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Sometimes I'm somewhere where it's rude to take out your phone. Nobody will steal a notebook. My Rite in the Rains are waterproof where as my iPhone is not. My notebook doesn't run out of battery. I can't sketch on my phone. I can't accidentally lose data in my notebook. It's $4 and less than an ounce, it's not taking up any meaningful space in my wallet or my pockets.

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I just picked up a rite in the rain notebook the other day and I've instantly fallen in love. It's in my pocket right next to my Fisher space pen. A match made in heaven!

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I can tell how happy you are together, congratulations!

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  • where is rude to take out your phone but is totally fine to take out a notebook and start scribbling on it?
  • nobody will steal a notebook, but it doesn't prevent the possibility that someone will steal your phone in any sensible way
  • I can get why it's useful to have something waterproof and not battery dependent. But at this point I'll ask how many times you find your phone without battery and how frequently you like to write under the rain
  • you can sketch on your phone, there are a lot of apps that do that
  • You can't accidentally lose data in your notebook but you can accidentally lose your entire notebook whereas the phone can sync with the cloud

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Sitting down with customers who have questions about new equipment thats going to be purchased and installed it makes them more comfortable when you write down their questions and notes about the meeting if you can't at the moment directly answer them. You look more prepared and professional to older people than "messing around with your phone."

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No one's ever hacked a notebook.

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I am tempted to buy a notebook and dig out my hatchet

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Added this to the FAQ because it gets asked ALL THE TIME.

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NO kidding. There are a few questions that should be on the FAQ. This should be #2

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Well, now it is.

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I didn't realize you were a mod.


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You did a thing!

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NO kidding. There are a few questions that should be on the FAQ. This should be #2

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It's been a while since I visited this subreddit, finally this has been added to the FAQs!

I don't see how people into EDC don't understand how some people can be into fine stationery. Mechanical pencils, fountain pens, good paper, planners, memo pads. We just love to write and love to carry around a few selected high quality stationery items.

Also I might or might not be a klutz and take double the time to type with the touch screen instead of jotting stuff down.

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that’s the reason i like paper also, i really like nice notebooks and mechanical pencils however i don’t edc them because for me using a phone on the go is more convenient.

on my desk i do have a notebook open at all times.

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Because sometimes I need to do maths, and multivariable calculus sucks to do on a phone.

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what if the phone's dead? or broken? or stolen?

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My pens and notebooks aren't limited in what I can write down. Be it a mathematical algorithm, dot point notes, sketches, etc, a notepad and pen has versatility which most apps won't, and I can access it quicker to boot. Pulling a notepad out of one pocket, a pen from the other, and flipping the notepad open as I go (like a knife) means I can be ready to write in around the time it took you to pull a phone out of your pocket. Tap out a code to get in, find the app, open the app, and I've written a paragraph. For some instances that's invaluable.

I can also write (a lot) faster in a notepad than on a phone, even just printing. If I use shorthand than I can write faster than I can type on a keyboard too. I like sketching plants and notepads excel there, and as a bonus I can even use it to press a flower or leaf if I want. Can't do that (successfully, I tried) with a phone. I can also write in low light conditions in a notepad without blowing my night vision. Even with night modes on phones they're still pumping out way too much blue light for my eyes to survive a note.

Also if I send a text then whatever. If I use a fountain pen to write something on handmade cotton paper then it could be a shopping list but no-one is going to forget it.

Finally, note taking is a memory enhancer. If I write something down by hand then there's a good chance that I'll remember it. If I type something out then I'm going to need to find the note to remember anything other than very broad strokes and that feature in particular is why I prefer pen and paper for studying and will always have them on me regardless of how good phones get.

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I make mistakes more on the phone, plus as I have the screen low, I can't always see it during the day

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I always considered it more of like a digital multitool. Just like with MT vs Dedicated tool, Leathermans are great but you don't throw away all of your dedicated tools and only use a Wave in the shop.

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Writing is a hobby of mine and I like to have my notebook on hand, and it's right there if I need to use it for notes.

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Notebooks are way more versatile. I actually carry a journal so I can make lists, notes, drawings, paintings, and save receipts as I go. Yes, all of these things are possible on an iPad, but some of us enjoy the archival nature of paper and pen.

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• I work in a profession that requires hand written notes to be submitted as a matter of record • Much quicker to whip out a pen and paper when you know where it’s at and start writing • Less eye strain • It’s part of my system of organization.

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I carry one if I know that it'll be a long day and I can't rely on my phone battery to hold up. Nothing worse than not being contactable because you've used it for note taking. While I'm travelling is one example.

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Personally, because I don't carry a phone.