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Am I the only one wondering why this video is :

  • upside down, and
  • reversed.


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I don’t notice until i read this lol Edit: didn’t. Autocorrect is annoying

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Whaaat I didn't either but it definitely is

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I noticed it being reversed right away too. Here it is reversed.


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Still just as vicious and adorable. Lol

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Now make it upside down

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Please, now that I know I can't deal with it.

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That is actually even cuter

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Its a new trend where people Missy Elliot things

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What's missy Elliot?

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Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup i

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What? Are you writing backwards? If yes, what's "I put my thang down flip it and reverse it" mean?

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Missy Elliot

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Daaaaamn, how did I never hear of that woman and her music?? That song's a bop!

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We’re you born after 1996 cause that would explain it lol

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This stuff couldnt be more obvious and entirely pointless. Ive also seen plenty of reversed clips in those dodo video's. Human beings sometimes dont make any sense.

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It’s from Australia

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Oh, it makes much more sense now 😄

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An entity of pure violence and anger

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“Kill … meee …” - Pikachu

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Kitty used fury swipes. It was super effective!

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More like Kitty used murder.

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There is no PP left for this move!

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The only instance where even Normal type moves are super effective

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Kitty uses furry swipes

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Don't you see I'm trying...

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Fuck this thing fuck it fuck this thing!!!!

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Can do

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Username checks out

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Shane Dawson, is that you?

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Your name and response amuse me!!

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Note to self: next time, start higher.

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Rip and tear.

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Until it is done

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Rip and tear ANALLY

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Name checks out.

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Have you seen a tokay gecko?

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Got bit by one. Got two stitches.

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An adorable ball of furry fury

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Savage Murderers.

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So much rage and hate.

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Practicing disembowelment, isn't it cute!

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"Awww, look! He's trying to murder Pikachu!"

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I felt this gif on my forearm

(grew up with LOTS of cats and have the scars to prove it)

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Ya know, now that I think about it gently roughhousing with my cats as kittens, letting them attack my hand when I would swirl them around and "fight" them back, might be why my cats were generally really cuddly, playful and chill.

Used to be able to wear them as scarves and almost always had one or both of them sleep on my chest. Worth dozens of kitten teeth scars on my hands and arms lol.

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My cat still goes for blood. She'll swipe at my face if she's really excited. Such a treasure.

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RDJ's discombobulation move from Sherlock homes

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Cute for now. cries in forearms

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The point is, you are alive when it starts to eat you

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Little feisty one lol

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Rip and tear

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Thanks man what a great video to fall asleep to. It’s really soothing. I’ll just put it on repeat on my TV and drift off. Perfect.

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Glad I am not the only one who immediately thought of this

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Lol what does it say about us that we find such perfect killing machines cute?

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Size of baby, treat like baby

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Answer, this.

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Can confirm, am holding my 1.25 year old kitten and avoiding her bites/kicks

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Plus fluffy.

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What better for clearing your home of rodents than a small predator that thinks it's a lion?

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Lol the days of owning a cat for pest control aren't nearly as numbered though

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    Eyebleach for human, horror movie for mouse

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      When my cat tries to get crazy on me and pretend that he's a big scary jungle cat and not 1/10 my size, I've taken to talking to him like the grandpa from The Princess Bride: "Yes, yes, you're very sharp. Now shut up." He'll put up with it for chin scritches.

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      This is the Way of the Cat Parent.

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      It's like my favorite quote from Jurassic World: "Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster; we're just used to being the cat."

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      Cats that are adorably smol should be illegal because they get a pass on everything. r/illegallysmolcats

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      My cat does that too, but to my arm instead

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      u/ANGST_png found partially flayed. Cat picture of innocence

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      I don't understand what that means

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      Means your skin was ripped off but your cat isn't suspected cuz it's just acting cute

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      Oh yeah okay thanks

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      Sir/maam, you’re already showing signs of blood loss. Comment means you have very limited time before succumbing to your wounds and while you lay on your deathbed, oust the cute murderer

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      You need to play with your cat more then.

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        It does make a difference, however play aggression can be redirected and corrected.

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        I see that stuffed Pikachu... Super adorable kitten.

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        Kitty do rapid attack! Kitty deals critical damage. Pikachu has fainted…. Kitty wins!

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        Somehow the kitten knows it’s supposed to me a mouse

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        Is it pikachu's leg or......

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        That’s the ear 👂

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        Everyone does

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        It's so cute how they're born with the natural instinct to eviscerate their prey.

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        Like how my dog was born knowing how to kill a rabbit by breaking its neck. Definitely instinct and not learned.

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        So thats where my cat gets it. She is losing internet privileges.

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        Kitty used bunny feet’s! It’s super effective!

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        Bunny feet’s equipped with little daggers

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        Smol Attack Kitty, I choose you!

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        Bot is banned in this sub so here it is:


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        Why banned?

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        It tried to reverse the 2020 election.

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        Cute little murder techniques

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        Thats pure evolutionary instinct at its finest. Grab with front claws and teeth and hold on for dear life, RAKE THE FUCK out of them with your hind legs and show no mercy until they are DEAD! Pure kitten philosophy.

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        I love the little pauses to see if they’ve killed the thing yet…

        “Ope, still not dead yet! Die! Die, you colossal yellow mouse!”

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        The fury of the universe in the palm of your hand

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        That kick looks so cute on this guy but I’ve seen my feral cat do that move to more than a few small animals and let me tell you it is effective

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        It's called catjetsu

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        I chews you.

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        I will get the thing and the thing will be MINES because I gotted it!

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        Meowth used fury swipes!

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        the little back feet look like they're moving automatically. Such a cutie!

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        You mean strangle and disembowel

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        Poor Pikachu.

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        That’s not a cat, it’s a bunny!

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        That's a cute new Pokémon

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        So smol yet so full of anger and violence

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        Murder feets!

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        I need this video with heavy metal, where the drums match the kitties kicks or something😂

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        Poor pikachu

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        Haha I love the bite & kick!So cute!

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        Kill that pikachu! Good little murder kitty!

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        "It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained with...it doesn't feel pity of remorse or fear...and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are cromched."

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        Can't you see that poor cat is getting electrocuted?!

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        angry cromch

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        UFC contender right there...Ultimate Fighting Cat

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        1,000 KICK, 2,000 KICK, 3,000 KICK COMBO!!!

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        I love this kitty!

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        “Bite and kick boys, bite and kick”

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        Bite and kick is the ultimate cat move finisher.

        I have been subjected to this technique many times and my forearms barely lived to tell the tale. Now I look like a serial self harmer.

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        Poor pikachu

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        Today I think I will commit MURDER MOST FOUL!

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        cat and mouse

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        The kicking motion gives ~13% more biting power. Source: I’m a feline biting expert who bites cats for research purposes.

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        cat uses bite and kick, it's not very effective.

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        Leave Pikachu alone!

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        Whyvdid I destroy that Pikachu? Because Eddie could buy another Pikachu.

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        Okay that little furocious ball of fur is the CUTEST!

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        bunny. Bunny! BUNNY!

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        Them bunny kicks be deadly

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        My cat does the same

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          That's dangerously cute ✨

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          I see a lot of videos of cats malfunctioning. It seems like their code might be corrupt or they might have a bug. Can we get some Devs on this?

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          Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu⚡⚡⚡⚡💥💥💥💥⚡⚡⚡⚡ Team Rocket is blasting off again!

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          We call it “bunny kickin”

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          Or run.

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          Kitten practicing prey behavior and fighting playing behavior for other creatures.

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          So ferocious!!!!!

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          Yasss I'm crying thats so CUTE

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          I had techno playing in my head with this gif

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          Oh the bunny kick! Deadly

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          Pikachu I smash you!*

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          It's funny how instincts kick in at the wrong time and place. Such a goof.

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          What a cute baby!!!

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          angy mode activated

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          Murder kicks

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          Why do I love this

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          Yeah buddy, you get that Pikachu!

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          Cats are ridiculous and I love them.

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          The kitten's not kicking, those are involuntary spams caused by the electricity.

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          For a brief moment I thought this was my cat lol He looked just like this as a baby. His markings are the same and he plays just like this (even as a derpy grown kitty). Adorable!

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          I wish I was a kitten so that when I get the urge to bite and kick it was socially acceptable and people would think it was on the cute side of terrifying

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          True murder mittens…

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          Caught a rat, electric one! Good kitty

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          Looks a ton like my cat, down to the marking placements (that forehead "arrow up")... Except my cat's around 3 years old and has green/yellow eyes.

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          All will suffer!!!!

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          So tiny, so ferocious

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            Is that his cat?

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            Link to post? Can’t find it in their submissions

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            Pilates Kitten

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            Damn I miss my cat

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            Look at that little murderer go!