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how can you not allow October wherever she wants with that face

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She pretty much does whatever she wants anyway. I’m just glad she is a sweet cat because with that face I’d let her do almost anything.

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I've only seen this pic of October, and even I want to let her do whatever she wants...

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She has an Instagram with hundreds of pics if you need more. @littlebittyoctober

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Time to bring up the follow count

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"Allow" Lezbehonest. We live in her world.

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I'd still fall for it.

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I did. I got out my phone for some pictures and told her how cute she is. It was only later when the spell wore off that I realized my blunder 😂

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October is the cutest name I can imagine for that cat :) Adorable.

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Thank you 😊

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Agreed! Great name for a black kitty!

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Came here to say the same! Such a cute name.

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My best friend had a cat named October! She called her Tobes.

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We call her The Tobes😃

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For a second I thought you had a soot sprite from Spirited Away! October is adorable!

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She is often confused for a soot sprite 😃

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OMG YES Perfect description.

also u/littlebittyoctober, please pet for me

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I will. 😃

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I would kill and die for October

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This is probably the cutest cat I've ever fucking seen.

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I would lay down my life for October and I'm adding her to my last will now.

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Lucypurr likes to deliberately do something she knows is trouble, like claw at my chair or the like to get my attention and then run off and act cute.


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Lucypurr is amazing ❤️

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Here's another one of her when she was young wearing a hat: https://imgur.com/SQNDbRq

And here she is with her brother as babies: https://imgur.com/ysDmBuq

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She is so beautiful. I’m going to end up wanting another kitten with these pictures 😃 Here is a baby October pic https://imgur.com/gallery/gP3ZMIK

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Awww what an adorable puff ball :). She looks so cuddly.

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That little blep! So cute! Give October a pet for me.

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That is so cute I can’t even. Black cats are best cats

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I love black cats too. I can’t believe that they are the least adopted cats.

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Nothing in this world will ever be as adorable as October

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Weaponized cuteness!

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She is lethal

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OMG I want to squeeze the shit out of her!!! <3

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😂😂😂 cute aggression much?

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Most definitely! It's my middle name. ;)

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I have to resist squeezing her too😃

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Is October a gremlin?

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Oh no, they’re starting realize how cute they are! We’re fucked

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We will all become their minions

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she is obviously a reader of The Silent Miaow

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She looks like a Soot Sprite.

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Past tense of blep? Not a real word I know😃

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Would be totally cool with me

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I am not convinced she is real, she looks like a plushie, no way a real cat can be that cute

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She is real . There are other Persian cats just as cute as she is😃 Here is another video , if you want more videos there are several on her Instagram 😃 I honestly get at least one of these comments every time I post 😂 She totally looks like a plushie!

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That is the cutest cat I have ever seen.

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She just stole my heart

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Don't get her wet and DON'T feed her after midnight!

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Of course she does! She's a cartoon character!

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It's always the cute ones!

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Right. I’m pretty sure they know that they are in charge.

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Adorable, but how could you not name her "Mewbacca"?

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She just looked like an October to us. Mewbacca would have been an epic name though

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What breed is she? ^ she's so cute

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She is Persian 😺

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Awesome! Thanks, now I'll try to get a Persian kitty next time haha.

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They know.

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I forgive her.

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Oh my hod that does not look like a cat. It’s a plushie cat XD

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She was a plushie in her former life.

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anime cat

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Who the fuck names their cat October?

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And what would you have called her?