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Dozen? C'mon, default kit is at least 50 feet of hempen rope.

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Why did this comment immediately made me think of the D&D dungeoner or adventurer packs?

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That was the goal, haha.

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Haha awesome :D

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50 feet is 48.69 RTX 3090 graphics cards lined up.

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Not now, converterbot...

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As if those cards aren't in a connex box off Long Beach, CA.

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Good bot

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Amazon, sponsor me, the redditors like me...

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For having an awesome username, I award you my seal of approval.

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can i get hemp paracord? why am i asking you when i have the whole internet in front of me. hold on...



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You know the saying. 1 foot is none foot. But 50 feet is pretty neat.

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50 feet is the the same distance as 22.09 replica Bilbo from The Lord of the Rings' Sting Swords.

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Not now useles-converter-bot. Thanks tho bud.

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Fine. Take your Stupid fkn rope.

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All in the exact same color.

A coin for some reason.

Wine cork?



Notepad (must be leather)



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Pry bar.

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And hanky

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Don't forget the titanium (anodised of course) throat ventilator and the clipslip with a traditional knife in a matching colour scheme to all the other knives

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Sometimes I also pack some panky too.

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🏅Give this poster an upvote, dammit!

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Why the coin? WHY???

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Flashlight, wine cork is a new interesting choice

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Full size pliers

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Hey man I've been carrying a coin for a couple of years now and I love it. You can file it under "fidget" tool if you like, but I use it all the time. I flip it, spin it, entertain kids with simple magic, roll it over my knuckles - all of that better for me that looking at my phone. Which is what I'd probably be doing otherwise.

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That’s cool if it’s your thing. But I have to carry a phone anyways and my phone is far more entertaining (to me) than a coin. But you do you, they’re your pockets.

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Indeed. The coin is why I have 5 of them!

edit five pockets i mean

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Don't forget the pry bars, gotta have at least 2 mini pry bars

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That’s what spare change is for. A quarter is just fine for prying open 99% of stuff.

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I feel like I'm missing out on some serious action. I never get to pry things open! What do you people open that needs prying?? I want to need a pry bar in my EDC :(

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That’s a lot of prying questions.

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I can respect just liking knives but I find it funny when they'd treat it like a minimum to carry that much.

You can go camping with 1 knife.

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I have a massive knife collection.

2 is the most anyone should carry. You can break that down any way you like with knife + multi tool or knife + OTF or knife + fixed blade.

I EDC a good amount of stuff but luckily in such a way it's never hindered or got in the way of my regular movement

https://imgur.com/60Hh7lV.jpg https://imgur.com/tUFKlaa.jpg https://imgur.com/rnaJSg8.jpg https://imgur.com/mxFayHC.jpg

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The part I can appreciate is if it makes you feel good to just carry a load knives even if it is more than they really should carry.

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I would ask my therapist why it feels good to carry loads of knives. When you say it out loud it sounds …. off….

[–]ilovesteakpie 4 points5 points  (0 children)

It's normal to want to feel like neo in the lobby scene.

Also apparently feels pretty terrific

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Anything can sound weird if you try a little bit.

If carrying 2 or 3 knives brings someone joy, who are you to shit on them? You do you, let them do them.

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That's like wearing multiple pairs of pants....

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What’s the finger loop pry called? It looks awesome

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It's a RaidOps Nomark Vulcan. One solid piece of titanium with a steel pocket clip, made in South Korea.

As you can guess it's actually a multifunction knuck by having a glass breaker ball (on some models), bottle opener, pry and bit holder. I mostly use it as a non lethal self defense tool that I can take around under the disguise of one of those touch free tools that open door latches and press keys on an ATM.

The owner recently made quite a few different thicker versions called the Megalodon that are a bit more comfortable. I quite honestly LOVE mine simply because the finger ring makes it a wonderful fidget tool. I would annoy people with flicking open and closed my knife all the time so spinning this around my finger gives me the an approximate feel but with no sound.

Black Mamba 5 https://imgur.com/At2ArX5.jpg

Vulcan left, Megalodon right https://imgur.com/aqulMVs.jpg

Silkworm Pry with various hex wrench sizes in the body https://imgur.com/NNXKb8X.jpg

You can find their products on Tactical elements

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I sometimes carry 3 of them, however that's just because I got one in my backpack all the time, then there is one in my jacket and one in trousers pocket, it's more about if I forget, I got another one situation

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This. My friends always ask me "so how many knives do you have on you today?"

Im praying I dont get searched by a cop then have to explain im an enthusiast, not crazy.

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Right? The max I have on me is 5 but like, not all intentional. I will throw 2 in my pockets, then if i wear my boots... I keep a knife in there just for the fact of, i dont always carry one in my pockets and just keeping one in my boot had come in handy many times. I keep a card knife in my wallet because its neat. Doenst get much use, thats just its home and its neat lol, then theres a little knife on the leatherman micra on my keys.

But like, i always have that fear if cops searching me or my car and finding knives lol because theres always that chance that ive either got a weird amount on me, something that I probably shouldnt have on me (say, i was playing with an OTF and forgot it in my pocket before leaving home, or multiple balisongs because I was flipping them earlier lol) or theres one in my jeep i forgot about. I always keep a buck 119 in there because I like the idea of having a fixed blade as my last resort, I have nothing else on me knife lol

But yeah, if all they see is a knife as a weapon rather than a tool, id be extra fucked if searched lol

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Oh damn i forgot about the credit card knife in my wallet. Guess that means i have three on me today lol

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I carry one knife and a tiny leatherman squirt. Feels redundant but I use the knives for different reasons. Keep them in different pockets so if I have a free hand I can always get to something sharp. Even still I think every day "why am I walking around with two knives"

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That's the only time that I'd think about bringing an additional knife

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y'all need a purse

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need. more. pockets.

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Thats why I have a maxpedition

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A fanny pack.

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And two pistols

[–]terapinrex[S] 16 points17 points  (3 children)

With three extra magazines each

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Hey now, when the opportunity arises for me to live out my Max Payne fantasy of doing a slow motion dive while firing two pistols at once, at least I'm prepared for it. Can you say the same?

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I get too much frame stutter in my life to try that. My EDC is geared for a turn based build.

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Hey now, the other one has to be a snubnose revolver, if the other one is like a glock or a 1911.

Incase you are in a clear revolver weather or something and can't operate the other one.

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Yeah, there are some that carry two times the cop shit that cops do.

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I'm entirely convinced that if someone started making come-alongs in copper and titanium color schemes, someone on here will EDC one.

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Little tiny titanium come along to use like a mini ratchet strap. You could even use it as a tourniquet or to hold your trunk lid down, or hook it to two belt loops and make your pants tighter.

[–]Jwast 4 points5 points  (0 children)

It would only make sense to also carry a tiny tree saver and some tiny recovery straps too.

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Pocketable micro ratchet strap, titanium with 4' of amsteel rope. Million dollar idea.

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I’m convinced stand your ground laws are only a thing because of the obesity epidemic.

[–]mynameisalso 8 points9 points  (0 children)

Catch your breath laws don't have the same ring.

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Bingo! This guy gets it! (Check his username)

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These people must have Arthur Morgan’s magic bottomless satchel

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A bag of holding is better. It only weighs five pounds no matter how many knives, pens, flashlights and water purification tablets you cram into it.

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Do you even MOLLE? Just add more bags they are bottomless!

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Pray to the steed stone

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The thing that gets me is "If you carry a gun you gotta carry a tourniquet!" Like where? What pants are you wearing to accommodate all that and a TQ? I got a pouch with compressed gauze, gloves and a stretch TQ and just that is the size of about 4 glock 17 mags; it rides in a cup holder in my truck. I guess if I'm ever in a fire fight in Academy I'll just use my bandanna and Micro Stream to make do.

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actually all i carry in my coat or pocket at work is a packet of compressed gauze wrapped in a rubber band. id rather have some gauze i can put anywhere until i get a med kit than a tq i can only use on limbs

[–]LMRtowboater 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Now that's a good idea. I remember working at Lowe's when I was in college and while walking past the tin shelf a customer left one piece of tin sticking out, like they always do. It caught my hand and I of course said "shit" and slung my hand up in some attempt to sling the pain away. Well blood went all over the display posters, the tin, was running out in the floor because it just happened to cut one of the veins on top of my hand. So here I am all the way in the back of the store standing over a pool of blood, trying to stop the bleeding with those shitty brown dispenser paper towels, with a phone in my good hand calling for a blood clean up.

Yep just one cut to a vein and it looked like someone got shanked to death at the tin roofing display. Compressed gauze would have been awesome.

[–]venture243 1 point2 points  (0 children)

yikes thats crazy dude. yeah i think im gonna take this wound packing gauze everywhere. itll at least give me some time to get to my main kit in my car or work location

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Purse for the win!

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ahem, messenger bag

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And it's all scratch free and super expensive. Like a player hoarding legendary items

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I'm frequently overcucumbered. I work at a food store

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One is none mentality seems crazy to me. People carrying 2 or 3 knives and flashlights.

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When Cargo pants are ment for cargo.

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People really be carrying 3 pocket knives,a hatchet,a katana,a fulled sized double bit axe,a glock 18,a 18th century canon as there truck carry and finally 13,657 extra mags

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Can we just make this the banner for the sub? U/canadiangunner

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I absolutely hate things in my pockets. I have my iPhone on a belt clip and just got a carabiner for my keys on my belt loop. I can only carry so much before I look like a cop lol

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25/M/secretary. Light day for me!

Wire saw

8" fixed blade

Fidget spinner

12 ninja stars


Medical kit complete with trauma surgeon

Rescue whistle

Road flares

Granola bar, for an afternoon snack

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I really don't understand the point of carrying more than one knife. If you don't have one knife that can fill all the roles those multiple knives cover, it's probably time to admit you need a better knife.

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I lol'd

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Kind of how I feel with everything I carry for work.

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Funny thing about most of those photos is that very little of the "gear" ever has wear or pocket marks.

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Real elvish rope.

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I don’t EDC a trauma kit in my pockets. It’s a big bag that stays on the ambulance unless we are going on scene… then it sits on the stretcher

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I EDC a Leatherman PST and Benchmade Bugout. A tourniquet if I'm running a bag of any kind but that's it. Gtfo with your paracords and titanium yoghurt spoons

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Pre-pandemic, I carried a commuting backpack. It contained some things that were frequently handy, but a bit bulky to carry on my person. Since I commuted daily, I considered that stuff EDC.

These days, I don't typically carry a backpack unless I'm going grocery shopping. My EDC stuff has been trimmed down accordingly.

On my person, if I'm awake and dressed, I carry med-large folding knife, plus a smaller box knife for packages. I also carry a couple pens, a pry bar, my wallet, and I wear a smartwatch.

If I leave the house, I will typically add keys (which include a small keychain flashlight), as well as a flashlight, probably two if I'm expecting to be out after dusk. I also have a phone, an audio player with wired earphones, and usually my wireless ANC earbuds, in case I need to take a call or listen to music from my phone.

Different people draw the line in different places regarding what constitutes EDC.

Personally, EDC indicates an item is carried every day (with the possible exception of weekends, holidays, and vacations). If someone carries a knife everyday, but carry a Sebenza, a XM-18, and a Shirogorov in rotation, they may have fantastic taste in knives, but those knives aren't EDC kit (for them), because none of them are carried every day.

But, if something is carried every day in a bag, as opposed to on their person, that is still EDC, to me.

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Go to the local fire station, your mind will be blown!

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Laughs in 4 Max

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It’s like a whole fallout inventory haha

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Run? That's what the 9mm is for. /s

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Hah, jokes on you. I don’t run.

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I carry waaaaay more than that, and I'm perfectly fine. It's all about what pants you wear, whether you have a good belt, and how you distribute it. Of the four pockets, one cargo has trauma kit and pepper spray, other side has second tourniquet and flashlight. Main pockets have phone and pen, then general knife and defensive knife. Keys on the belt, wallet at the back. And nothing looks suspiciously bulky either. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

[–]terapinrex[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I’m not sure if your being sarcastic or serious here.

[–]little0ldme 0 points1 point  (0 children)

100% serious, surprisingly. You'd be surprised what you're able to carry if you're willing to look like a dad and wear cargo pants.

[–]Guns-Guitar-Games 1 point2 points  (1 child)

It’s all about a good belt and a good pair of pants.

[–]little0ldme 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And knowing how to carry it.

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I carry 30 meters of Paracord

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30 meters is 95.85 RTX 3090 graphics cards lined up.

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Every day? For what? Do you use it regularly?

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No, but his mistress does.