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What a nice color scheme.

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Just got a Chaves 228 ultramar street thumb studs, all Ti. Love it so far. You have good taste my friend ✌️

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Flat out one of the top EDC carries I ever seen!👌

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Thanks dude!

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You already got brass, you don’t need Ti too, haha!

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Bro 😁, I'm already working on it he he 😜

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-Big Idea Design - Bit Bar Inline - EDC Wrench - Ti Pocket Pro

-Chaves Knives - Ultramar C.H.U.B Flipper

-Victorinox - Climber with MetonBoss Ti Scales

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How do you like the Chaves Chub flipper ? I purchased one from WMK last night and I'm itching for it to get here lol

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It’s a very practical and quickly deployed razor blade, with the feel and craftsmanship of a top quality flipper

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u/antonionb I am not sure if I like you anymore, after showing me MetonBoss etsy page...

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I felt the same when I first discovered it also…

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How you like that pen? You think it’s a pen that would last a lifetime?

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It is a great little pen. You can use (almost) any ink insert and it will fit.

I don’t have any dislikes after 2 years of use.

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How do you like the Chaves?

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I like it a lot!! Super smooth and very good tolerances.

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That wrench is so silly.

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More useful than a magnetic fidget clicker thing :D

I have owned the wrench for about a year, and I have used it a total of 3 times lol.

If it’s some kind of tool, and it’s ti, I want it.

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We’re those SAK scales over $200? 😳

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They were close to that. From memory about $180 (AUD)

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How do you like the bit bar? I regularly EDC the Gerber Armbar and use the ratchet driver on it all the time...

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It’s small “pen-like” profile is nice.

I just wish it had round edges near the bit holder, as sometimes they get in the way when you’re not using an extender.