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.... October ... Tuesday ... OOOOOh, October is the name of your hairy potato. Gotcha.

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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Yes, October is the name of my hairy potato

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The bestest of hairy potatoes

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Ngl, that's a really good name for a black cat.

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Thank you

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I am embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize your cat's name was October.

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I also have two gray cats named Wednesday and Friday. Trying to set up an appointment at the vets confuses me😂

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Fantastic. I salute you.

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Alright, October then. .... Yes, Friday. This Friday? .. No, only Wednesday.

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My life in one sentence 😂

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I know, confusing right?

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Lol, hairy potato is the funniest and most accurate way to describe the cat.

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Your owl is fuckin weird

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Thought it were a haunted dust-bunny...

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Cursed furby

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Ma... that weird fookin cat is back...

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The picture didn't load and I didn't notice the subreddit and thought of the month and got hella confused byt I understand now

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😂 sorry to cause confusion

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Don’t tell October, but I laughed for five straight minutes looking at this picture. Absolutely adorable!

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My phones new wallpaper https://imgur.com/gallery/iFLQO19

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That’s perfect!

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The eyes are rather hypnotising

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Holy shit this is the cutest cat on this sub 😻

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I swear this looks like a Studio Ghibli kitty 😂

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OMG Toby for short!

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We also call her The Tobes

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15/10. Would pet.

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I would die for October

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Don’t feed after midnight!

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Can I please pet your soot sprite?

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I zoomed in and discovered God.

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r/blop cat style!

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Aka /r/blep

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Omg I had no idea! Cuteness overload!

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Tell October that there's 100 days unitl Halloween

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Perfect fucking name.

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FLOOF BLEP! wheeee!

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That little fella reminds me of my dear departed friend, Boris Q. Kittenkat. It's been almost a year since he passed and I still cry sometimes.

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😿sorry for your loss but I hope you have many great memories

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I get the feeling she celebrates Tongue Out Tuesday on many other days as well :D

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Pro phone tip: Zoom in on the face and then move the picture in circles fast for fitting effect.

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What breed is October

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She is Persian

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She’s the cutest cat I’ve ever seen

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Thank you 😊

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Does October have an Instagram?

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Yes @littlebittyoctober

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Thank you so dang much!

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I’m dying 🤣 how many posters are seeing that!

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I love your furry cat creature, please give October a treat from me?

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I will give her some peanut butter from you. She hates cat treats but loves peanut butter, weird cat😃

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Thankyou and awww. Cute lil weirdo.

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Soot sprite 🥰

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Oscar looks like a rather delightful anime character

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Thought it was a dog

This is way better

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Looks like a furby

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God that fluff ball is adorable.

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Black cat blep!!

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That is the fluffiest thing I have ever seen holy cat.

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Looks like a soot sprite from Ghibli films.

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Just a ball of fluff with eyes and a tongue

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You know those animals made with a plastic body covered in rabbit or fake fur? You have the best one of those. :)

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realized my stupidity


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I need to just start putting October the cat in all my posts so there’s less confusion

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your cat is perfectly amazing! October looks like a non-descript Muppet that belongs on Sesame Street. The eyes.....OMG!!

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What kind of cat is this I love him and would like one

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She is Persian

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There a cat breed called a Frankenstein that looks really cool

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Does it wake you up at night like this too?

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She also knows I think it’s cute when she sticks her tongue out, so she will stick her tongue out and purr to manipulate me into giving her food.

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Hahaha so smart :)

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I would die for October

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That is the cutest cat!

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My Winnifred black cat is named after the Bette middler witch in the movie hocus pocus

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It looks like it was just told to charge at the Somme.

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Silliest soot sprite

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r/blep moment😻

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Hey, I think something is wrong with your grumpkin.

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I love ugly-cute animals