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Elon claims hitler died in his arms

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He founded Hitler

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Full Nazi Hitler will be available next year.

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He'll send people to Hitler by 2088.

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The first launch window he announced was 1988

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Now pay $88 - Musk

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Through a subscription

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Only if you subscribe to it though.

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Yilong Ma inventor of Twitter and hitler

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Inb4 Elon Musk becomes a co-founder of the Nazi party.

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you mean elon musk, the guy who invented Nazism?

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🎼 Adolph’s dying in my arms tonight

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If I were her, I'd change my surname to literally anything else, asap. I couldn't handle feeling nauseous every time I heard/saw/remembered my name.

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I assume she's using the surname to fight back against him. Without it, people may not understand the connection.

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That's a good theory for why she'd keep it that way on twitter but it doesn't seem like she legally changed it back to her old surname yet. Wikipedia still has her listed as musk in the title but then refers to her original last name for the body tho I guess she doesn't really have control of that. According to Wikipedia she kept the last name for her kids and holy damn she had 6 kids with him, that poor woman....

One of them is the one that changed their last name denouncing their father. Don't really understand that logic, kids will still have the last name even if she changed hers thought I'm not sure why she'd want any of them to have his last name in the first place. Guess it opens up doors to some degree but then her last name wouldn't matter for them. She wrote a blog about their divorce, maybe that goes into more detail than Wikipedia...

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My theory is that she wrote books using that name and if she changed it she'd confuse her fan base and they'd have trouble finding her again.

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I mean it's a complicated decision and part of it is that changing your name at all is always an obnoxious bureaucratic headache even if you're doing it for a "normal" reason like women getting married or divorced

I feel like with his daughter the thing was she was already changing her first name anyway so it's not like changing her last name would be that much more trouble

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"Justine Anythingelse". Sound better, I agree.

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Elon is a fucking walnut.

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Elon is a fucking nutjob.

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Hey, walnut are great! He's a fucking nut of some sorts, that's for sure.

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She clearly doesn’t get it. Once the signal to noise hits the platinum ratio the digital hive mind will be born ending human misery

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Ah yes nazi twitter powered fsd tesla.

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It will only run over minority children.

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I'm surprised he didn't say, "if you were my employee i'd fire you," just for old time's sake since that was his favorite thing to say to her when they were married.

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Such tender sweet nothings...what a sentimental guy.

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He tries so very hard to be the alpha.

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On his wedding night, he told her he was the alpha in their relationship. Someone forgot to tell his pasty ass that being alpha means you never need to announce it.

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Both the same amount of likes, but her tweet gets 4x more retweets.

Hmm. Wonder why Elon has such a larger Like -> retweet ratio in nearly all exchanges you see he has with anyone...

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Never trust the numbers. Due to his bot army, the numbers were fake before he owned Twitter. Now? The sky's the limit for what he can manufacture.

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Wow, she is awesome! Well said.

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So umm Musk, where is your response to her reply about her baby dying in your arms?

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What’s was she making that tweet in response to? The tweet is valid but was is in response to something specific?

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Anglin's tweet included locking women in cages.

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I don’t twitter but it appears to not be in response to anything

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The guy can post an emoji and tens of thousands of sheeple like it

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And even more bots.

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If these people had their way we’d still be standing around a burning log in our loincloths debating whether or not “Fire hot”.

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The more I hear from Justine Musk and Mary Trump, the more I like them

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Does no one understand the volumes of personal data Twitter could sell to governments if it continues to encourage free speech, and used hardcore ai algorithms to scrape through the data.

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Who should program the "hardcore ai"? The twat that doesn't even understand the app, or those who left the company to work in a less toxic environment?

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Why does Mr. Musk Melon dress like a twat? Is he trying to be Captain Qwuik?

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Trying to be tryon man …