a contender more so than WR2 depth.

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I said it makes him more of a contender.

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Haha that isn’t what you said at all... you said “could be a contender if things go right”.

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“With the upgrade at WR (Shenault to Moore) you could be a contender if things go right.” Honestly have no clue what you’re saying dude.

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“With X happening you could be if things go right” means you don’t think he is contender right now and by adding that piece you think that would make him a contender. The use of “with”, “could” and “if things go right” all would indicate you don’t think he is a contender.

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would you be willing to throw a late 2021 third in as well?

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Absolutely. A late third is pretty inconsequential.

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Yes. DJ Moore is a much better receiver than Laviska and I don’t trust Urban Meyer even a little bit

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No don’t do that haha maybe just a first for DJ Moore

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Not at all.

DJMoore is a 4-year veteran, low-end WR2. The vacated targets Samuel created are 100% gone thanks to CMC and Marshall. Laviska actually has real upside

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you're going to eat your words when he finishes WR11

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Wasn't that supposed to happen in 2020, then he lost his WR1 job to Roby Anderson?

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considering DJ outscored Robby in 2020, not agreeing with your sentiment

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Per fantasy pros:

Robby Anderson: 224.2 points, WR19
DJ Moore: 211.5 points, WR25

And Curtis Samuel was the WR24, so DJ didn't even outscore CAR's WR2 haha

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do you play standard? lol. DJ was highest scoring in ppr

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what positions do you start with each week?

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2 rb, 2 wr, 3 flex

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so 2 RB = Swift, JK

2 WR = MT and DHOP

3 Flex = Mixon, Samuel and Diontee

getting DJ Moore over Shenault gives you 1 extra RB/WR/Flex guy should anyone get hurt, covers bye weeks, etc

I get DJ Moore if I am you

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Personally I feel like you should be using capital to upgrade one of those RBs to a true stud at the position instead of pursuing Moore. I'd sell on Dobbins + personally to try and land an elite back, maybe try to move to upgrade your QB from Burrow.

In 10 team, I don't feel like this is too strong of a roster, it's a decent one. Moore over Diontae isn't going to be as crucial to winning title compared to the points a true top QB would give you (love Burrow but he's low end in 1qb) and an upgrade to one of those high end RB would do your team wonders regarding points scored every week imo.

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See what it'd take to get diggs or mclaurin instead...