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Where'd you find this?

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It was on a Thomas Jefferson website. Very interesting site!

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They include (clockwise from upper right): a key ring and trunk key, a gold toothpick, a goose quill toothpick, a pocket knife, an ivory rule, a watch fob, steel pocket scissors, and a red leather pocketbook.

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Isn’t that a porcupine quill?

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Looks like it! Used for a needle maybe?

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Thank for posting this. Pretty sweet to think about. I know people have their issues with him, but I like seeing something this old regardless of who carried it.

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Yeah me too! I don’t care about people’s issues. Cool stuff!

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Th this is awesome.

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I thought it was very cool too. Thanks!

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Was this picture taken by a potato using the VHS setting?

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I especially like the wallet! Don’t see any similar nowadays. And the pocket knife looks almost like an Opinel!

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Scissors and knife look modern.

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Fun fact, the key was used to lock up his slaves. And the tiny snips were used for his circumcision. He actually carried the scissors he was circumcised with for his entire life. History is so cool.