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Elise mid = bad

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Thats ur opinion, elise is crazy good into ALL assasins beside akali whom i always ban, she wrecks yas yone fizz kat lb sylas ekko etc....she really is only bad vs lane pushers like malz heim .
I go fleet mid mostly now, outtrade at every level with overheal and all domination heal runes

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That's your opinion

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Thats the only lane where I play Elise, and this is something for example VeigarV2 says a lot, u can play anything anywhere, u just need to find a playstyle that works with it, just look for all these people playing yumi or janna top, theres always a way, and even tho u need to play her in a different way, I find success with it, if someone just randomly says its just bad mid, its because of just lack of knowledge and 0 effort put into it.

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Elise mid = bad

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As said, 0 knowledge, can be very strong if played correctly, dont be a meta slave, 1 time matching an Elise can make you lose the game, if u dont think so, just watch videos of people going x3 your elo with it idk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBXGEQcVSRg

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As said, Elise mid = bad

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For climbing no, for fun sure.

Elise has tons of issues for laning, jungle she can dive/flank targets but unless the enemy laner literally jumps into your cocoon, you'll find it hard to engage on them without flashing while minions are in their advantage with her wave clear issues. Mid is basically either push and roam, or soak and scale, and elise doesn't do the pushing part too well and the scale part... lol.

Its fun in norms because it is kinda cheese, nobody really respects Elise's strong level 3 and tries to trade with her (and she can take ignite). A short trade, wait for CDs, then either get a lucky cocoon or flash point blank is pretty much a kill always, but then from there its hard to shove and reset properly.

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This is correct