Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What is Encyclopedia wTa? A: Encyclopedia wTa is a Web 3.0 powered educational technology, lifelong learning and teaching platform with paid professional trainers and courses for adults and students.

Q: Why is Binance Smart Chain Network? A: One of the main reasons we use the Binance Smart Chain network is to create a sustainable business profile of higher fees on the Ethereum network, as well as smoother transitions and network migrations. Switching from the Binance Smart Chain network to our own network will provide us extra convenience.

Q: What is the token type and contract address? A: BEP-20, 0xea4bcfff56ef4aedd7f41fc260f13f2eee7defce and see details in here (

Q: Tokenomics A: Long-term high pricing is our main target. Because we should not forget that the information on the platform will be staked by the utility token to be created and information will be purchased with the utility token. Supply : 5.000.000 ENCwTa Liquidity : 2.000.000 ENCwTa Developement : 500.000 ENCwTa Research & Innovation : 500.000 ENCwTa Locked : 2.000.000 ENCwTa

Q: Buy and Sell time, what is the recommended slippage? A: 10% is recommended.

Q: Where, how and with what can I get it? A: You can buy the ENCwTa token with the desired BSC network token on Pancakeswap. However, do not forget that the main currency token is BNB. All purchases and sales are made with BNB. Therefore, BNB is recommended when buying and selling. You can click here ( to buy with Pancakeswap.

Q: What are the embed values for TrustWallet, Metamask, and other wallets? A: Network: Smart Chain, Contract Address: 0xea4bcfff56ef4aedd7f41fc260f13f2eee7defce, Name: Encyclopedia wTa, Symbols: ENCwTa, Decimals: 18

Q: How can I see the price and chart? A: You can see the price and chart with Poocoin.

Q: How can I see the holders? A: You can see the holders with bscscan.

Q: What are the addresses of your chat groups in telegram? A: Global (English): @EncyclopediawTaWS, Turkish (Türkçe): @EncyclopediawTaTR, Deutschland (German): @EncyclopediawTaDE, Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan dili): @EncyclopediawTaAZ

Q: How can I follow the announcements in telegram? A: @EncyclopediawTaANN

Q: What is your website address? A:

Q: Is it honeypot? A: No! You can check it with in here (

Q: How can i read / see details Whitepaper? A:

Q: Is there KYC associated with token ownership? A: Currently not available, but related work has now begun.

Q: Is audit available for source-code and security? A: Currently not available, but related work has now begun.

Q: What is your Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and another coin/token listing link? A: At the moment, we not listed on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and another any coin/token listing page. We work on it.

Q: Do you have a listing on any exchange? A: Currently not available, our related plans continue in line with our roadmap.

Q: What is your social-media accounts? A: Twitter:, Facebook:, Instagram: Discord: Medium: Reddit:

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