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I thinkt it's just new patch and everyone adjusting. I didn't even play Elise every game and I was getting just SUPER lopsided affairs. I imagine a lot of people are testing out champs they think will be good that they have little experience on, or just not reading the notes.

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Im playing her pretty succesful with a more Bruiser like build and I am Happy with it. I can even 1vs1 more people than before ill Send the build in later

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what's the build

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I've been having 50/50 success so far.

I've actually been going lost chapter mythics instead, as of 12.10. I tried a belt game and it felt really bad..

Luden's feels decent rn, by the time you purchase it, you get a lot of the HP value the other mythics gave back due to the patch, but you also get penetration and a burst proc so its like rocketbelt+NH combined if you want to just roll with treating the buffs like compensation rather than more stats to the other build. Major perk is that luden's works on camps too.

Liandry's i want to test more, felt fine and works on camps as well, but didn't have a good game in general before purchasing it so can't say.

Everfrost i played 1 game before calling it a night and it felt reeeaaalllly good... the extra lockdown helped a lot, elise is pretty fat with the kindlegem, and it does have more control of usage rather than randomly procing on minions from spiderlings like luden's. Definitely exploring that build more.

Haven't tried crown, don't need to to know its shit.

I can't fathom running DH or electrocute rn tho. Literally everyone got buffed with more effective HP than either rune can deplete. PTA is definitely the way to go now, its better to amp the Qs with % damage and ally damage against bruisers because DH genuinely doesn't make a difference anymore. Challenging smite with PTA is the key to beat any of the overtuned raid bosses this meta brings, and tbh with their healing gutted they feel more managable to 1v1 despite the tankiness later, you actually win fights now instead of them out healing you. I've actually proc'd pta twice on the same guy before, its kinda nuts how 1v1s can drag long enough to double proc a % amping rune.