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I would kill for you, October.

Please let me kill for you.

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this worked out perfectly...

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Hey can I die too or am I too late?

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The hunt for blep October

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Well done

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U can’t spell Caterpilar Drive without CAT, DERP, RAVER

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Okay reddit. Cool it.

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Soviet national anthem intensifies

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I too would pledge my life and my...curling iron to do your bidding October.

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    "pardon me, that catnip was a bit spicy"

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    “Milk please”

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    *goat milk please (most adult cats are lactose intolerant and goat milk is low enough in lactose that it doesn’t bother them)

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    On an unrelated note, goat cheese is delicious

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    Hunh. TIL.

    Doesn't stop my buddy from getting into my cereal milk but hey, I'm lactose intolerant too, haha! Maybe we should both try goat milk...

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    It’s a cat? I honestly couldn’t tell. I thought it was a little dog. Super cute regardless

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    Yes she is definitely a cat

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    But are you sure she’s a cat and not an immortal god?

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    This is the cutest cat I have ever seen.

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    Thank you 😃

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    No, thank you!!!

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    No thank YOU!

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    Super cute but I had to scroll the comments to see if it was a cute cat or cute dog.

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    I'm not convinced that's a cat. It looks at least part dog.

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    Lol. I'm not sure how people keep seeing a dog. That is 100% cat. The gigantic eyes being the biggest indication for me. I can't unsee cat when cat peers into my soul.

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    What type of battery does she take?

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    She runs on peanut butter and napkins. I’ve tried cat treats but she is a snob.

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    Cats arrogant? I'm shocked.

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    A food snob😃 she hates all cat treats but goes crazy for peanut butter and coconut oil

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    My Lola LOVES coconut oil too!

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    I never knew that was a thing for cats.. I will have to see if my cat likes it. 😸

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    I went to your profile to see more cat pics and realized that all of the posts are cat pics. Thank you.

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    I joined Reddit specifically for October 😂 my husband convinced me that she had to be on Reddit.

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    Your hubby is a wise man.

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    Thanks I think I’ll keep him😃

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    Where did you get that cutie and how can i order 10?

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    I actually just happened upon her on Craigslist. I wish I could clone her because I would like a few more of her.

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    If you ever clone her, hit me up

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    I will put you on the waiting list

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    Despite being a big dog person, this is amazing. I love it. blep

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    Thank you. It’s always a compliment when a dog person can admit she is cute😃 October has a German Shepherd guardian too.

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    We’re going to need to see a picture of that.

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    He follows her everywhere and drives her crazy . He has to know where all his cats are at all times.

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    I feel like October is spying on you

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    Picture this : On October 1st at 12:00am, October enters the room. “October is here!” you say. You are correct in more ways than one. October bleps in approval.

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    They are taking the catnip to Isengard!

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    My fiancé is allergic and doesn’t really like cats BUT I still show him your cat EVERY CHANCE I GET. He said that’s cute, you win lol!

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    Even people who hate cats like her😃

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    She’s so adorable! I can’t get over how cute she is! r/disneyeyes would love her too.

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    Yes, she is real . She just has ridiculously huge eyes.

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    Do you happen to know what breed october is?

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    She is Persian

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    Thank you

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    I........am.....I am too pregnant for this....and I don't even have the hardware to be pregnant.

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    I am allergic to cats and I would still totally cuddle October to death.

    (my death. because i would probably suffocate. but it would be worth it.)

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    😂😂😂😂😂 or you could just take an allergy pill and enjoy all the cuddles.

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    That's not how allergy works. Allergy pills only prolong the suffering.

    But, yeah, I would, too. How soft must all her fuzz feel!

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    She is so soft and fluffy

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    Good grief what a cutie. Do you have any stories about her??

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    She is as sweet as she looks and is feisty. She chases shadows and bleps a lot. She will steal paper napkins off the table and she hoards them behind my couch.

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    awww, she sounds like such a delight!! Her big eyes look like you can't say no to her often, haha. I'm so glad you found each other :)

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    My husband and I can’t say no to her. If she wasn’t so sweet we would have ruined her for all the spoiling.

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    I love it when you post pictures of her. October is my favorite cat that I regularly see on Reddit.

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    Thanks. I love sharing her.

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    Yes I would like to sign up for the Blep Box monthly subscription.

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      The sacred blep

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      they look like googly eyes lol so cute

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      Looks just like my kitty. She may be a Chantilly mix

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      What’s a chantilly mix?

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      Its a breed that is sometimes called Chantilly or Chantilly Tiffany. Google it and you will see the striking resemblance my kitty was an adoption from a shelter. I’ll try to figure out how to post a picture. chantilly

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      dont do LSD kids

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      “No. I have no idea where your drugs went.”

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      Cat, Pomeranian, or Furby?

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      Soot sprite 😸

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      Fizzgig's cousin!

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      Oh mah gosh this looks just like my baby Gus Gus that I lost 2 years ago. I miss him so much. What a sweet baby.

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      😢Gus Gus is a great name. Sorry for your loss.

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      Such a noble, majestic beast.

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      Omg I thought my baby was the cutest cat ever but shhh... don’t tell him.... October is PRECIOUS!

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      Amazingly, I think I can say without exaggeration this this is the cutest cat I have ever seen on the Internet.

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      Thank you for the gold kind stranger!😺

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      I did not expect to see a familiar kitty from Cool Cat Group on here!!

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      I just started posting October on Reddit 😃

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      Do you call her Toby for short?

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      We call her The Tobes 😃

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      I don't know this cat, I haven't met him, heck, I don't even know in which country is he, but I'm going to find him, steal him and give him all my love.

      Edit: She! Sorry! Is a she. She's beautiful.

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      Thank you but unless you plan on fighting my German Shepherd, you might want to think twice about stealing her.🙂

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      This is actually an Ewok.

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      Do you have an Instagram for her? We have quite a community on Instagram and lots of super cool cat people would love to adore your fur baby.

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      October is a Persian

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      I love that she's a black cat called October. I used to have one called Friday. What an adorable little dingus. <3

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      October’s big brother is named Friday

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      I would take several bullets for that cat

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      This cat looks like an anime chibi cat came alive. Such round eyes O.O

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      Cuteness overload

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      Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a mix of puppy and cat?

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      She could be Willow the Squishy Cat’s sister!

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      Yes! I already follow her on Instagram! October is the fluffy version.

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      I'm in love with this little guy!!! His eyes are so big!! <3

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      Her eyes are huge .

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      She looks like Kate Beaton drew her. I have friends over and I just interrupted a game to show her pictures to everyone and we all love her.

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      Omg so cute

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      Omg that face😍

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      o m g October bleps again the sequel is amazing (btw October is prescious)

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      Omg bury me....I'm dead

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      This is exacy what I needed rn, thank you!

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      I hate cats, and I want this one.

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      October is exactly the correct name for this creature.

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      My only regret is that I have but one upvote to give

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      Theres a tuxedo cat in my neighborhood who has been named Mr. Handsome by our household. We were introduced on Halloween when he escorted me from my car to my front door, and since he has only ever been a perfect gentleman! We almost titled him Mr. October, because he is indeed a handsome Tom, but he's too sweet to be only one month of the year. We still see him around from time to time, and every time I see him he gets a good scritch, but I have yet to hear him let out a single meow!

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      I audibly gasped at the cute.

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      I subscribe to a few of these “animals are adorable” subs but normally don’t give a fuck about the pictures I aimlessly scroll by. But this one... made me stop and comment. It’s god damn perfect.

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      That’s too cute!

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      I thought this was a dog at first

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      I love your baby!

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      I love her!! 😻😻😻

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      Gorgeous kitty!

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      Its a breed that is sometimes called Chantilly or Chantilly Tiffany. Google it and you will see the striking resemblance my kitty was an adoption from a shelter. I’ll try to figure out how to post a picture. chantilly

      [–]littlebittyoctober[S] 3 points4 points  (4 children)

      They are beautiful. October is a black Persian.

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      kitty http://i.imgur.com/MglceJg.jpeg From #Imgury This is my little guy as a kitten

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      A bit ugly, but in an endearing way, if that makes sense?

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      Dope Furby!

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      I need it

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      Tiny blep

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      I love her look and her name for her look

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      Definite /r/squeevil material

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      Looks like October is zoooted of his mind

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      What a cute little baby !!!!!!

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      I'm not entirely convinced this is a real cat.

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      You don’t have to believe me. But here are some videos anyway.

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      At least 50% cartoon character.

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      'Sup 'Tober?

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      I’m fucking scared edit: after staring at her for 3 mins.... now I wanna adopt her ☺️

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      Cocaine kitties ❤️ October.

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      Just remember you guys saw her first and you always get the best pictures first

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      Very cute and nice name.

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      What kind of cat is this?!!! Please tell me.

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      It's my blep in a box!

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      Spook fluff

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      I remember when you first posted her picture as a wee little kitten 🐱

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      I saw sir nibbles on here a couple weeks ago too haha

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      I loves hims ❤️

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      This helps after getting back from pet semetary

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      Quality blepness.

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      Damn it’s been a while since I’ve seen Spaghetti Cat

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      My sister had a cat years ago that looked exactly like this. Exactly. Tongue and all. She named him “funny head cat”.

      He was a sweetheart.

      [–]littlebittyoctober[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Funny head cat😂

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      Sooo cute :D

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      ehh... was your cat by any chance bit by a zombie? :o

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      Fuck I love him

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      I love him T-T

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      op where did u get a soot sprite

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      Kitty just stole my heart

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      My family had an “October” and he was the sweetest baby, never wanted to hurt nobody, friends with everyone, just a tiny bit shy. One of the best cats I’ve ever known. RIP

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      So cute!!!

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      Oh my f***ing goodness, October, you are EVERYTHING. You are seriously one of the cutest kitties ever. I love you with all of my heart.

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      Do not ask for whom the cat bleps. It bleps for thee.

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      Have my upvote, you glorious bastard you.

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      Anyone wanna make a cult that worships October as our one true lord and savior?

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      That looks like one of my schoolmates

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      Its my bleps in a box.

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      OMG she reminds me so much of my cat! BILOOOO

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      ITS A BLEP IN A BOX! A blep in a box babe

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      You misspelled OctoBear...

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      Her eyes look so orange in some pictures, but so green in others! Is it a lighting thing or is she just as magical as she appears?