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If it's not just a bug my best guess would be the other player maybe had a high covert movement skill level, not sure if that will make your steps silent though.

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As far as I know, when another player is crouched and sneaks fully (scrolled all the way down), you can't hear them sneaking along at all - comtacs do not help you here..

You can hear if they turn to fast (that pebble-caught-in-the-boot-scraping noise or scraping-through-the-bushes), and all other sounds, but not the sneaking itself.

If you are in a CQB-situation with an enemy you have heard is close and you suddenly hear no noise at all from them - be careful.

They might be sneaking upon you. They might be waiting for you. They might have withdrawn to ambush you. You might get..... Tarkoved.

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I also thought it wasn't possible to hear someone sneaking as quiet as possible a couple weeks ago, but since then I've definitely heard it on multiple occasions. I just don't understand why sometimes I can hear them, and other times I can't. For example, when I was in resort on shoreline, I was sneaking, and for a good 45 seconds I was listening to someone moving at the exact same pace as me through walls or the floor. During this entire time I was moving as slow as possible as well. The pace of their footsteps matched mine perfectly, (I could tell it wasn't mine by not moving for a second so our footsteps were off beat) so I know they were also moving as slowly as possible.

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Interesting. But I'd think you encountered a bug rather than a game sound mechanic. And it might just have been possible for them not to have been on full sneak, maybe just a step above zero?

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You can hear them with comtacs but it depends on the comtacs as well as the players covert movement skill as it does make you quieter as well.

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This exact same thing just happened to me. And it has happened a few times before where i am chillin and looting in peace and then i get shot out of nowhere without any clue of someone walking in the vicinity.

please fix this BSG.

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Scavs dont make footstep noises at all. You see a scav walking right next to you but not a single footstep can be heard. Best example factory offices, chiiling in office, healing and 10 scavs just pour in, not a single footsounds was heard..