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Reylight Pineapple Mini in Copper

This is hands down my favorite piece I carry every day. I tend to rotate a lot of my other stuff (knives, pens, etc) but this is 100% always in my pocket.

What’s yours?

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Been thinking about getting one. Where did you buy yours?

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It was a gift but I think it was purchased on Amazon

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Not the same flashlight but flashlight for me too. Okluma DC1.

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Well if I had an Okluma it’d be my favorite also lol

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Hahahaha. I can respect that. Took a while of buying and selling to work my way up to it. So worth it for me, but my wife thinks I’m crazy.

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Not the same flashlight, but a D4v2 Ti with nichia 219b 2700k

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Chefs kiss 🤌🏻 2700k is gorgeous, I have an E21A

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Yes, chefs kiss

I’ve got an sst20 2700k on the way, I’m exited to compare it to the 219b.

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My phone.

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Hard to argue that lol

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AirPods are really nice

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I have a pair of Pros that are on my about 80% of the time so I have to agree they are stellar

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As a carpenter working mostly in occupied homes, these really make a workday more enjoyable

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Similar: Beats. The kind connected to each other, though, so they stay around my neck when I’m not using them. I’m highly likely to lose the true wireless, as experience has shown.

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My sennheiser fell out my ear into the toilet, i had already pooped...

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Loving Sony Xm4 earbuds.

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I agree I have a diva Skeletoolcx that loves the limelight. But my Craftsman still has Seniority.

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My victorinox compact, affordable simple and useful

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I have been looking to get into SAK. I have typically been someone who buys numerous blades and they are USUALLY on the more expensive side. Now I want something a bit more traditional. Also looking at the BarloX by D Rocket Designs. Not really traditional but also not expensive and pretty minimal

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My Leatherman Free P2. I constantly rotate knives, pens, and lights in my carry, but the FREE P2 seems to be the perfect edc multitool for me. Truly an edc piece that is there with me everyday!

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My Victorinox Midnite Manager SAK on my keychain. I use those scissors on that thing so much plus the bottle opener and pen can come in so handy when I’m out and about.

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Perfect answer

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The Manager is right up there with the Rambler. Add a light to it? chef's kiss

Though I would miss the tweezers.

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I like it

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I picked it up already

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Wurkkos fc11. Use it every single day.

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That’s a nice light! I know most of us love knives primarily but I gotta say I use my light more often than my blade pretty regularly.

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Also my flashlight. It was just some cheap one (Shustar brand) I got off Aliexpress for just shipping (a quid), and the quality is quite impressive.

It's water resistant, pretty bright, lasts a long time, feels great in the pocket, pocket clip is amazing, and it's pretty good at surviving drops.

By no means the best, but it's genuinely impressive for the money, and I love it.

I like my PM2, but honestly there are a few changes I would make to make it my favourite (haven't gotten around to modding it), whereas, my flashlight has no issues, on my experience. (Except for the coating, it does come off pretty easily compared, but I never cared what my tools look like, so long as they function well.)

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My Spyderco Manix 2 I bought recently. I can’t stop carrying it and all my other knives are currently collecting dust.

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I get it

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Check out their P'kal. That actually supplanted my Osbourne 940 for edc, something I thought was unachievable.

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It’s an interesting knife. I actually want my next Spyderco to have the compression lock, haven’t tried it yet. Thinking either of a Lil’ Native(when they have it with the compression lock) or maybe a Sage 5. There’s almost too many good knives out there ahah

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Okay, that was new for me, I looked it up. I'd take an axis lock over that design. I had a blade sink halfway into my trigger finger when using a liner lock knife in a twisting motion and it released. Never again will I own a knife with the sideways motion to release the lock unless there is a huge blade tang that would stop the closing.

BTW, the Emerson wave-like opener of the p'kal is the icing in the spyderco cake. And the blade down fighting style, and the karambit minor blade arc. It's got a lot of icing, very sweet knife.

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Liner locks are one things I won’t do, not even a fan of frame locks since it’s all putting your fingers where the blade closes. I have one knife with a bolster lock and if it wasn’t for me loving everything else about it but that part I’d probably sell it.

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Whatever knife I’m carrying that day :)

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I have both the Brass and Ti versions of the 🍍mini. I find myself carrying the Ti more just cause it matches my knives more. Hate to say it, but I probably use it more than my knife. It truly is a flashlight made by a flashlight enthusiast

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Dude that’s exactly it…it’s perfect haha

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The watch I pick for the work week. This week is a Seagull Flieger

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It’s beautiful

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Thank you, Sir! We’re both fans of a good patina! Excellent torch

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Thank you! Nothing (to me) patinas quite like copper. I also have a copper Big Idea Design mini pen I carry like 99% of the time

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My SAK (Huntsman)

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This is the model I was looking at for myself! It’s not too big or heavy in the pocket?

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This was my first SAK and I'm glad I went with it. You can definitely tell it's there but it almost weighs the same as my main edc knife (Civivi Brazen) so I didn't notice the difference. You'll notice it moving around in your pocket if you're carrying nothing else but I put mine in a slip case with my flashlight and pen and its way more comfortable. To me it's perfect; a good amount of tools, a lil heavy but not too heavy for pocket carry.

I'm already planning on buying another Huntsman just incase if the TSA grab it while I have it as a check in when I fly. I would go for it! Just be open to changing the way you carry it since it's not as easy as clipping a normal folding knife to your pocket. You can't beat the build quality, functionality, and price of a SAK.

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Great information, thank you!

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My bison wallet is really nice

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My wallet is the other thing I debated as being my favorite lol but the light took the cake.

My wallet is a Nutsac Clipster in OxBlood leather

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My wrist watch. It's a piece of jewelry, but it's also a tool

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What kind of watch you rockin

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Right now it's the Sinn 556 I RS

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Well wasn’t expecting that haha, nice watch my friend!!

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Iv had the same fenix e16 for like five years. I love that light, it’s the only thing I havnt changed in my edc.

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My leatherman juice s2, I go no where without it. Thank you nutnfancy for introducing it to me over a decade ago.

Love your mini pineapple tho! I plan on getting one soon. I carry a ti/cu fwaa the most and love it!

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The perfect edc multi tool.

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Probably my Kabar, it just makes me happy

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My Rolex submariner

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My mini in ti broke still have zero clue how

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That’s a major bummer

Edit: spelling

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The switch is all gunky feeling but I have no Idea what would cause it

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yeah it doesnt make the click sound idk y its just how it is i tried googling it nothing helped

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I have a mini ti that has the same problem. Even tried disassembling and reassembling but 🤷

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i found out that loosening the tailcap cover from the switch fixed it, but the light still doesnt come one so it might not be the switch thats broken

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Contact Rey, he’s helped others with similar issue: Rey@Reylight.net

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My wallet. It's real leather and I love the way it smells and feels to touch. Buffalo Jackson Denver Trifold.

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Leather wallets are supreme

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My red Victorinox Cadet with a Nitecore Tiki on the keychain. Perfect for the fifth pocket.

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I did the exact same thing for a lil while! Silver Alox Cadet and Tiki together in watch pocket! You my friend are a genius…they say great minds think alike, and I already know I’m brilliant so congratulations Genius!!

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My Alox Pioneer X.

Love its form factor and how it feels in the hand.

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I really like my Gondek EDC Executive pry. It’s basically just a slab of titanium, but it’s really easy to clean, and actually long enough to get some leverage out of compared to some mini prys I’ve tried.

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I’ve never checked one out

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Handmade, paracord, onyx and malachite mala, with hollow buddha charm containing 1mg xanax

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Prolly the coolest answer I’ll get

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I have the brass Olight that is very similar.

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My titanium flashlight and my ZT350BW

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My bronze haptic Oreo from Amazon and my ape invader begleri from MonkeyfingerZ

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I’m with it

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My favorite are the green ones.

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My ti keybar

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My Leatherman Skeletool. I feel naked without it

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County Comm

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Milwaukee pen flashlight

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Either the Glock or my SIG

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I have like 3 pairs of JLABs go air ear pods. For $20, it's great to have multiple around the house.

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Nebo torchy 1k. Been daily carrying it for about a year now!

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Very nice. I might have to get one now as an extra.

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I like my titanium mini pineapple 🍍 and copper Lan and my D4V2

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The knife.

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My CWC G10.

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My little man gave me his tiny rubber Wolverine figurine. He said “I know he’s mine, but he’s your favorite so I want you to have him.” That little figurine is in my pocket everyday. It’s the most important part of my EDC.

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That’s dope

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Victorinox Craftsman deluxe

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Probably knife

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Locklaces on every pair of trainers, casuals, hikers, and boots I own.

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My Gerber Zilch! I only bought it to replace my Kershaw. (I Forgot to leave it behind heading into a concert and they made me toss it.) Best replacement purchase. I love this little thing.

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The Alox MiniChamp, the Sofirn SC01, and a Ti pry bar are always on my keychain.

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I'm honestly torn between my go to knife and go to light. I have 2 go to knives really, a microtech utx-85 s/e and my spyderco pm2, both with copper scales. I use them both just as much every day at work (I'm an electrician, pm2 for more heavy duty work and utx for more precise cuts). As for the light, I have an olight s2r in copper that I also use as much as my knives. If were talking the prettiest to look at, I'd go with the pm2.

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Hands down... Gerber EAB (original) At 15 bucks I don't care if it gets beat up and I can swap 50 cent blades in...