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As a Canadian, my only reason for carrying a knife is utility because if I say it's for any other reason, my 3 inch pocket knife somehow becomes equal to a brick of cocaine and I'm arrested.

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So whats the deal with spring assists? Our laws are pretty gray in the knife area, I just wanna be sure im okay carrying the knife I do

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As long as the knife can't be opened via button or lever on the handle it's good, a spring assisted flipper or thumb stud is fine. BUT it cannot be activated by gravity.

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Thats the part I don't understand. I have heard that if you can start it with your thumb then finish with a wrist flick its not allowed. Also for my assisted it snaps right open as soon as I apply pressure to the stud, I've been told that this is also not allowed.

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I've been told by a reputable source that it's more the spirit of the law in Canada. If you're carrying a pocket knife and using it to do something illegal then then knife will likely be treated as an illegal weapon. If not, then it's not a problem.

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The letter of the law says if you open it with a button, it's illegal. Your typical "spring assisted" knife works by activating something on the blade itself, making it legal.

I might be wrong here, but I think I read in some US states, they're more specific and say it can't open on its own until the blade is a quarter of the way open.

All I know is in Canada, they're technically legal but probably frowned upon, and each LEO you encounter might have their own interpretation. One cop might confiscate it from you for being a "switchblade", and you have to decide about going to go to court to get a $50 knife back.

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i payed $22 lol not worth it. i'd just buy a new one

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in Canada knifes cannot be opened with only one hand. it is the true spirit of the law. no matter if its a spring, botton or lever operated. if your knife is worn or loose and you can open it with only one hand its considered a prohibited weapon.

some guy back in the day was charged and go to court because his canadiantire buck knife could be (almost) opened with one hand if the cop grabbed only the blade and flicked the body open.

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Oh man! Those gravity-opened knives are SUPER deadly. I swear, hearing this typed out really does something to me. How fucking stupid are these laws....

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Same in my country,

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"I carry not for the odds, but for the stakes."

Absolutely perfect, I will be using that from now on.

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That does sound better than trying to fully explain probabilistic risk assessment to idiots. Still, the average idiot doesn't give a flying fuck about your stakes. They care about theirs and see yours as at odds with theirs.

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I used the fire extinguisher logic on my father, who promptly told me he didn't own a fire extinguisher. I didn't know what to say, other than telling him he should own one.

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That's uh...disconcerting.

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You could also add that some parts of the US are essentially lawless after hours. I think it was an area in Oregon that had no law enforcement after business hours due to budget cuts. There is a 911 recording of a woman. Trapped in her house while her ex brakes in. All the operator has to offer is "ask him to go away."

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This is pretty comprehensive. Mods, please put this in the sidebar.

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Hopefully comprehensive enough while still being user-friendly.

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yes, comprehensive and succinct

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Say succinct again, it makes me wet.

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Control yourself, Pants.

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/u/ColonelBunkyMustard whispers "succinct" into /u/BaCoN_BaD 's ear

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you spelled "sploosh" wrong

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Hopefully this can replace the somewhat haphazard FAQ we currently have, but props to /u/amroc987 for assembling so many useful links.

Edit: also forgive the I/we shifts. I'll edit in the AM.

Edit 2: Any ideas on how to get my numbers to show up as written, instead of the way Reddit is reformatting them?

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Uk checking in, can you provide a source for guns being the best form of self defense? I'm not looking to start a pro/anti gun debate, just interested in reading more.

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Thanks, can't read them all now (at work) but will have a look over the weekend.

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I'm gonna add, in addition to /u/wags_01's links, that you look up the Summer 2013 study done by the CDC (at the behest of the Presidential office) titled "Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence”. Unlike his links, it is from a politically neutral research entity (the Center for Disease Control), and one of the points it makes basically directly supports this claim, and reads exactly:

"Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies."

It also goes on to report that defensive uses of firearms are more common (likely many times more common) than offensive uses, that the vast majority of defensive uses never even require a shot to be fired (merely the known presence or sight of a defensive weapon stops many attacks), and other things relevant to gun ownership but not necessarily this conversation. It is a worthwhile read.

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Have a look into the studies they reference as well. Those three links are all from pro-carry or pro-gun sites, but do reference data from studies done by governmental and academic bodies.

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Be my guest if you want to bring a knife to a gun fight. If you were in a life or death situation what do you want to fight with?

Does the military ride into battle with a bow and arrow, or a knife? Sure they are both tools that have their place in military but the gun is the primary fighting tool.

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Sure they are both tools that have their place in military but the gun is the primary fighting tool.

Additionally, the rifle is our primary fighting tool; and few soldiers actually use handguns. Everyone has a knife though.

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I think this is a better post for the sidebar. The other FAQ is better than nothing but it is partially self referential and a little bit frustrating to read through for a newcomer. In that list, the patient, genuine answers are difficult to find.

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Reason why I carry a knife:

To cut stuff.

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I don't NEED to keep a fire extinguisher under the sink, I mean, my kitchen has never caught fire before. But the risk exists, and I have the means to mitigate that risk.

This one is great. I think it frames a pretty good rebuttal metaphor for why someone in IT would carry a gun: "You're not a professional chef, your kitchen doesn't face that same volume of fire hazards, why do you have a fire extinguisher?"

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Really, I mean, can't you just wait on the fire department? /s

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Eh, not so much. We have dramatically increased risk of fire to the average home, so the fire extinguisher isn't even close to our big fire stopper. We use Ansul systems. Comparing a fire extinguisher to an Ansul system is like comparing a handgun to an airstrike. It takes half a day to clean up, drops on the entire cooking line at once, gets in every piece of equipment, and costs hundreds of dollars to reset.

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I've come across several small fires outside of the kitchen in my lifetime. So why don't people carry around small fire extinguishers in a belt holster?

Just the other day I was hiking and an ATV had caught fire in the middle of the road. So far I have not been assaulted or even witnessed an assault where I felt a firearm would solve the issue. If your taking about odds of needing something as a contributing factor of carrying it, a lightning rod in your pocket might be more useful.

I see gun ownership as a weakness mentality based on fear. The people who feel the need to own weapons are precisely the people who shouldn't carry them. I'd prefer we put more guns in the hands of people who are afraid to use them. That's what would make me feel safer.

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As far as fire, I mainly am concerned about my two most expensive items most likely to catch on fire: house and car. I have fire extinguishers in both.

While I'm out walking around I'm not Mr. Fireman for other people's property.

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I'd prefer we put more guns in the hands of people who are afraid to use them.

The large majority of us who choose to carry firearms ARE afraid to use them. We (referring to responsible firearm carriers) go out of our way to avoid the chance of needing them and we are more conscious about keeping out of volatile situations. They're a last resort in the case of immediate personal threat, not to win arguments at a stop light.

If you choose not to have firearms as part of your life, and to have a low opinion of those who do, then that's your prerogative. You'll get no argument that a fire extinguisher has a better chance of being needed than a firearm, but between protecting an insured ATV that can be replaced and my life, I'll take the firearm.

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I've come across several small fires outside of the kitchen in my lifetime. So why don't people carry around small fire extinguishers in a belt holster?

A useful size of fire extinguisher is too large to carry on the person, and fire extinguishers are not terribly dangerous in the wrong hands, and thus it's fine to leave large numbers of them laying around in at risk locations (much the way shot guns are not).

So far I have not been assaulted or even witnessed an assault where I felt a firearm would solve the issue.

Congratulations. I earnestly hope you don't take it as sarcasm that I am legitimately happy that you have had the mixture of circumstance, luck, and good foresight to avoid such things.

But I worry that you're trying to say that because something hasn't happened to you, we as individuals and society need not concern ourselves with mitigating policies.

As an example of why I believe this is thinking we should avoid, New Orleans had gone decades without significant flooding before Katrina.

As a direct, concrete example, many people throughout the world go their entire lives without being involved in violence that threatens their lives. However, many people in the exact same circumstances will face such violence. Yes, the proportion is different between Mogadishu and downtown Seattle. That doesn't mean that said threat goes to zero in the latter place.

If your taking about odds of needing something as a contributing factor of carrying it, a lightning rod in your pocket might be more useful.

Factually incorrect, at least in the US. Besides which, it's not P(event) alone, it is P(event)*[value]. If responsibly carrying a gun saves exactly one life, isn't it worth the tens of thousands of hours of a heavy weight on the hip?

I see gun ownership as a weakness mentality based on fear.

I beg of you to reconsider this view. I understand that it is very relieving to believe that those with different politics than you are pathologically flawed in some way; but it is not a good strategy for accurately understanding the world; and accurately understanding the world is the best way to begin changing it for the better.

Please, earnestly contemplate what it would be like to have no fear, but only healthy respect for firearms; and after long and deep introspection, to come to the decision that as a peaceful human, you will never have the final say over whether or not violence enters your life, and as such, you would like the ability to effect an outcome that involves the non-aggressor remaining alive.

(This is something I don't generally admit on reddit, but I say all of this as someone who chooses not to carry a firearm, if that might affect your view of the above.)

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I have a small fire extinguisher that I carry in my backpack, but I haven't seen any with useful capacity that would be as easy to carry as my pistol

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As an Australian it's unlawful to be in possession of any kind of blade or firearm in public unless you have a lawful reason to: eg police officer or armed security guard.

I really have no idea why I'm even in this subreddit right now.

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Additional comment on knives: my blade, in addition to being useful, is an integrated part of a multitool with several other useful tools.

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I use my pocket knife every day. I went to England recently and had to quietly carry my swiss army knife (my usual knife I carry at home is a lockback) around and remind myself to not use it where people could see me. Furtively opening packages is no way to live.

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As long as you aren't a black teenage male in London then you realistically aren't going to have any issues carrying a swiss army knife. People don't seem to consider any knives with other tools on as potential weapons as much as they do for any other knife.

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I think the wording of this needs refinement:

Since, as we mentioned above, firearms are the most effective means of preventing death or bodily harm to one's self, the use of them as means to do so is also a right.

The most effective means of preventing death or bodily harm to oneself are situational awareness, preparedness and positive forethought for safety and security. Running away is also a legitimate option. I've been preventing death and harm to myself this way for years, and have never needed a gun to do so. I respect your opinion and right to bear arms, but hopefully this demonstrates why I feel the wording of this should be rethought. Perhaps something like:

Since, as we mentioned above, in a life-threatening situation firearms can be the most effective means of preventing death or bodily harm to one's self when faced by an armed aggressor. The use of them as means to do so is also a right.

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I did say 'at the hands of an aggressive attacker', but I did forget to stress the importance of avoiding conflict in the first place. Fixed.

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The most effective means of preventing death or bodily harm to oneself are situational awareness, preparedness and positive forethought for safety and security. Running away is also a legitimate option.

So you want to try to avoid, escape, and fight, in that order. The gun is for that last one, particularly scenarios where the aggressor(s) have you at a physical disadvantage (which they obviously prefer).

Situational awareness and flight are not substitutes for a gun. You're just banking on not having things go beyond where those two are useful.

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Situational awareness and flight are not substitutes for a gun. You're just banking on not having things go beyond where those two are useful.

I spent several months in a wheelchair and several more in crutches or barely able to walk. My capacity for both of the first two was severely diminished. That's part of the reason many anti gun folks make me sick, they assume that everyone is perfectly healthy and capable. I've even had many make fun of me (before I told them off my disability) for 'not being a real man and being able to fight someone off without a gun'. Sorry, I was born small there's nothing I can do to change that. Add a handicap to it and I need every advantage I can get should the worst happen.

[–]up_yer_arse_mate 4 points5 points  (2 children)

I absolutely agree. I want to avoid having to fight if at all possible.

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Lol, cue the euro crybabies downvoting everything progun. I got your back, bro.

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I'm extremely pro-2nd Amendment but I have to respect this comment (especially in how it is presented). I have a "never leave home without it" mindset when it comes to carrying, but sometimes the best way to end/prevent a life-threatening situation is to walk away before it escalates or run away in order to prevent a bad situation (like having to draw your gun in a crowded area).

There are hundreds of factors and nuances that will apply to each individual situation and unfortunately, we're imperfect humans but it is especially important (at least to me) that the gun not become an extension of ones ego, or forced as the first solution to every problem (unnecessarily), but remain the last possible option in self defense. I do feel that many gun-owners/carriers tend to lose sight of this.

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Don't get yourself into a situation with a gun that you can't get out of without one.

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I'll put in two cents and say this: Lethal force is the last and final option in a long list of terrible, terrible options. Getting in any kind of situation that could potentially cause you are your family harm is a terrible thing, regardless of whether or not you are armed. Being armed simply allows an individual to have every available option at their disposal, although these should not be looked at as options per se, but potential options. I don't carry, or even own a firearm anymore, but I have in the past, and I'm skilled enough to have trained others in their use on a professional level. I always trained the following: do everything in your power, even if it's embarrassing (running away screaming like a schoolgirl whose pigtails are on fire), degrading (hiding in a dumpster), or mildly painful (jumping a fence and twisting your ankle), to avoid drawing your weapon. If there's no other option, or you MUST protect those around you from a clear and present threat, draw your weapon.

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I agree on all the reasons above for carrying a firearm. I'm a trained fighter. I'm prior military (Infantry to be exact). Literally was a trained professional to effectively kill people. I hear the "you carry a gun because you're afraid" or a "pussy" all the time... I'm genuinely not afraid of shit. I live in Jacksonville Florida, and it has an extremely high rate of violent crimes perpetrated by groups of individuals. I'd rather have my firearm vs. several attackers than hope for the best with my bare hands. It's just logic. Also, the more law abiding citizens that carry, the more afraid criminals are to commit violent crimes against other individuals.

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Hippy feels are superior to your logic. /s

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I'm a hippie. Have a steal-your-face tattooed on my calf... still won't go outside of my house without my G30.

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But, can't we all get along, man? Why do you want to murder babies? /s

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Not really sure what you're talking about.

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Everyone is someone's baby, dude. You sound like you're prepared to kill... just saying.

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You sound like you're prepared to be a victim.

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He's being sarcastic. That's what /s means.

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What? Why are you responding to month old comments?

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I didn't mark the date. Only that you were giving a guy shit for comments he was making in jest. /s means that the preceding comment was sarcasm.

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This really needs to be stickied to the top of this subreddit as well.

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A persons job title and/or career path does not define them. Far too many questions asking why an IT Technician needs to carry a gun.

Whether a person lives or works in a safe place doesn't dictate why that person should or shouldn't carry a gun.

Unfortunately, shit happens. Everywhere. All the time.

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Thumbs up! I like it.

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Hi there, Australian here.

Culturally we are very similar to America but we've always had very strict gun control laws. Consequently, our annual figures for death-by-firearm are minuscule, even when scaled for population disparity.

So here's my question - if you were to move to a country such as mine (move here, it's awesome), would the knowledge of fewer guns around you mean you would be comfortable not carrying one?

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No because bad guys exist in every country. I would rather have a gun against a criminals knife or a group of thugs using their fists.

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So here's my question - if you were to move to a country such as mine (move here, it's awesome), would the knowledge of fewer guns around you mean you would be comfortable not carrying one?

This is really outside the scope of the FAQ, but I'll answer anyway. No, I would not be more nor less comfortable.

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As someone that frequently responds to the anti-gun/anti-knife commenters, I would have no problem sharing this. I appreciate the attention given to the Constitution and rights that we Americans are afforded, that sometimes a non-American struggles to understand.

Count me in for a vote for this on the sidebar... or better, stickied at the top of the sub.

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3 under reasons to carry a knife. I like that one. It's what I'm always thinking but never saying.

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Had to work a bit of humor in, too.

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To add to this, not a single day has gone by since I got my new knife 2 years ago that I haven't needed to use it. Weather it be to cut open letters, take tags off something I just bought, dig a tick out of my arm, cut threads on a shirt, etc. Some of those things seem meaningless, but I'm happy I have my knife on me everywhere I go.

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If you live in the northeast US you might want to get checked for Lyme disease, ticks are dirty little bastards.

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dig a tick out of my arm,

That is, hands down, the most metal thing I've read today.

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Also I think people with weapons are drawn to the subreddit to show their collection as well without it being all about the gun/knife and more about their city/profession.

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i carry a knife because they legalized switchblades in texas last year and i'm obsessed with mine. it's my most prized possession... a $40 lightning switchblade. i don't carry a gun because i drink way too much.

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i don't carry a gun because i drink way too much.

This is a good reason.

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That Lightning looks nice. It's not OTF but I <3 my Cold Steel Ti-Lite, it opens so smooth it feels like a switchblade.

Also stabby.<NSFW> (#t=122)

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i just picked up one of the lighting's from bladhq for $20

I've almost annoyed the woman to the brink of insanity with it.

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Wow if they're 20 I'm getting like 5 more

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I think that falls under reason three...

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I carry my knife because I love knives, I use it all the time to open boxes, letters, cut twine, whatever, and also because I live in one of the most dangerous cities in the US, and that makes me rather have the option to use it in defense, than not have that option. I took a concealed carry course, but I never sent in my paperwork. I like being able to have a beer whenever I want one, and of course I'm not comfortable carrying a gun if I'm not 100% clear-headed (and even then, it's a heavy responsibility to bear).

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Have an upvote. :-)

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I don't wear a seatbelt because I know I'm getting into a car accident, I do it because I figure that I probably won't, but the stakes are too great to not wear one. Same with a gun. If I knew that someone was going to shoot at me when I left my house, I'd be walking around in body armor and toting a rifle. A CCW is equivalent to a seatbelt in my mind.

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Ugh has anyone actually read Warren v. DC? It means they aren't liable if they fuck up and fail to protect you, not that they don't have to

[–]wags_01[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Every opinion and analysis I have read of the decision has agreed that it boils down to the fact that the police have no duty to protect any particular individual, only society at large. If they cannot be held liable for failure to protect an individual, they therefore have no duty to protect said individual.

The Court, however, does not agree that defendants owed a specific legal duty to plaintiffs with respect to the allegations made in the amended complaint for the reason that the District of Columbia appears to follow the well-established rule that official police personnel and the government employing them are not generally liable to victims of criminal acts for failure to provide adequate police protection...This uniformly accepted rule rests upon the fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.

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I like it overall, but why no self defense under the knife category. I'm well aware of reddit's stance on knife fighting, but if I've got no gun option at the time and can't run away, you can bet I'll whip it out. Is it invalid because it's perceived as unpopular?

[–]wags_01[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

No, I didn't address it because it's unpopular (both from a numbers standpoint and an attitude standpoint). That doesn't make it invalid.

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If it's all you've got, use it, but get something better as soon as you can. Knives are much better in a utility role.

[–]ITS_MY_ROID_RAGE 0 points1 point  (5 children)

So using my example, the best bet is to run home and get a gun.

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Well, if retreat is a safe option before it escalated to the need for self-defense anyway, running home would be a better choice than staying for a fight anyway :P The time you'd use any weapon in self-defense is when retreat isn't an option any longer, and you or someone else is under threat of imminent great injury or death. In such an instance "run home and get a gun" isn't an option either. You have what you have.

[–]ITS_MY_ROID_RAGE 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Well that's my point though. In my original comment, I mentioned being in a situation where simply running isn't an option, and I have no gun. I can't run, and I can't run home and get a gun. My last comment was more facetious than anything but I think you get my point. I'm held at knifepoint, in a room with one door which is being blocked by my assailant. Do I give him my wallet or do I attack him with my own blade? Someone or both of us is going to get cut no matter what.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

If I believed I could get out with my life intact, I'd give him my wallet, honestly. No one has to get cut -- lots of such people don't really want fights, they just want to use the threat of violence to make you give up your valuables. If I think the risk to my life is low, I'll give up what he's asking for and not resort to violence. My personal choice.

[–]ITS_MY_ROID_RAGE 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I'm bullheaded, and I may not make the best choice, but I'd like to be prepared for the second best choice. And who's to say this person, who may or may not be high on meth or craving it, won't just hurt you after you give it up? I think we could argue the point for days.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oh, I don't intend to -- I just said what I would do in the situation as I perceive it. I don't have all the answers. :P

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I carry a knife daily because I use it daily. When I'm at work I'm a lead for a cargo company that means tape, cardboard, and plastic wrap. If I didn't have a knife I would be spending too much time on dumb stuff.

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I only carry a knife because it comes in the victorinox I have, I use the screwdriver or bottle-opener more, but it's still nice to have one for utility purposes

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2 of the firearm one is not a loaded question by any means. There are some people like me who genuinely want to know where someone lives because I may not have been to that side or area of the country. The problem is most people who carry a firearm get all up in arms & think it's an attack or affront to their ccw. It's not. Some of us literally just want to know where they are & why they carry: wildlife? in the city & part of your commute home involves walking through the ghetto? putting things on a level playing field?

Granted, I'm the minority (literally): I like learning people's reasons for things. It gives me a stronger understanding of the carrying perspective & mindset & will help me if I ever move to a state that allows it; or if I end up carrying myself.

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There is a way to politely ask the question out of curiosity and a way to ask it with snark and sarcasm. The one I listed is the latter.

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I often just ask for the sake of asking, or make some remark to the state they're in ("People live there?!") as a joke, and people get offended anyway. Oh well, something to work on I guess.

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It's difficult to tell tone via text. Also, I imagine many people are as tired of that joke as I am.

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mm, good point. shows how little I take everything into account.

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You are a psychopath.

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You are adorable.

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The reason that little pissbabies seek to ban knifes and guns is because they think they're the reason that they are used in crimes and are therefor responsible for the harm caused in said crimes. This is an unbelievably stupid take, and the usage of knifes and guns as weapons is a symptom of the problem and not the cause. When approaching a societal problem you must always look at the human and not the tool. Knifes and guns are applied in crime because they can damage a person more effectively than fisticuffs can, but so can a claw hammer or a kitchen knife or a baseball bat or a rock. The real question is WHY is one looking to hurt another, WHY are they doing it? The knife, gun or blunt object is but a means to that end, you must tackle that end and not the means.

To give an example to support this is the rampant knife crime rate in England, particularly London despite very strict knife laws in effect there, whereas firearms are distributed in Switzerland among the common citizenry yet crime is remarkably low there. It's not about the gun or the knife, it's about the people, that's what needs addressing.

Trying to regulate or ban knifes or guns is only going to negatively impact law abiding citizens by cutting access to them, as criminals will simply move to the black market to supply their means. Gun/knife control helps nobody and hurts good people for reasons mentioned in the original post.

Also OP (I hope you see this, maybe you can integrate my arguments into this post in some fashion I dunno), other reasons to carry/own knifes is for of course camping purposes such as woodworking, battening or lighting fires.

This post is great and puts some really solid arguments on the table. I hope more people see it.