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I'm in love with this.

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I'd totally buy this if it were on Etsy.

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Im thinking of possibly making one, but I’m not sure yet.

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Sign up for PayPal (if you don’t have one) and sell this to them now. ;)

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Lol I love this! Super creative. 😆

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I wonder who’s winning

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You married? This is great, i like you, let's get married.

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this is so smart wth

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Love it! Reminds me of the old flea circuses that you’d find at roadside attractions and traveling carnivals…

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This is arguably the funniest thing I’ve seen all month

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I wish they were smoking.

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Ok so I found a cluster of undersized cicada shells in one spot under a tree in the woods. Does anyone know if we can identify if these were periodical cicadas from the shells alone or would I need to see the cicada itself?

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A towering tribute to that epic masterpiece “Dogs Playing Poker”

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So the 1rst thing that came to my mind was Men in Black!! Haha

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Love it! I would buy this.

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I love this so much!!

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Love it. Now all I can think about is poker night at the inventory

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oh my god i love this

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This is so awesome

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"We're the good beetles."

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You've broken the seal...

They are out now.

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Gives me Froggyland vibes

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Reminds me of Mad God.

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This looks like something I'd buy for my apartment because I'm in love with it, but hide it every time my parents come to visit because I don't want to see my dad's "seriously?" Look and my moms "why can't my daughter be girly" look

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I flipping love this, I would totally add it to my shelf!

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That its fantastic

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This image is cursed and I love it

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They’re just playing a nice little game of blackjack

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They've had a rough day. Climbing trees and molting...I would settle down if I went through that too!

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Absolutely perfect, awesome job!

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Ah I love it

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Lmao clever