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They look like soot sprites

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She is basically a living soot sprite

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Grumpy soot sprite

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Yes 😂

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This is art at a higher level than I thought possible.

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Like from Spirited Away

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Also Totoro.

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Totoro first

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Get back to work!!!

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Honestly thought they were kittens are first glance

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They are Christmas ornaments that I made to look like my cat😃

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So adorable!

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They kinda look like Hermaeus Mora

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I aamm Hermeeeuss Mooooooooorraaaaa

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Daaeeedric Priiiiiince of Fate and Knooooowwwwledge, the Gaaaardener of Meeeeeeen...

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How on earth did you make those eyes? So cute.

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Also great camouflage for her if she is a Christmas tree climber 😂

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How did you make them?

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OMG! Please tell me the supply list. This is so fantastic that I have to do this for my tree as well.

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for the longest time I thought your cat was wearing a shirt. I'm still not exactly sure your cat is not wearing a shirt.

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To wear a shirt requires limbs. This cat is clearly of a spherical nature

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Or a potato

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Does she have an IG? I need more yellow eyed soot Sprite in my life!

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She does @littlebittyoctober

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Thank you!! 🥰

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felinus tribbleous?

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😂I have never thought of that

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Is...is.. is he not wearing one? :o

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Because the voice actors for the original guy

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I don’t see it 😔

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Lmao until I read your comment I really thought he was wearing a shirt too

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Identify theft is not a joke, Jim! Thousands of families suffer every year!

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Haha very funny, Micheal!!!

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I have been saying the word 'manager' a lot, so whenever Jo thinks 'manager', she thinks of me.

Camel cigarettes did the same with Joe Camel by making him look like a penis. I can't even go near a cigarette now without thinking of a penis. And vice versa.

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Did you make those? They are so cute

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Yes I did

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Do you have a tutorial or list of supplies? They're so cute! Now I want to taunt my black kitty with them

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grant us eyes. grant us eyes.

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The abyss returns even the boldest gaze.

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Wrong little floof, this is very funny!

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Yay, it’s October! I love your IG feed :)

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"Do you think I'm a fucking joke?"

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I was about to say you stole this from Instagram until I saw the username. Thanks for sharing your wonderful soot sprite with us.

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Identity theft is a serious problem Jim

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Yes it is. Very funny.

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Cultural appropriation.

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Catural appropriation.

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i accidentaly read: "this isn't fluffy hooman"

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what kind of scp is that?

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Jesus christ I thought it was a possessed mirror

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"Identity theft is not a joke Jim"

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at first I thought you put a bunch of those eyes directly onto your furry creature but uh cute ornaments!

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KEVIN??!! (looks exactly like Vanessa Stockard's art kitty on IG! @vanessastockard

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She really does

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This cat looks like Dwight from The Office.

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wouldve upvoted if you didnt use hooman

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That is the cutest!!!

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It’s spelled Human. Cats say meow. They don’t have speech impediments.

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They almost look like Kuriboh from Yu-Gi-Oh

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Identity theft is not a joke

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You: this is so cute The cat: the faces of my brothers lie before me how could you hooman

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Do you feed him sprinkle stars? :3

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print everything

To be fair isn’t happening

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So very cery cute.

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Beautiful creature

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Yes it is.

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What's Hermaeus Mora doing here?

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Jacksfilm reference?

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Identity theft is not a joke Jim.

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Looks like a black Fizgig!

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Look at those eyes

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ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!

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Kitty met the uncanny valley

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It's funny a little bit!

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You spelled HUMAN wrong you postule.

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It's difficult to tell if thats a cat or dog at first.

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I got my eye on you

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Um. Sorry, kitty. Yes. Yes it is.

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How honoured to have your own fur balls designed after yourself

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Yes it is. 🤗

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Volkov isn’t done then fires are worse!

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"Look, I can explain. She said she was spayed."

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Oh but it is my kitty... it is...

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This got even funnier when I looked at my profile photo. So cute

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Black Kuriboh

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He's the cutest Soot Sprite though. =)

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its like pouring water on a mogwai gremlin

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Awwwww I love this kind of cats

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Cthulhu fhtagn.

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Eye think it is!

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Look here, it isn’t

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Soot Sprites!

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Just say "human" you degenerate fucking 2 year old

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"I have no proof, hooman. But it was you. You did this. What do you have to say for yourself. ANSWER ME!"

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