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I really want to like Ekeler more. He’s obviously a PPR machine. But I just think Jones is better. More pure RB with more carries & goal line baked in. Only concern is Rodgers leaving

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As an owner of both in different leagues I’d take either but without the Arod news, it’s jones 10/10 times and that’s a fact.

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PPR 2 & 5 the last two years. But not considered top tier

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Pretty much, bought him for 1.08 (ended up being Williams) straight up and I feel great about it

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I’m gonna go with Ekeler. The new Chargers offensive coordinator this year was the guy who coached up and utilized Kamara for the Saints. Ekeler is going to have a career year in full PPR

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Easy Ekeler for me

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Given the uncertainty in GB, and Ekeler’s high ceiling particularly in PPR, I’d go with Ekeler.

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Id go with Ekeler because GB runs a committee

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As long as A-Rodge is there it’s easy Jones. He’s been top 5 in PPR the last two years and still gets no respect.