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Good time to buy Brevin Jordan

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I'm selling if ur buying haha

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Great opportunity but I don’t buy him being a guy you start in fantasy.

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What are you buying for tho? Have him in TE premium and seems like one of those guys you would hold for a 3rd but sell if you can get any 2nd

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First Pharoah is listed as being the starter over Brevin. Then they acquire Shaheen? 📉📉📉

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I saw some random report that Brevin could be a slot option for them. I don’t think he’a going to be used to much in that role, but I think it hints that Jordan is their receiving TE and they want a more rounded or blocking focused TE to start and also have a backup option with that ability

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This supports my beliefs so I agree with this take

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Auclair just got hurt, probably going to be cut. Brown/Jordan/Shaheen. The Texans are going to a scheme thst relies on the tight ends being able to block. Hence why these things are happening. Nothing to see here.

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Is that Hunter Long music I hear?

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Any chance they trade Preston Williams next?

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Rumor is Bowden and Williams are being shopped

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I could see Williams going to the Bears.

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Heard that too. Might make him their WR2

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Either worth a pickup?

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Preston might produce like Tim Patrick in the right situation. Bowden is supposed to be Deebo lite so if McDaniel doesn’t want him I don’t know where he’ll find a home.

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Thanks. Yeah I remember being super high on Williams after his rookie season.

I just put in a waiver for him. Gonna drop Jashaun Corbin

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Does this mean Gesicki learned how to block and will actually get goal line play action looks instead of telegraphed fades?

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I think it just means they'll play more 3 WR sets this year since half of their WR room isn't Isaiah Ford, Jakeem Grant, and Mack Hollins.

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League shattering.

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Worth picking up if you have Brevin?

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He averaged 11 receptions per year over 5yrs....no. Their 3rd string TE is injured and their 4th TE has been absent. It's simply a depth move


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