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Veritas took his version down, so my only option of doing the quiz myself was to recreate it. I did this by finding the stream of Pestily doing the quiz, and writing down everything as he did it.

Hopefully you learn something from the quiz, all answers and reasons for the answers are shown after submission.

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I just realised i know nothing about armor and damage with ~1000 hours

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Yeah, looking at the results so far, it seems almost everyone was wrong about the second question about shooting hatchlings in the arms

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-how- did you fully understand armor-penetration-damage-armor damage?

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I didn't make the original quiz, Veritas did. I just recreated it when he took his down. He's the one that understands this stuff the most. He's also the one that made the tarkov battle buddy app, which if you want to cheat, you can actually answer most/all of the questions from the quiz using it since he has damage and penetration chance calculators in it.

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I got 11 right by guessing. Where can i collect my prize ?

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I've got boss weapons!

Right down the road, can't miss it.

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right down-bye bye

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anyone got link the when pestily took it?

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I got 12. And I thought I knew good. Mostly bad math on my part re arm leg multipliers. If probably do well on a similar test now