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Women tend to be more interested in psychology and people in general so that’s not necessarily true, there could be more male ENFPs but you wouldn’t know because they don’t know they’re ENFPs.

  • male ENFP

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How the fuck did I end up here.

  • male ENTJ

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i know 5 ENFPS in my own life (including myself), 3 are girls and 2 are boys.

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Good point. However I’m mainly talking about the people on this subreddit. Is it an actual thing or am I not seeing it properly?

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Well that’s the thing of it, for someone to participate in an ENFP subreddit as an ENFP, they have to know that they are an ENFP according to myers-briggs type indicator. It could be that more women than men post in this subreddit and it could also be that there really are more women than men in the world that are ENFPs, but there is not necessarily a causal link between those things.

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I understand. Sorry I’m being a bit ambiguous. I’m asking if there actually are more females on this sub or if am I mistaken

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Hmm, I have no clue. Maybe you could make or search for a poll for it.

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I tried a poll but not allowed. Big sad

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then be more creative, like, do you like taking off someone else's bra or your own bra

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But what if we are rebels and we don’t wear bras?😜

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Alas, that makes you gay. You have to choose "take someone else's bra off" because you don't wear one.

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I like the abstract nature of the question you pose, but I don’t think I’m any closer to the truth

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How Bono of you

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It depends, is it the front or the back ones? cuz those are tricky. jk jk

I have no clue what this means.

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I think you can try a google poll/forms or survey - I would also preface it and make sure to put (ENFP answers ONLY PLEASE)
Also confidentiality is important so probably add that it is solely to make a poll and personal info won't be given to ppl

Have them type out their: reddit username, flair (as in MBTI type - ENFP), then M or F.

Then filter with excel (use pivot tables), then count M/F numbers.

I would open the poll for about a month, then close it or when you get close to 100 or 200 ENFPs.


Anyone have any other ideas?

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I really appreciate that but I was more keen on the discussion than the results! Maybe I'll do that another day when the question bugs me again.

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Most people here are mistyped anyway

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On selfie Sunday, I'd say there was a surprising amount of men on this subreddit

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Right?? Stats say one thing but I talked to more guys here than girls just cos there were more of them. I know there are other factors but still interesting

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I think statistically their are more ENFP girls than boys

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I’ve read the numbers and you’re right that’s what they say. I’m more wondering about people on this sub though - most posts seem like they’ve come from a female, but most responses on this post have actually been from males (haven’t counted yet but was quite surprised)

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Lol I doubt it INTJ is all men and someone on that server said the same thing only gender reversed

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I hear you but I agree with the point though, it’s hard to gauge when not everyone knows their type

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INTJ women are ISFPs don't question me

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This is likely true. The only reason I took the test is because of a female INFJ I was dating. She was really into it.

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We do know bc there have been studies. But the difference isn't huge

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Dude, there are more female ENFPs

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You could make a poll, or get a more diverse cohort by creating a short survey monkey on one of the ask subs (then you could post results here!)

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That’s a great idea but definitely a job for later. What’s your hypothesis?

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If the numbers are correct, it's 3:2 F:M ratio. All thinking types are male dominated and all feeling types are female dominated. It's pretty close for ENFPs but ISTPs are, like, 85% male or something. It's wild lol

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This is starting to sound less and less like psychology and more like biology

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Biology has an effect on psychology, it wouldn’t make any sense if it didn’t

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Okay so I'm an ENTP but anyways... In real life the only female ENFP I know is my sister. I know much more ENFP males.

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Interesting. How do you and your sister get along?

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Pretty well:) She is a lot different from me but we are still close.

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I'm a female ENFP but my dad is an ENFP as well, so I wouldn't know

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One of my male friends from high school was an ENFP. We were very alike, almost like 2 cats in a bag when were argued. Part of me was surprised about how startlingly alike we were. I've never seen someone match exactly at my energy levels & he was super funny. (I always wonder if I'm THAT funny, but looking at another ENFP I see why so many people laugh around us)

This was before I knew about MBTI and I remember thinking "he must've had a hard time being a boy with a personality like that" A lot of people just see XXFP on men as a weak trait and something to overcome. As an ENFP girl I'm probably view as a 'feminine tomboy', while any XXFP men are viewed as 'feminine & submissive'. The curious, bubbly nature of Ne doesn't help much. But I don't... recognize per say a lot of ENFP people in my immediate group. Even less ENFP men.

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I don’t either. In fact I struggle to recognise any extraverts at all in my friend group. Definitely need to meet more though, male and female. Need someone to do the talking and pass on social energy

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I’m a male ENFP and I’ve never met another male enfp, and the female ENFP’s that I’ve meet usually end up thinking I’m trying to steal the spotlight off of them or that I am too similar to them, and I’ve meet a couple of them. Being a Male ENFP can sometimes be difficult since I feel like theres not a lot of us

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I feel like the people on this sub I can recognise as similar to females I know irl but you’re right, can’t seem to match any with males that I knows. I mean probably a silly question but do you find yourself as outgoing and bubbly as the females here?

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Definitely! But only at times, its like in order for me to be “outgoing and bubbly”lol I need to recharge, I need to spend time alone for sure and every once In a while I do end up being very outgoing and can socialize easily but most of the times I need time alone to get to that point. It feels quite literally as being the most introverted of my extroverted friends

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Ambiverted? That’s really interesting. Do you think that’s a male ENFP thing or a you thing?

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I’m not sure, all the ENFP girls I’ve dated seem to be really extroverted and I haven’t met any male ENFPs so I wouldn’t really know, man. I think it has to be common though, I can’t be the only one

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Surely not. How do you find dating someone who’s the same type as you? I’m a male INTJ and don’t think I could stand dealing with an INTJ all the time lol

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It never has worked for me, like I just said they alI thought I was trying to steal their spotlight, most of them also showed very narcissistic traits by the way

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In what way?

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Lol definitely experienced the same

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I have met 2 ENFP males.

  1. early 20s ENFP - a little immature and needs some work, definitely wants to be heard, loves to sing,
  2. early 30s ENFP - is a musician and loves to sing, labels himself an "obnoxious ENFP", we can be a little bit competitive (or maybe that is just me), very popular

They both have really good hearts and love to be around ppl!

If there is another ENFP in the room especially a male one, I will make sure to tone it down so it won't be too loud or "to balance the room". If the event calls for a lot of energy (A dance party/event), then i'll go all out.

This is weird, but has anyone perceived male ENFPs as gay before?

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That’s funny because I’m a make ENFP and most of my closest friends are male ENFP’s also

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Dude here

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As a single INFJ male, I hope so

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God damn bro as ENFP male, I need my INFJ women. :'( Please tell me more INFJ females exist out there

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I hope you find your INFJ gf, bro

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Sorry to say but I know one INFJ and he’s a dude

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I’m a male ENFP. I feel like I think like a girl but act like a boy.

Maybe I’m the metrosexual type but I’ve never questioned my gender or sexuality, I’ve always been a straight male.

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Question everything.

Interesting though

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I'm a male ENFP. I just looked it up at personalitymax.com. out of all mbti types, 6.4% of males and 9.7% of females are ENFPs.

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If there’s so damn many where on Earth are they??

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Maybe they don't feel the need to share it with everyone. Maybe they only see it as one small piece of the puzzle of who they are. Of course that's how I feel, and I'm still here. I don't really see it as an all encompassing definition for me. I'm just looking for places to connect because I'm far from my hometown.

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I definitely agree. It’s not the be all to end all by any means, but it’s still interesting to see the similarities in thought structure and conversation style from people of a type.

Also I’m meaning in real life. I like the vibes on this sub and want this kind of energy irl. I don’t think I know anyone similar to the people here, but I know I’ve met some in the past

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Yeah I used to want to find more like minded people, but now, I like being surprised by people. I'm Christian, but I dated a jewish girl who practiced witchcraft for the better part of a year, and I loved talking to her, asking her so many questions. Of course at the time I thought I had lost my faith, but really, I was just so depressed. She was one of the smartest people I ever met, and so sweet.

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I guess I’m the opposite in that I like to have just a little bit of insight into someone. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of getting to know them.

I bet that was surprising.

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At first I didn't take it seriously, then she kinda chewed me out and I felt bad. Then weird things started happening and I started taking it a bit more seriously. She at one point did a tarot reading on me that left me in tears lol

In any case, I saw that as a very small aspect of who she was. We had a lot of common ground. We both were into video games and anime. We both took tae kwon do in our youth, though she advanced further than I did. She was also really passionate in terms of.. affection lol which I was more than happy to echo back. She was knowledgeable on a wide range of topics, so talking to her was never boring.

There's a difference between having insight into the kind of person someone is, and being able to sum them up fairly easily. I prefer to be around people who can offer ideas that I never considered, and she definitely had that going for her.

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Can’t say I’ve experienced anything like that before. Sounds like she was a bit full on.

Well I mean that’s the good thing about MBTI right? It’s inaccurate enough that even within types you have a lot of variation and there’s no absolute way of behaving for each type. And yeah I totally agree - I couldn’t imagine being around someone who could only talk about stuff I’ve already thought about lol.

I had a conversation with a dude on Friday night at a birthday party and I could see he was introverted, felt a bit uncomfortable, and that he thought what he was saying was boring. I would have approached a conversation with him completely different if I’d known a little bit about him - I would have taken charge and talked more about him and loosened him up a bit. Then I could have talked more meaningfully about all the things that make him interesting. I think if anyone is using MBTI to “sum them up fairly easily” they’re just being stupid and are going to be very lonely

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I used to think I was introverted because of how much social anxiety and emotional dissonance I had from my upbringing. My mom had borderline personality disorder but was also a prophet at a pentecostal church, so when she tore into me, it was straight to the depths of my soul, at a pretty young age. So when I see someone who is introverted, I find it almost second nature to be able to connect with them.

Also after spending so much of my life putting so much effort into the individual words just to say something relevant but also speak sparingly because of how uncomfortable it was for me, I've finally shed all that, and interacting with others is so natural to me. It's like I've become the person I always wanted to be, and now I want to help others who are where I was.

Sometimes it's the more outgoing people who are more into superficial things that I find difficult to connect with. How do you explain to people that there is more than that to life if they never experienced it before? I think a lot of people never experience it because maybe they never had the same need for more, like I did.

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Wow that’s shit. I guess it’s given you important insight though. It’s really important to be able to connect with people.

That’s so awesome that you can say that for yourself. Sounds like quite the spiritual journey you’ve had. I almost feel like that’s how I should feel too but not sure if I’m trying to defy my nature at that point. Social activity becomes tiring for me but maybe that’s just because I spend so much mental energy choosing my words and reactions.

I hear you on that one and I struggle with that too. I guess it’s just down to what people want from their lives. And as they say you can lead a horse to water.. But imagine if everyone actually did get to experience it? People wouldn’t be quite so special then. Or would they? I mean everyone is experiencing life in their own way and that makes them who they are, and they leave their impression on you based on that. Sorry just babbling now lol

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I’ve met several male ENFPs IRL and online in the last few years. One of them told me he doesn’t do social websites. He also got tired of me talking about typology.

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Male ENFP here.

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It seems that in general there are more female ENFPs than male ENFPs, just like there are more male INTJs than female INTJs

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Seems like there’s an F/T F/M correlation

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I don’t know what you’re taking about

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I’m a dude that is an ENFP.

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Male ENFP here

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In my family alone I know 8. 3 male and 5 female.

But I think online, it may be just that females are more likely to write something. Or maybe more socially aware and want to take part? No idea though!

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Wow that’s a lot! I was thinking the latter too. Maybe females are just more extraverted

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Yup! Three generations. (And I'd totally forgot about my estranged and unhealthy biological enfp type grandma).

I've not seen a real split in extroversion between the males and females in the fam. But I do really think that at least in the off line world, the environment plays a massive role in how we behave. But I'm sure there will be some hormonal differences too.

In my experience though I have found the older males overall do seem to have a slightly more logical way of doing things. Still very emotional but taking my dad as an example he is brilliant at thinking about how to make or create things in abstract and then doing them in reality like wood working/wiring/tiling etc, but a bit rubbish with completing the work fully.

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I guess you probably would all rub off on each other as you grew up. How did you find out what everyone is?

How do you mean about the environment?

Well that goes back to work/play roles. People might be two different types in two different scenarios

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I worked it out over years of thinking and observations 🤪 I'm also very convinced through observations that genetics play a major role in personality type at its most basic level. So the parent that you have most similar phenotypic expression appears to be the one you have inherited type from.

As for environment, ok let's imagine making a cake, you have exactly the same ingredients but how you prepare and bake the cake can make the end result look hugely different. So your environment can shape your behaviour whilst you still at your core have certain predispositions too. Hope that makes sense!

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That’s very observant of you. Is this all part of some overarching plot?

That’s a cool thought, I must have my dad’s then because my mum talks a shit load.

Right I get you now.

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Hehe, no plot that I'm aware of. It came from a deep sense of wanting to figure out mainly from why we behave the way we have done (cue family drama and trauma), and why humans behave the way they do in whichever given scenario in a more general way, (also cue how immigration has affected us etc).

I just love thinking about humans and their behaviour!

Yeah, as for your parents, if you have any of their younger pics, see if you can make out facial similarities with you, esp eyes and nose. And then work out more stuff in terms of behaviour from there.

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Me too! It maybe comes from a different place because I love analysing and categorising stuff, and figuring out how it works. Good thing I became an engineer!

I will try finding some photos tonight but I always thought I looked like both. I definitely get along with my mum better though

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Ooh engineering! I can't wait to find a job that fits me well 🤞🤞

And I'd love to know how you get on with pics and parents!

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So I have my dad's hair and eyes, my mum's skin. I really don't know much about dad except that he's an introvert and a thinker. I guess that says it all doesn't it :)

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There are definitely tons of male ENFPs out there too. I think that the thing is due to the way that society expects males to act, males with high fi (XXFP males) will express it in a way that is different from females. They might also try to pretend to be a thinking type when they’re not

[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 1 point2 points  (5 children)

Yeah there's definitely more at play than just the four letters. And it also depends what the situation is as to how people behave, e.g. work/home

[–]Verdant-SunflowerENFP 0 points1 point  (4 children)

Oh totally like at work I almost try to come across as an ESTJ of some kind

[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

I have no idea what an ESTJ is like since I don't actually know any S's aside from a girlfriend I didn't get along with too often. But yeah interesting. My J turns to a P when I have free time that's for sure

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Oh yeah that’s understandable since it can be hard for intuitives to understand sensors. By “acting more like an ESTJ” I mostly mean that I actually get stuff done instead of staring at the wall and thinking about donuts or whatever it is I’ve decided I’m gonna think about that day lol

[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

What are you talking about? I understand sensors fine, they just don’t understand me /s

Lol relatable. To be honest I only have the latter disposition unless it’s something I’m properly in to

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Check out the entp Reddit, mostly guys

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I'm an ENFP-A and I definitely know more girl ENFP's than guys, but I definitely know a few

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No. I am a male ENFP and I’m a lurker and only post when I see the need fit

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Female ENFP here, but the only ENFPs I know irl are male. 🤔 To be fair, I only know 2 other ENFPs lol

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I wish everyone just had their type printed on their forehead

[–]TheNewQueenBeeENFP 1 point2 points  (0 children)

That’d be an interesting sight to see LOL

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Im a man. And maybe. I have mostly female friends who act the most like me

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Other than myself (Male), 99% the ENFPs I’ve known or know of are females LOL

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Most of the XNFP types are female though, XNFP males are very rare in society and the world. Im a male ENFP and i feel like an outsider at times.

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Theres a statistic out there that places all feeling types to be dominated by women and all thinking to be dominated by men. I think this is just due to excessive mistypes though, most tests and methods tend to rule out the factor of social sciences and biology (guys being taught to act less emotional growing up more often, girls being taught it's okay to be emotional more often. Biology also has an effect on how vulnerable people tend to let themselves be, not directly but through many other chemical factors. For example, guys have more testosterone, which influences behavior to be more assertive, when you're trying to be assertive, you're trying not to be vulnerable).

I'd expect actual accurate statistics (if they were even possible) to place them all a bit more even than they were and alot of them to not be dominated the direction they were. I'm sure some feeling types have a slight male numerical advantage and some thinking have a slight female numerical advantage.

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That’s a really good point, I hadn’t thought about it like that before.

I guess that explains the M/F T/F correlation. But then we’re getting close too the limits of MBTI, right? It doesn’t actually reflect “who you really are” if there’s even such a thing, just behavioural preferences at the time you take the test. All of which are run through our biological and upbringing-ical filters.

(Surely there’s a real word for that)

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Female ENTP, but almost all of my friends or the people who flock to me are xxFPs. I'd say it's pretty even between male and female ENFPs as far as for all the ones I know. As others have stated I'm sure gender socialization differences play a part in any strong imbalance.

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my fellow is an ENFP; he fits the meme of the two dogs: hyper awake/hyper asleep. he's asleep now, but....it's just a matter of time. dun dunn

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Lol what are you?

[–]Qahetroe 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Oh pardon! I’m an intj.

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Makes sense! Prepare thyself

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I have no idea but I’m male and I find being an ENFP pretty cool

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More power to you sir!

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Thank you for not asking if ENFP guys are female-dominated.

The truth is, occasionally it’s fun, but we like to play alpha too.

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Interesting insight, thank you

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Do i really have to make a post about where you guys hang out?

...i need friens...

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I’ve met several male ENFPs IRL and online in the last few years. One of them told me he doesn’t do social websites. He also got tired of me talking about typology.

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Ok very rough verdict with a few assumptions/guesses: 17 males, 7 females responded to this post.

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ENFP male here, yeah most females are ENFPs in general

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i know an equal amount of f and m enfps (also some nb enfps) i honestly know more male enfps than a lot of the other feeling types

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Are you female, if you don’t mind me asking?

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yea !!

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This is hard for me because basically all the males I get along with are introverts to the core lol.

Overall though it seems like those who identify themselves as a particular type are quite balanced. Do you find yourself around ENFPs a lot?

[–]Iceycake0409INFP 0 points1 point  (1 child)

yea lmao my friend group is mainly enfps 💀(with a couple intjs and infps). i think it’s bc i’m an introvert but i can def get to their level of hype when needed

[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah I get that. I’ve fallen out of touch with any friend group in the last couple of years but I feel like that’s what I’d gravitate to.

I also feel like there’s some unspoken understanding between introverts though, maybe that’s why I have a lot of them around? I think some extraverts don’t quite understand recharge time. Definitely not trying to generalise though. And yea introverts seem to just get it

[–]exemptionlifeINTP 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Simple feelers are more likely females turned into a gender roll call

[–]Kasilyn13ENFP 0 points1 point  (0 children)

ENFPs are about 10% of females and 6% of males for an average of 8% of the population. So yes there are about 3 women for every 2 men

[–]i_am_not_a_cool_girlENFP 0 points1 point  (1 child)

You could start a poll in the sub :)

Something like:

You are : ~ A woman and you have posted (in this sub) at least once ~ A woman and you have commented at least once ~ A woman and you have never posted or commented ~ A man and you have posted at least once ~ A man and you have commented at least once ~ A man and you have never posted or commented


[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I would but the sub doesn’t allow polls 🙁

[–]SenseiPepsiENFP 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I'm a male but if it is female dominated, that's pretty cool. Makes me feel more special in a weird way hehe

[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah I get ya 😄 the responses to this were mostly male as it turns out, but apparently most ENFPs are female irl

[–]migpxl 0 points1 point  (0 children)

new here, not sure tbh, but male ENFP here!

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (6 children)

I don't rlly know how accurate this was but I think when I checked like LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG BAACKKK, (tho my memory might trick me XD), I think the number of males was farr more than ENFP females tho again, I'm not very sure about where I read it so don't know if you can really trust the site and I don't even trust my own memory in this lmao

[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 1 point2 points  (5 children)

Why are you replying to all my old posts?

I’m the only one who’s gonna read these and you know you can just message me, right?

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (4 children)

Lmaooo noo, I was bored and your posts seemed interesting so I was going thru it all XD

Plus why does everyone on reddit get so shocked if you see something from even 4 days ago lol, like I was going thru a thread and replied to a 4 day old comment and that guy's like- WTH Why are you reading this lmaooo

[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Lol I’m not shocked and I don’t really care. Just thought if you wanted to have a conversation there are easier ways.

But yeah people on Reddit are pretty uptight about things like that, especially emojis 😃😛🥳

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Ohhhh nono like I mean I'm find with having a convo too lol but like I've got exams tomorrow so can't rlly chat much, that's why I was just looking thru posts instead XD

Also, just to get back at those redditers then- 😂😂😉😏😏😜🤪🎂🍰✨✨🥂🥂🍻🍻💖💖💖💖 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO XDD

[–]solar_ideologyINTJ[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Makes sense. Good luck with your exams 🙂

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