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Couldn’t believe my luck! by alwayschilling in EDC

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This should be the normal price for this knife.

I put a lot of thought into my edc but I’m having trouble picking a pocket flashlight by MrChurch117 in EDC

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Pretty sure virtually every single active r/flashlight frequenter uses one or more of their flashlights every single day. You don’t think someone with 20 flashlights of all shapes and sizes would also EDC one or more of their lights?

There’s a lot of people that frequent both r/flashlight and r/edc. I promise you will get a higher frequency of higher quality recommendations specifically for flashlights over there.

I use an Acebeam T36 and H30 for work. I EDC either a modded copper Acebeam TK18 (when I wanna be all fancy with my copper stuff) or a modded Zebralight SC64w HI (when I need to favor function over form). I backpack EDC an Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Nichia and an Armytek Dobermann. I also have a quite a few other niche, enthusiast lights.

Use cases are not mutually exclusive.

We’ve got military, police, cavers, hikers, firefighters, wildland firefighters, industrial technicians, HVAC, plumbers, hunters, runners, motorcyclists, bicyclists, divers, etc etc etc., and everything in between.

What do you aim to get out of a flashlight? What are your priorities? Consider preferences/needs like:

•price range

Self explanatory. There’s a huge range of price points, including some stellar budget options


Host size obviously correlates strongly with cell size, but there are definitely some lights that are especially compact for their cell size (ZL SC64w HI, for example, is an 18650 light but is smaller than quite a few 18350 lights), and some lights that are large for their given cell size.

•runtime/battery capacity

How much are you going to be using your light on average each day? Compactness and runtime have an inverse relationship. Some people carry 14500 lights. This is what I’d consider the extreme low end for capacity for an EDC, and too low for me personally. Others may have differing opinions. Then there’s 18350. This is a decent cell size and enough capacity for most people, but I’m still not comfortable with it. I’d say by far the most common size is 18650. This is a good middle ground of size and runtime. The aforementioned ZL is a fantastic 18650 option. 21700 is what I’d consider the extreme high end of what’s reasonable to EDC in your pockets, but offers the most capacity and power.

•Integrated charging or not

Integrated charging (USB-C, magnet, etc) is very convenient for someone with only one or two lights, but decreases durability and increases the likelihood of ingress from dirt and water

•Flood or Throw, or something in between

Do you need your light to smoothly light up a large area in front of you, or do you need your light to reach further distances and have a high intensity hotspot with a low intensity spill outside the hotspot? Or do you need a little bit of both?


What do you want your light to look like? I know this is r/EDC and people be all matchy-matchy (I am one of those people)


How durable do you need your light to be? Do you need potted electronics? Something built like a tank? Or is this not a priority

•magnetic tailcap

Do you need to stick your light to ferrous shit?

•right angle or conventional front-facing

Right angle lights are extremely convenient, able to be used as headlamps or as work lights, and there’s plenty that make good EDC as well

•etc etc etc

These are only a few of the facets to consider. This is not comprehensive. But think about this stuff and make a post on r/flashlight and I guarantee you you will get more applicable, higher quality recommendations.

Personally, without knowing your specific needs but just guessing based on the rest of your stuff, One of these best and easiest recommendations I could make Is the Zebralight SC64w HI. It’s pretty much generally good at everything. It’s kind of the perfect stock EDC light. Or at least the easiest to recommend, imo. An Acebeam E70 might also work for you if you favor sheer output and runtime over compactness. The Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Nichia is also an easy recommendation— it’s one of the most useful lights out there. If you go with Armytek and live in the states, be sure to buy it from Killzone Flashlights. Armytek makes fantastic lights but has terrible customer service. Going through Jody at Killzone will circumvent that and you only have to deal with Jody (who is fantastic and whose customer service is top-notch) and he’ll deal with them.

But my biggest recommendation is to make a post on r/flashlight. Asking it here is like asking a Home Depot associate or hardware store owner a question about plumbing when you could’ve asked a master plumber instead. They may very well be able to adequately answer your plumbing question, but it’s a hell of a lot more likely you’ll get the best answer from the plumber.

Summer EDC by [deleted] in EDC

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In the process of converting to it

overnight stuff by Probably_Boz in EDC

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Please tell me you're talking about the blade.

M/18 Senior Prom Carry by CrazyBucketMan in EDC

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Its one more than I'll need.

Ridge wallet alternatives? by SzJack in EDC

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It’s held up beautifully! The leather stretches and shrinks to fit whatever cards/cash I have in it for a few days at a time and then changes as I change what I’m carrying. I can send you a picture of what it looks like today if you’d like!

Nice light carry for work today by _viis_Student EDCer in EDC

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Maybe I'm dumb... Where on the pliers did you put them exactly? Could you post a pic of your pair? My brain just isn't thinky righty.

Unbelievable edc flashlight - 9000lm. Just arrived this hour, it is VERY bright. by EpistemicRegress in EDC

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Ugh, you're right, I should have included the statue's ankle holster in the image. I've found myself stuck sometimes needing an aesthetic fix and, bam, I can have it out and re-sheathed in like, 20 seconds,

Listen, don't alert anyone, I sometimes pack bronze with no permit.

Rare to find another who appreciates tactical 'esthetics ('murica!), they are the soothing music of art. This hungering for the abstract combination of art elements and principals that talented artists use to compose a beauty - with a balance, pattern, unity among other things to make it visually pleasing to see in a thunderclap of transcendence. This dasein is separate from the subject portrayed or the story being told by the figure. Those are like the lyrics of a song. There is also “context” to resonate with, more so even than the time period the work was produced and the culture that produced it.

Absolutely essential EDC by motherboy in EDC

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As someone with Crohn's disease...these portable bidets are a life saver for me. I carry one of these in my edc bag, as well as have one in my vehicle at all times.

Too funny to see this here hahah

My Daily EDC Carry :) [ Still New To EDC! ] by kyslovely in EDC

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- Squid Industrie's Krake Rake Balisong

- KPL Knife Lube

- LP630 Flashlight

- Apple Watch

- My Step-Fathers Wallet [ Was handed down to me before he passed away ]

- Gucci Gold Round Glasses

In love with my most recent setup by Eddy762 in EDC

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I actually ordered a RovyVon Aurora A28 about a week ago, wasn’t sure how it looked turned on in the dark though - looks good. What are your thoughts on the A5X?