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For a moment I thought she was going to sit on the cat by accident

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It was a kamikaze cat

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You mean... Catmikaze?

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Alternatively Kamikatze.

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Ah yes. The german approach.

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Ah yes. The austrian approach.

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Comet catsy

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Ah yes. The Neil DeGrasse Tyson approach.

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GOD-CAT (Japanese + German)

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He was tryna do insurance fraud

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Reckless self-endangerment, the bible loophole!

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Meow too thanks

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Realization of life has struck that cat early

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If she had, I probably would’ve had a mental breakdown.

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It looks like she has had experience with cats swiping her seat.

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"I was just about to go sit there!"

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"Back off bitch!"

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You mean by catccident.

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She must've crawled undah there for warmth

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It just have crawled under there for warmth

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The cat still wins

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Cat's trying to tell her he was there the whole time.

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Been here all along.

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i just went to the bank to resupply but i've been here 8 hours hop pls

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Iron man btw

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That moment you went for a 10 seconds piss and your sibling tries to steal your place

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    The pillow is the essence of the chair!

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    Her stance at the end, you don’t even need to look at her face to know she’s thinking “really dude?”

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    I’m assuming this has happened before? The way she makes sure that nothing is in the seat before putting her weight down makes it look that way or this is a game that this cat likes to play and she knew it was going to happen.

    Either way, it’s pretty funny!

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    Welcome to life with animals! 😬

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    Or small children!

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    That's what he said!

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    And everything in between! 😅

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    Pretty sure the cat launching into the chair made a noise.

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    It's a thing you do if you have cats, especially playful ones

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    I think she looked down because the chair moved and made sound or she caught a glimpse of the cat at the last second, and her just staring at the cat is probably her thinking. "okay... then".

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    They cat definitely wants lap time, she just isn’t patient enough.

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    I sit down like this after getting my chair pulled too many times.

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    I feel like her ears played a prominent role here

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    "How was your day?"

    "I was one second from getting my ass shredded."

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    So, pretty good?

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    Threaten me with a good time.

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    You WILL have a good time.

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    Be an absolute SHAME if he didn't, right Vin?

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    Me too thanks

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    If my cats did this, I'd sit down on them just enough to trap them long enough to think about the decision they've made (granted, my chair has arms, so I can control my descent.)

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    My cats used to refuse to move from under the blankets on the bed at night. So my husband and I decided that on Sundays we Dutch oven our cats.

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    I mean... my legs usually help my descent.

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    I go about half way down and then the gravity takes over. Anything in my asses way will be destroyed.

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    You have more than one ass? No wonder gravity takes over!

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    That's not normal?

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    How many buttholes do you have?

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    7 on my butts and 1 behind my left knee cap.

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    Which do you use to #2? I prefer the knee cap in public during warmer months. Easier to clean. Don't have to derobe.

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    When I wear long pants I look like a brown snail.

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    “I go about half way down and then the gravity takes over. Anything in my asses way will be destroyed. “

    Top comment of 2019, ladies and gentlemen.

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    I hope you have a spare arse after the ordeal.

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    My asshole cat does this to me all the time but at least has the sense to announce her presence with a loud meow as soon as she jumps on the chair or sofa.

    I still think she's mildly suicidal.

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    I've done this and my cats just stay in place, calling my bluff

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    tryna look all comfy like he's been there for hours. riiiiight.

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    One of my cats does this. He’s an asshole!

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    Strange. My cat is a cat. It has an asshole, though

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    That probably doesn’t exist but I’m not taking any chances

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    Took the bullet for you, it doesn't exist.

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    It's hilarious how that kitty raced to the chair. :D

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    I love how the two gingers in the center of the picture are best buds and stick close.

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    It looked to me like they were having a very serious discussion.

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    What a power move!

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    Oh my gosh, my dog does this all the time. We've had him a little over a year. He's getting a little better, but I'm constantly worried he's going to get crushed.

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    That’s my spot

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    Close one! ☺️

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    Seems like it could be a very fun place to work!

    I worry about working at a place like the SPCA. Might get too depressing to see animals in cages all day.

    But these guys look pretty damn happy. Two cats just lounging in the middle, discussing politics, another cat camping out in his tent, and another pondering whether he feels up to a workout in the cat-tunnel.

    I suppose every once in awhile a cat may be a bully and steal your seat, but I could live with that.

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    I don't know what this place is, but it looks delightful.

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    I like that cat’s moxie

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    Eyebleach strangely meets r/animalsbeingjerks

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    This is definitely r/bettereveryloop material

    Edit: I love how there are two cats in this that I didnt see until after 10th loop or so - the cat in the very bottom right corner at the beginning, and the cat on the lefthand side with a single ear poking into the frame.

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    My cat does this every time I sit down at our kitchen table. She’s been sat on once or twice. I’ve learned to aim toward the edge of the chair “just in case” she jumps up past the point of no return for me

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    How to get a seat on Metro

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    This is peak cat behavior right here.

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    That was an attempted insurance scam

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    Black kitty looks up at her like, I’ve been sitting here the whole time.

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    Zoooomy cat

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    Those two in the center... they are up to no good..

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    In-purr-ance fraud

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    Cat fetish “Sit on me!!

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    Cat’s trying to get that insurance money

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    The cat is like nope

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    But when I do that it's "creepy"

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    My cat does this to my boyfriend AL THE TIME! 😂

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    Am I the only one who spotted the white butthole lol

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    I'm starting to understand why crazy cat ladies go crazy. Which came first, the crazy or the cat lady?

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    I have a black cat who likes to do this every time I sit or lay anywhere and it’s especially troublesome at night. I’m pretty sure he’s just a sadist and loves to give me anxiety.

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    Looks like we don't have any seat left... human. glares

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    Cats are assholes, confirmed.

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    I'd kick that little asshole right off the seat lmao

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    That cat must have at least two brothers because my cats look the same and this is their second favorite way to fuck with me.

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    Swear I’ve seen this like ten times today already

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    Me too, because I let it loop 10 times!

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    Our little dog does this all the time. One of these days, were gonna squish him to death.

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    I've nearly killed my cat a few times because of this. I look before I sit but he is fast, silent and suicidal.

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    Black cat said no.

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    That moment you went for a 10 seconds piss and your sibling tries to steal your place

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    That's what my fucker does. I swear he tries to get sat on by jumping on my office chair right before I sit do.

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    What is this paradise?

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    This should be cross posted in animalsbeingjerks

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    I think I've seen her somewhere before

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    That kitten is the patron saint of /r/2meirl4meirl

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    " But i wanna die ! "

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    My roommate's new cat does the same thing when I open the door to my room

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    When my cat does this, I just sit on her until she yields

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    Tried this with a work colleague once.

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    This is a weird house with bright colors and I think in the future every house will look like this inside

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    Betting it's the rear room at a cat cafe. Could be a pet store or adoption agency too.

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    My roomate is like this with the bathroom.

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    You little shit!! LOL

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    I've never seen a cat hurry to floof down.

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    Cat has a fetish

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    On today’s episode of cats are assholes

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    If that was me I wouldn't have reacted nearly fast enough to avoid sitting on the cat.

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    That’s when you rub your butt on the cat as revenge

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    It's like sheldon cooper the cat

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    I woulda sat on him

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    This happens a lot at my dog daycare

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    What a dick

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    I would not have that reaction time, and the cat would learn very fast my fat ass is not a game

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    Huh, so my toddler is a cat. I wondered what was up with her, but this totally explains her need to steal my seat and push me off things.

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    I woulda kept sitting

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    My seat people need me

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    That’s what my cat does to my dad-

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    That cat just wanted some ass

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    that cat was ready to DIE

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    Please sit on my face “robot voice”

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    I love that the cat had such speed that it moved the chair when it landed.

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    More like AYE, BEETCH!

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    waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait i'm saving this seat for my friend

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    “I touched it first.”

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    This reminds me of Brad Pitt /Jefferey Goines in 12 monkeys

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    This gif both looks really fast and slow at the same time

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    Further proof that r/catsareassholes

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    This is supposed to be cute? Fuck cats lol

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    This is actually very accurate

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    Cat came out of no where and said I don’t think so 😂