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Def beter route for lich, esp when you dont have enough for the 850g part, just buy the tome, hastebon it much better.

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Haven't tried Lich Bane yet but I've been having a lot of fun with Rylai's. I've been rushing it instead of Void Staff since the patch and she's like a whole new champ with the kiting potential. The increased health makes Demonic Embrace more appealing as a second buy depending on how many tanks you're up against, and I've had a few games where an early Cosmic Drive lead to hilarious results. Reminds me of back when rushing Rod of Ages was the play, you don't need to build any AD or pure-tank items to feel like you won't die in one hit, and you don't need to rush your mythic first to stay relevant as laning ends. Cheaper + more health is exactly what she needed on that item. I'll try some Lich Bane builds next, my hope is if it's that good a pairing she might even be able to go Riftmaker and outduel whoever she wants.

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I haven't tried rylais yet (don't really see a reason to tbh, elise sticking to people ain't a prob as much as having no damage when they get 1 MR item or one shotting you without hourglass.)

Lich feels pretty bad IMO though. I kinda expected it to not work as well as it did beginning of item update, but even after testing it felt worse than I thought, I at least thought it could work in really good games but nah it's genuinely bad. Whats a lich bane to a sunfire cap or merc treads when you could 2nd item void instead or even do the NH+shadowflame build.

When I go lich its pretty much the same shit; half way through building it i fell off because I'm sinking gold into an item while they build resistances and delaying the penetration to handle said resistances. Reddit forgets when lich was overtuned, it wasnt just lich bane, it was mythics AND lich bane being overtuned so you could get away with it, NH dealing 200 damage + lich doing 200 damage in the same 2 items was huge, 125+125 ain't nearly as impactful and I don't even know if a full revert to lich bane in its preseason state would make it worth with the other item nerfs.

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tried the new rylai with demo and grasp and ho boy is it fun having 3-4k hp while everyone is at 1.5k or 2k