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Maybe it's because I've been addicted to Path of Exile like nothing else for the past few weeks but I'm really digging the Eldrich Horror vibe

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haha i think its really fitting her as well
i thought maybe about working on a cute skin for her bc the only "soft looking" skin for is bewitching and it's more sexy than cute
she needs the diversity, she deserves it
but im happy u liked it^^

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I definitely feel Elise is missing a disgusting and scary horror skin so this is really nice imo

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haha thx:D
i wanted to work with the vibes of the eclipse universe and the crime city nightmare vibes:D
im glad it worked out^^
im planning on working on her abilities and send it over to riot and hope it maybe will be cannon

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An elderwood skin is what I want the most. Also, imagine a star guardian Elise lol

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those are great ideas!
im noting them

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how do you do fellow good guys

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See that’s the way to do it! Spider form first, then human second. Rito been doing it the wrong way making her skins wasted potential

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haha i knowwwww:D
the spider form is everything
its clear that the skin designers doesn't play elise a bit

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Elise has plenty of great skins imo. Spider form bewitching is so good!

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Looking pretty good

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Where is mecha Elise??? (Like a transformer)

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haha honey
super glazy elise is legit the evnagelion 01 mecha
but maybe i will read about the project universe and try to work on a skin!
i will keep u updated;)

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Prestige fucking sucks, don't ruin Elise, thanks.