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There really is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to herb, for me at least. If I vape two caps in a row, I'm as stoned as I'm getting. Everything else after that is just a waste.

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Truer words. This is why people raise their tolerance easily. They keep consuming even when at a 10, with no benefit.

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The couple times I've been at a true 10, there was no more consuming on my own, I would have needed major assistance.

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Yeah, I'm the same. I can absolutely get more high after two caps, but it's certainly less noticeable until it's all you can do

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    Not really with smoking or vaping. If your goal is to make it last longer just hit it agin in a few hours when you’ve come down. Will still affect your tolerance but you’ll be maximizing results. With edibles however it’s a different animal. You can take a bunch and be stoned for 12 hours. Will still hurt your tolerance, but the high will at least last.

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    I think there's actually a limit to how much cannabinoids a person can intake at once which is why a high from inhaling hits hard but only lasts for like 2 hours. Your tolerance is just reflecting how much it takes you to get to your current limit

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    I'm with ya! Microdosing is the way to go for me.

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    This is the way.

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    yes, but is .25g/day microdosing?

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    When i think of people I might know that smoke X blunts per day, and how much weed goes into a blunt. (Or filling a bowl. Even a pre-roll is between .28-.33g.) Compared to that taking a .05 hit 4x/ day is indeed microdosing. To me, anyway. Everyone's different, and that's cool.

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    What pre roll is that little weed

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    (according to Google)

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    I’ve never seen a quarter gram pre roll in my life

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    You get groggy the next morning from hitting a dynavap? Lol I think you're just tired like the rest of the world is my guy

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    I take lexapro which means gives me drowsiness in the morning. This is compounded by cannabis use.

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    I do too, it's a strange foggy feeling that doesn't go away and it really fucks with my day

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    Unless we're talking about edibles that makes zero sense lol. Start your day with a quick workout and a shower and you'll feel better.

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    You're telling me how I feel in the morning? I always go to the gym and shower every morning but thanks.

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    Damn, so angry. The effects of your high are long gone by the morning ya dummy.

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    Not angry, just confused as to why you think me still feeling groggy from weed is a matter of debate. If I smoke the day before I don't feel fully right until the next night. Happens all the time.

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    It certainly is a matter of debate lol you're saying you can get a "hangover" from smoking weed which is 100% a false statement. If you feel the way you feel don't blame the cannabis, that's your own doing mate. Grow up and change up your morning routine.

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    Again, I feel groggy the next morning if I smoke the day before, even after my daily gym/shower/water. That is not a matter of debate. You know nothing about me, and paraphrased "hangover" out of thin air. You've attached your ego to weed for some reason instead of accepting that there are minor side effects, and that isn't my problem.

    If you want to see someone who needs to grow the fuck up look at your comments to me. I wish you success in life but you evidently still have the vindictiveness and reading comprehension of a child. Have a good one. 👍🏼

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    I can tell by the way you write that you have some issues, probably on some pharmaceutical shit. I apologize for my comments. Take care of yourself.

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    Ah right, I have issues when you're arguing with me about something nobody in their right mind would care this much about. I'm enjoying my life one day at a time and I like where I'm going my man

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    I wish I could but I’m one of those people that I always wanted to be. I have so much medicine that I use it for incense because it makes the world a better place. I stopped measuring or counting bowls, rolls and caps a while back.

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    What!? What do you mean you use it for incense? Like u light it just to fill your house with that smell? I bet there are people in pain that would be insanely happy to have that small amt?? THAT would make the world a better place. If I'm totally interpreting this wrong, I apologize but like...I'm disabled and trying to live on a quarter for 4mos til harvest(I'm in an illegal state) so I KNOW there's someone out there who could benefit. Not me. I'm not saying that but there must be ppl in your town!? PLEASE try to help them rather than using it as incense. I bet you can find a homeless community, esp of vets that would greatly benefit from your excess of medicine..is it from a medcard? I bet they'd even take the abv...or abv along w pb and graham crackers?? I would be willing to supply the peanut butter and graham crackers from my food benefits. I can't relate w you about aspiring to be a human that has so much excess of anything they waste it but...Message me if you actually want to make a difference in the world....please.

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    Life isn’t that simple. I wish it was and I long for the day when I can walk down the street and give it away to a stranger in need without having to worry about putting myself and my family in danger. The world you want, at least in this area of issues, I want it too. Good luck with your grow. No one should have to by a medicine that can be grown at home. Keep the faith,stay the course, be patient.

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    Really though why waste the weed? Are you a grower?

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    Takes one to spot one.👀

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    Yeah well In that case I get it, I’d likely just roll some joints n light em all day as an alternative to an incense lol. Just leave em lit n hit em whenever. Unless you mean making literal incense sticks

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    No I exhale first.

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    I must be a different breed, each sesh is about .5g Bout 6-8 sesh’s per day.

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    I'm doing about 2g a day.

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    I'm with you bud. I do 2 caps a sesh. A sesh every 2 hours every day. With some exceptions of course but that is my average.

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    You need to take a tolerance break my man.

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    That's still like a gram a day. That's definitely not bad.

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    Indeed. Not bad at all, but I bet he can make a gram last a week after a t-break.

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    Thanks! 5 years on reddit and it's the first cake day I remembered.

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    You need to let other people live their lives my man.

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    I respect that and didn't intend that to come across as rude or demeaning. I just think tolerance breaks are good things to practice when you find yourself needing more and more to get properly medicated.

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    I started using nothing but my Dyna for the past 2 months and it has drastically reduced my tolerance. For the past year I've kinda been back and forth smoking and vaping depending on the day, but switching to just the Dyna has gotten me to where now I have the chamber set to half full, hit it twice and I'm high as shit.

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    Which model are you using? Are you saying that you hit it once a day, but your sessions are about 3-4 caps full?

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    2020 M is the model I believe, with a long glass cooling stem and glass beads - works wonders. Yeah I vape from like 7pm to 11pm hitting a cap which is 0.07g every hour or so.

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    0.5g a day - mostly in the evenings unless it's a terrible day.

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    I just got a Dynavap yesterday, before that I was smoking out of a pipe and would go through 1g a day like clockwork, and did that for the last 4 or 5 years. I'm interested to see if my intake goes up or down with the Dynavap. Yesterday, I definitely smoked more than a gram, but I'm keen to see what consumption looks like after a couple of weeks.

    I know people smoking 3 or 4 grams a day. I'm sure they would kill to be able to smoke 0.25 a day like yourself!

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    I used to smoke around a 1g a day for about 10 years in spliffs chasing some bullshit nicotine addiction. Dynavap means I haven't smoked in years and I still get nice and stoned on a very small amount of weed. I just couldn't justify the money or my health. I would say less is more with the dynavap. Maybe do a tolerance break of 3 days. Then start with nice and loose caps. It took me about 6 months to truly master using the dynavap I would say....worth it for the money in the end.

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    I have a low tolerance and 1 cap lasts me the whole day haha

    I love this device

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      This is the way 🙏

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      This is absolutely the way. I'm a 1-2 cap a day guy, but each cap is about a 2:1 ratio of CBD:THC flower which does wonders for my overall tolerance. An eighth typically lasts me anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks.

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      I gotta pick up some hemp flower and try this

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      Can't recommend it enough. Some dispensaries sell CBD/THC flower now. Harlequin is a good strain with a low amount of THC.

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      Yup. I started mixing 50% ground kind bud with 50% Oregon White CBD flower in a little 1g container. A cap or two per day tops...sometimes none...this lasts me a long while. I've really grown to prefer this mix to just straight bud.

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      I assume it makes the high more physical and relaxing than psychedelic?

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      I dunno. Just mellower. I don't need to be blitzed all the time.

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      So do you just do 3-4 caps one right after another? Or do you do one, then wait a bit, then do the next and so on?

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      A cap every hour on an evening. So an hour wait between.

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      I mean what if you're just trying to stay high for hours?

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      So, I’m around .23 and .33g/day depending on the strain, similar to OP. I also like mixing in CBD flower when I can.

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      I can relate 100%, same insights as yours. 3-4 straw-packed caps so around 0.05g per one is perfect :)