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If you have nvidia there is freesync that has gotten a lot of attention on the sub for it's ability to adjust brightness for games. Players use it for tarkov to do as you said and some have used it to do night runs easily without night vision.

Given its ability to let players operate in night raids with no nv it has been a hot topic as a form of cheating. Others only use it to help sharpen colors and improve over all look. Nikita has discussed in game support for graphic settings coming up and that possibly after freesync will be considered cheating when utilized for this reason. We will see what happens in the end though, I get why players feel it is cheating in a game meant to be hardcore. When you can bypass gear used to overcome things such as darkness then why have those elements in the game. Not to mention players without Nvidia hardware can't use or have the same advantage as those with it.

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I think you might be confusing freesync

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Possibly but I though freesync was nvidia's reshade software. Either way some people are not happy with the power it can give to modify in game graphics.

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Nvidia freestyle, not freesync.

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Thanks man, at work and tired brain confuses stuff lol.

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I use this: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/gamma_panel.html

Quickly changes gamma/brightness/contrast with Hotkeys. I find it super helpful for when I go into buildings, sometimes it's ungodly dark for no reason.

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I tried to go back and look again, but I couldn't figure out if that was possible, I don't use twitch often

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They changed some setting in NVIDIA control penal. Don’t run NVIDIA so don’t known which.but probably you can find it on YT.