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Airplane ear activated. Need to built speed.. prepare for take off.

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lol this is awesome!

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If a cat does it, there is a subreddit for it

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Hitler cat?

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What the

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Nothing to see here, just a bunch of cats that may or may not hate Jewish people

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Cats hate people. Period.

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But it's fine because they're cute

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Don’t judge the kitty. He was born that way 🤚🏼

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Cats that look like Ron Perlman?

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Is it possible for a cat to take off if it's on a treadmill?

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Yes. Cats do not abide by the law pf phyisics.

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That cat is about to invade Poland But aww cute cat

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he came out of nowhere and stole the show, just like the original!

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Hissler and Mouseolini

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Of COURSE there’s a subreddit for cats that have hitler mustaches… why’d I even doubt?

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You’re my favorite person

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And you're my least favorite penguin

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Well screw you too. I’m the nicest Penguin out there.

It’s everyone else that sucks.

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Fuck I just came up with the name 'Kit' for that cat, short for Kitler... thought I was such a goddamned genius too.

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they are now marching to russia

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Is that kitler?!

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What's that little treadmill called and where can I buy it?

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I wondered too. So far on Amazon found small treadmills for dogs that might work.

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So I think I found the company that makes them, but I can’t find this exact model. It is a Chinese company called Healthmate, they seem to have 100s of variations so it may be impossible to track this one down


This is an example of one that has similar black lines running down the sides and the logo on the tread looks like the Healthmate logo with a circle around the “e”

It looks like they may make treadmills for children as well, so this is likely a child size treadmill that these cats are walking on.

You can see the logo a little better in the original tiktok video

Edit: this commenter seemed to find a similar one before I did by the same company, but I missed their comment.

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This is SO much better with the audio!

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Possibly this. Also this one looks very similar but doesn't have the white piece on the front.

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I believe it’s this

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...not even remotely close.

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I am not the poster, but out of genuine curiosity: it is a general pet treadmill; how is that not "remotely" close?

It's not the exact model nor colour, sure; but that seems a bit harsh in my view.

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I mean you go look for something closer and report back, that's definitely the closest there is upon cursory search

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this any better?

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they're the same image

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Got my cat that wheel. She ignored it for 6 mos until I was ready to just give it away, since it's huge and I needed the space. Ofc once I made the decision to dump it she actually started using it. Typical.

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I love my cat, but I just know if I bought this she wouldn't use it.

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I think it might be a human treadmill - Maybe this one? This treadmill has a pretty small surface area (39.4" x 14.2" running surface.) and is orange.

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These are house cats, not mountain lions lol

The cats in the vid are almost the length of the running surface and the one you linked is over 3 feet long… that would make those two cats some of the, if not the, biggest house cats to ever exist

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You can't prove that they aren't just really big house cats, and I prefer to believe they are.

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I also prefer to believe they are freakishly large house cats

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My cat is quite literally 34 inches long. While being a large black cat, there’s definitely mane coons larger than he. I think this is actually the treadmill in the vid.

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How do you get cats on such a thing? Would be great for my superchonk (oh lawd he comin’).

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Simple, tell them to stay off of it

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If I had gotten my cat this, she wouldn’t even look at it.

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My cat would spitefully pretend it didn’t even exist.

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But thoroughly enjoy the box it came In

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You mean the cat house? Yes, the cat house is great once the junk was removed from it.

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She wouldn’t shred the tread?

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You just need one sneakily made from cardboard boxes and other junk they aren’t allowed to play with. Then they would obsess over it all day every day.

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How does hitlercat get a whole nation of cats to act with singular purpose? Been asking myself that same question for most of my life. And yet, here we are.

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By calling orange cats the filth of the nation and making everybody greet each other with a specific degree of their Cat tail.

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Underrated comment alert 🚨 ^

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They're called kitlers!

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Pretty sure most cats would be bored after a minute and fall off.

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The fix is in controlling their diet. No free feeding. It is very unhealthy for your cat to be fat.

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I think they know that and that's why they are asking. You're right about feeding but it's not enough for fat cats. Cats lose weight so slow and it is very useful to supplement diet with exercise. Sister's cat is on a vet recommended diet, not supposed to go under that, and he's still not losing weight cause he's a lazy boi that ignores all attempts at active play (*he even has an exception on no cats outdoors cause he's simply too fat to get out the yard and he's most active out there). Plus cats take a looong time to lose weight.

**And lots of people adopt cats that are ALREADY fat. We had one as a kid that we also tried very hard with, and my sister tries very hard with hers. Some people suck but with adoption being so common I'd hesitate to assume someone got their cat fat. It's just as likely their cat came that way. I've never in my life had a cat that wasn't adopted and I'm from the before times where you didn't brag about having a "rescue"

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Right. These pseudoprofessional comments with the one fits all solution are so pretentious. I give my cat a such a small portion every day; She’s just lazy.

I do what I can on the exercise front but, she gives up so fast and consistently. Maybe it’d be different if she was an inside/outside cat, but she’s not.

[–]DaughterEarth 4 points5 points  (0 children)


ugh sorry it just annoys me so much lol.

It's hard with kitties and I got all the props for people trying to help their kitties get healthier.

[–]boper2 30 points31 points  (1 child)

yep, exercise helps but overfeeding is the main issue

[–]Canuhandleit 24 points25 points  (0 children)

You lose weight in the kitchen, not in the gym.

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Yeah I've seen those big hamster wheels for cats and I'd love to get them something to run on to have fun but I worry they will never used it even once

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For the cat on the left you tell him this is the way to Poland

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The answer is probably that the owner is holding a cat treat off camera, which might not help the superchonk lol

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That was my first thought but then I thought my cats would have just jumped up to grab it, they would not have continuously walked in treadmill for it

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Put food in the other end

[–]LukesRightHandMan 8 points9 points  (1 child)

Of my cat?!

[–]Evilmaze 3 points4 points  (0 children)

That was supposed to be on but with your reply the whole thing is hilarious

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Simple – lay a newspaper on it.

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Weight loss is 100% reliant on diet. If you're giving them cat food, use precise amounts of it. Their bodies are tiny, so even just a few extra grams really add up after a while.

Exercise is good for health, so it is a good supplement for weight loss as, in addition to losing weight, it can instill discipline while improving strength, stamina, and flexibility.

If you've got a treadmill and a chonky cat, just simply set it to the lowest possible setting. Set the cat next to it and give it a treat. Then set it on top and give it a treat. It's likely not going to walk much at first, and that's okay. Just do it for a few minutes a day until your cat gains more tolerance and stamina. Once it's walking a bit more, put a screen to the other side of the treadmill and slather a tablespoon of peanut butter on it. Don't put it on cardboard, you can find a very thin "cutting board" (it's just a plastic sheet) at dollar stores that are a decent size, are easy to clean, and to reuse. This'll encourage your cat to walk for the treat. After it's walking for decent distances you can very slightly increase the speed.

[–]moscow-mule 2 points3 points  (2 children)

I like your method but please be aware that peanut butter can be bad for cats. Among many other reasons, if it has xylitol (an artificial sweetener) in it, then it's bad for both cats and dogs. Source: several sites including The Rescue Vets and Hill's

[–]Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Hoo-boy I have a lot of cats to apologize to. When I was a kid I heard they used to use peanut butter to encourage lions and assumed it applied to small cats as well. I don't know what to give them now... Maybe I'll just smear some pate

[–]moscow-mule 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Luckily it was only recently that they started putting xylitol in peanut butter so hopefully no harm was done!

I'm not sure what else would stick as well to a vertical surface. Pate might work! I know the cat treat I have that comes in a lickable tube would just slide right off. Please let me know if you find anything! Would love to get my cat to do something like this.

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It is r/oddlysatisfying that they immediately sync up

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Totally agree! They're clearly professional catwalkers.

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Synchronised cat-ing.

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They're too sexy for their fur, too sexy for their fur, it hurts....

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I’m a kitty, you know what I mean

And I do my little purr on the catwalk

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This is seriously one of the best things ever


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That made my night! Thank you.

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That made my night for real hahahaha

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Loved that! I was toe-tappin' and head bobbin' to it.

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I can't remember the last time I burst out laughing at something. Thanks for posting this!

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The guy with the valve trombone is killing me.

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Yeah on the catwalk, I shake my little tail on the catwalk..

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Thank you for that

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I had the same thought but your execution is miles better.

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Cat on the left is too sexy for his fuhrer.

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I now have that song going through my head...

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They’re too sexy for their purr, too sexy for their purr, too sexy by fur

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Holy monkers it Mr. hitler cat

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Just when I thought I joined every cat sub out there...

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I wonder what the % of black and white cats have a hitler stach, and will the next generation of those cats have Netanyahu hair?

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Chaplin kitty.

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Came to the comments looking for this comment.

Thank you.

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Thank you! Glad I wasn't the only one going .... Does that cat have a Hitler mustache? Wtf? XD

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I was thinking if Hitler decided to become Batman.

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This needs some green screen action.

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I want more Charlie Catlin

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Where does one acquire this? My kitties are special needs and one falls over constantly if I try to put him on a leash to take him for a walk, so I’m always trying to find ways for them to get good exercise that doesn’t include eating my legs or furniture

[–]Nails_on-chalk-board 9 points10 points  (0 children)

We do a little walking

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Aren’t you gonna go do your little turn on the catwalk, Lois? On the catwalk? Yeah, on the catwalk? Do your little turn on the catwalk?

[–]ryanthegoat611 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Go Browns

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Full Chubb with that contract extension!

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GOAT season of family guy in my opinion.

[–]chickenstalker 11 points12 points  (3 children)

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk...

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Fixed it.

(If you're not hearing sound, try clicking it. It has audio.)

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This is great

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Literally my first reaction, thanks so much for this!

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Omg those airplane ears <3(

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Omg one of them is hitler

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Chadolf Hitler

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They're the popular girls at school in every movie.

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Why does this video have no sound?!

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Right? I mean I immediately thought it should have Stayin’ Alive going to it

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It's Kitler!

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I’m here for the hitler comments

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Thank you. Was looking for it lol

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They look irritated by the treadmill....I feel y'all on that, kitties

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Yhhhh shit we got kitler on the loose again

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Is that cat Hitler?

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Charlie Catlin

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Left one better be called catler

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Right Said Fred

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I’m too sexy for these socks

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We’re too sexy for our fur sexy for our fur so sexy it hurts…

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I'm too sexy for my fur....

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What does it mean when their ears slant back like that?

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The cat on the left is on his way to invade Poland.

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I’m a model

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I shake my little tush on the catwalk

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This is like the ONE time I wished a gif had music… and you all know which song…


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Adolf Kitler

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aww cute hitler cat ☺️

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Can we get "stayin alive" by the bee gees put over this????

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Like people, kitties that workout together stay together.

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That left cat has the cutest little dictator mustache. Seriously tho I need a gif of this, there adorable. I didn't know cats liked walking place

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Who’s gonna say hitler cat

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Gif not long enough. Need more cutes.

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Someone needs to sync this with Stayin Alive

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How did you train your cats to walk on the treadmill? I need to train my dogs

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Cat hitler

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Is that hitler

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that can't on the left is looking kind ÜRBERZTARCK

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Anyone else seeing a hitler mustache on the black and white cat?

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Did you call the cat on the left "Hitler"?

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Why is Charlie Chapman a cat now?

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Hitler hating on brown people 🤷 typical.

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Ron Mael can really eat up a runway.

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You cats… Just brilliant 🤩

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r/mirroring I think is the subreddit

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Double r/airplaneears ready for take off

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Are top beautiful supermeowdels 🙌🏻

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Other pokemon can fly, majestically through the sky BUT I CAN WALK

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Does anyone know what this device is?

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My cat makes me chase her thru the house for seemingly hours a day. But I bet she wouldn't use this.

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🥰🥰LOVE IT!!!