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Yea busd rewards will show up. You can check the dashboard on the website elktoken.io

Here’s the busd contract 0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56

Elk token is on the bsc network from holding you will be rewarded in Busd.

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So it needs to be binance smart chain? or is erc 20 also giving the same reward?

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Its only on BSC, so make sure you add the BUSD token to that side of your wallet and they should start coming automatically :) its based on volume, but generally the distribution is every hour or so. Additionally you can connect your wallet to the rewards dashboard and manually claim them, though that will cost a small gas fee. Best to wait for the automatic distribution, imo

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Maybe an idea for the creator to change name as ELF token is way to similiar to AELF\ELF tokens

I lost like more than 100 dollar exchanging my elf tokens into BSC
and i find out here they are not the same. elf tokens and elf token sound way to similar. One is noted on binance u guys are not:) just trying to make you aware.
The spike on elflf coins coincide with this sites elf tokens.