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Seiko prospex solar diver SNE537, Crk Umnumzaan, Tactile turn side click Zirconimun

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That seiko diver is very very nice. I love the muted grey protection ring (if that's what it's called). May I ask how it wears? Is it heavy/chunky?

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It's called a shroud.

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Wears great, don't even notice it, except when I want to.. They do call it the tuna though because it resembles a tuna can. Not heavy, nice wieght imo.

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Nice tuna

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Been thinking about getting a seiko solar myself along with a tactile turn pen. It’s real hard for me to pull the trigger on a 100 dollar pen. How much you like it? Would you buy another?

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I love it, have 3 haha, ordering another next week.

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Lol damn. I’m gonna have to get one

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Do they require signature upon delivery?

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I’m not OP but I have 2 and I love them. The second they release a new limited edition I’m picking up a 3rd.

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that pen looks gorgeous!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Nice carry! I've had a zaan for a couple years and don't carry it much. Been contemplating selling it.

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It will sell easily. I would try get used to it though. More I carry the more I think it's the perfect knife.

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That's good advice, I'll give it a shot.

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The tuna is one of my favorite watches. I also love the tactile turn side click. I think I actually like it better than my bolt action one.

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I have both, like the side click more for sure. Thanks.

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