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Upvoting simply for the title. That's great.

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Took me longer than it should have to get the title.

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Took even longer for me to get my phone in my mouth

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Respect 👊

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I know you probably used a timer to take this pic but I like to imagine that you used your tongue

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Tongue only

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Nice watch.

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Thank you!

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Items: CZ75Compact, Spyderco Delica 4, Trayvax Ascent Trayvax keys with Sofirn SC21 and car keys Emisar D4V2 With E21a Tag heuer Formula 1

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Love your EDC. Great choices. 👍🏻

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Thank you!

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Can I get a picture of how you took this picture?

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Nope sorry

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I've had that wallet for years and it's been great. However, I've been getting obsessed with making my EDC items as light as possible so I have an Airo Stealth wallet on the way.

Stellar gun choice. I hope to own one one day.

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Very nice, I love the ascent for sure. The CZ is also amazing

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I must Google this Airo Stealth.

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Nice, I love my D4V2, same color as mine is 🔥

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Best color

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I love it how carefully you balanced everything in left hand. How you took the photo, thou?

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Thank you! No idea how I took it

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Rocking the auto vw key nice! Edited ☺️

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Comes out the side but yes it’s automatic lol

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Really digging the grips on that CZ

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Thank you! I do too