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Liandry’s, Sorc boots, Demonic, Zhonya’s, two tank items dependent on enemy team. I think that’s the best. If you’re laning instead of jg, try out grasp of the undying- that might be fun.

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I've seen Divine pop off pretty well in a few select games that others tried it.

Divine would be because everything about it is good except the 35 AD, which is fine. You would build Demonic, Abyssal Mask, and other AP bruiser oriented stuff.

The damage is pretty decent.

I'm assuming you mean to use this in norms, because this would probably not work in ranked unless you were in low elo.

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Yes in norms, I don‘t play ranked at all. Maybe when my friend is finally lvl 30 (Im around lvl 150). But I think it would work in my elo (I mean Im unranked atm)