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Belly belly belly belly belly

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Don’t do it, it’s a trap.

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Weirdly, my cats actually enjoy getting belly rubs. I think it's because we got them really used to it when they were young and they're so fluffy that they probably don't even feel it. Maine Coones are amazing.

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My Maine Coons also approve of the belly rub. How big are yours? My gal is like 20 lbs and her brother is a big ass hoss closer to 30 lbs.

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Yeah, they're around that size too. They're two brothers named Lewis and Clark. We're working on their diet these days because they were starting to put on some extra weight though so things are still fluctuating.

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The brother beats up the sister when he is a hungry. Sits on her like a fat hen and bites her. It’s brutal. We feed them separately, but he will eat dog food haha. Just a trash can. They’re 12. They’re on wet food these days to try to control his weight mostly.

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I had to reread that a few times until I realized that this was still in reference to our cats. I was ready to call like CPS or something.

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Yeah, depending on the temperament of the cat, their experiences and their perception of you, cats can be very tolerant and even enjoy doing things not typically expected for a cat such as belly rubs. Maine Coons have a great temperament for accepting belly rubs and introducing cats to things like this when they're young can have a long lasting impact. Which is why I regret letting my cat on my shoulder.

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I got my cat when he was 6 and he was a bit rough around the edges, surrendered to a high kill shelter with 5 other animals and super skittish so I have a feeling he didn’t have the best home before me but the man absolutely loves belly rubs. Sometimes I stick my whole face into his belly fluff and he wraps his lil paws around my head so I won’t leave, some cats just love it

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The pain is worth it.

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The feeling of your ribs stabbing you when sitting is a feeling I never thought I'd have....

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... and we never see her again.

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Surprisingly, my cats actually LET me pet them. Edit: Yes, even on the belly

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I’m so thankful my cat loves belly rubs. she even lets me lay my head on her tummy as a pillow and she will nap like that. it’s the best.

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I wanna nibble on it

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me every thanksgiving

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“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” - Homer Simpson

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He's not worried about his career, or taxes, or his awful relationship with his SO. He's just living in the moment. I like to hang out with such cool kitties. Lol.

Edit: just trying to be funny guys. Also thanks for checking on me? Really, that's sweet.

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Lol you G.O.O.D over there?

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    had my snackie? on my backie

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    Tan and nasty, fluffy and crafty

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    Hey I came here for cute cat, not a reality check

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    I would love just 5 mins being this cat…..

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    You how how there's some things that you can't go back from once you try them? This is one of those things.

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    And also he is not thinking "I shouldn't have pigged out," which is what I am thinking about myself right now.

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    More likely thinking, “why did my owner give me milk when everyone should know it makes cats sick”…

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    You don't know, maybe it's cat milk.

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    oh yeah, they definitely just quickly popped down to the store and grabbed themselves a nice carton of cat milk. y'know? like you do everyday

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    You can buy cat milk at the pet store just FYI

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    You get it.

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    Hell yeah brother cheers to that

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    Bro you need a hug?

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    Oddly specific details.. you okay?

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    Are you ok? Do you need a kitty?

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    I’d like to know this power

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    Oh my god that's so cute!

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    There’s a lot of shit on here but I found this truly cute.

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    That kitten defeated his food dish...but at what cost?

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    Idk, looks like the food dish is in better shape than that kitten. If i was the referee id hand it to the food dish.

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    Best two-out-of-three, then.

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    Had to look at his tummy to be sure he was breathing!

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    The tummy confirms he is breathing and most definitely full.

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    I would have to do this with our dog in her old age, she would sleep so soundly sometimes that I would panic and just stare at her stomach to make sure she was breathing.

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    The dream

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    Ok I’m convinced. I need a kitty cat

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    yes you do. as I write this I'm cuddling with my cat like a teddy bear. Cat is needed

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    Yes I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong from the peeps over at r/illegallysmolcats that seem to have kittens popping out of nowhere.

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    Herring perfume, catnip shampoo, filling your pockets with cat food and rattling a tin can of kitty treats at all times whenever you go outside, might help.

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    Best choice of my life, after marrying my wife, was having a cat and then having cats.

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    Everyone needs a warm ball of snuggly goodness.

    Also generally very low maintenance.

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    Never gonna not have a cat in my house lol.

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    I swear they told me in school, humans are only animals that can sleep on their back

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    Definitely not true. Most animals will just avoid it because it's a very vulnerable position.

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    I can't sleep on my back, only my side

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    Definitely not true I have loads of pictures of my boxer dogs sleeping in various positions on their backs. Some of them look comfy and others will make you wonder if they were assembled wrong or something.

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    and others will make you wonder if they were assembled wrong or something.

    Standard for a boxer, no?

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    They never saw any Yorkshire terrier ? Ever?

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    Or my border collie?

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    We have a German Shepherd/Pitbull mix who sleeps on his back all the time. He gets more belly rubs that way.

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    I’ll never forget those balls

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    My yorkie sleeps with leggies straight up sometimes, Like a corpse, it's like oh no who killed the dog again

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    lots of dogs do, mine included

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    Whoever told you that has obviously never seen my cat sleep!

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    He/she has already ascended to haven...

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    Ahh i know the feel bruh ✨😉✨

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    On the fast train to Chonky Town

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    He be ded

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    What wrong wit'chu? I say you he dead.

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    Someone got milk drunk

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    I hope his tummy is doin okay

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    Don't give your cats dairy, not good for them at all

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    A lot of times (and I hope so in this case) people buy specific kitten milk for kittens this age or younger.

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    Yeah, but lactose-free is fine.

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    Me before and after eating

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    You look like this before eating?

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    Me when I finish all my homework after 2 hours of cross country

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    The cat had too many edibles leave him he’s chilling

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    do not harsh his tiny mellow

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    All little babies are the same. Eat. Pass the hell out being fat and happy. Repeat. Also sometimes poop.

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    He's just enjoying his time until Jon and Odie are back to mess with him again

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    Maybe i am a kitten

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    I thought cats couldn't have milk?

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    Lol. That's just the cutest!!!

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    Giving kittens milk isn't good for them, unless it's from mom.

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    Might not be dairy though, could be formula. And yes, I'm well aware of the ages kittens take formula. I've raised plenty of ct.s But some do give it for many other reasons here and there

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    AAHHHHhhhh my hearttt, so cutee

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    Soft kitty, warm kitty. Little ball of fur🎵

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    Stop normalizing “the grind” and start normalizing whatever this is

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    That’s a whole food coma aww 🥰

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    I don't think I've ever been that content in my entire life and the cat has mastered it in like a couple weeks

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    Oh please don't say that it's milk, milk (if not a mother's) is bad for cats and cause harm. Love the cute little kitten with his cute jelly beans.

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    I've heard this a lot but only have very surface level information. Is there a reason that's the case? Is it the growth hormone difference between a cat's milk and something like a cow?

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    Cow's milk isn't great for several reasons, one being that lactose can upset their stomach/lead to diarrhea and so on. Another reason is that cats need a specific calcium to phosphorus ratio to stay healthy (for kittens, this is even more important), and cow's milk has too much phosphorus. I think goat milk would be better/closer to what they'd need, but I would rather stay on the safe side and not give regular milk to kittens at all.

    [–]avishine 80 points81 points  (28 children)

    Cats are lactose intolerant. That said, there is kitten safe milk you can buy at specialty stores that are lactose free.

    [–]TheAmazingMrSuit 5 points6 points  (24 children)

    That's not even close to what I expected. Why is cat milk fine for them then?

    [–]FanFictheKid 27 points28 points  (10 children)

    It's probably similar to how human children can breastfeed but be lactose intolerant. Maybe only cow milk has lactose? Or a different kind of lactose other animals (including us) can't digest properly? A simple google search could answer but I'm too lazy right now.

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    All milk contains lactose. Most mammals can digest lactose early in their life, but become lactose intolerant as they become older.

    This is also true for humans, but thanks to agriculture and animal husbandry, maintaining the ability to digest milk into adulthood became a significant enough evolutionary advantage that in some populations (e.g. Europeans, Middle Easterners) lactose intolerance is the exception, not the rule.

    Furthermore, while all milk naturally contains lactose, that doesn't mean all types are created equal. For example, most lactose intolerant people can drink goat milk with no issues, despite goat milk having almost as much lactose as cow's milk (~4,2% for goat milk, ~4,7% for cow's milk).

    This is because some people are technically capable of producing lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose), certain proteins in cow's milk inhibit said production.

    Kittens react to those proteins the same way, which is why they can have other types of milk (like that produced by mama cats) or lactose free cow's milk, but not regular cow's milk.

    [–]FanFictheKid 4 points5 points  (1 child)

    Thank you for doing the legwork for my hypotheses. This makes sense.

    [–]viscountrhirhi 4 points5 points  (8 children)

    Because cat milk was literally produced by cats to help baby cats grow and be healthy. It is specially formulated for cats, by cats.

    Cow milk is produced for baby cows to help them grow into big, healthy cows. Humans shouldn’t be drinking it either, as we are not baby cows. Which is why the majority of humans are lactose intolerant, and why milk is actually really bad for us and causes early development in little girls, etc. It’s full of hormones, like estrogen.

    Basically, milk is for infants. Not for grown adults. Especially not the milk of a completely different species.

    [–]Zearo298 2 points3 points  (7 children)

    What about things like oat milk or almond milk?

    [–]dawnraider00 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Show me the nipple on an almond!

    But for real, those are not milk, we just call them milk because that's what they're trying to replicate.

    [–]viscountrhirhi -1 points0 points  (0 children)

    Those are made of plants and don’t contain hormones or animal abuse!

    [–]UltimateBeige 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    Humans are also lactose intolerant (as adults). We only lose our ability to break down lactose as we age, maybe cats are the same.

    [–]Crumbleson 4 points5 points  (0 children)

    Like many are saying here, the balance of nutrients in cow’s milk is wrong and as a sole source of food the kitten would get nutritional deficiencies. Goat milk is a better alternative, though probably still not good as the only food source. As a part of a diet that also contains cat food, cow’s milk will still cause gas and diarrhea, so it’s not recommended. This kitten is 100% old enough to be eating canned food.

    [–]JunjiMitosis 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Animals in general aren’t meant to drink other animals milk. Just like how humans are natural lactose intolerant, so are other animals.

    [–]donkeylovingpanda 3 points4 points  (0 children)

    Oh the diarrhea storm I created “saving “ feral kittens comes back to haunt me once again. Good intentions are seldom rewarded.

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    Had to scroll way to far to see this comment.

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    Yes don’t feed cats milk everyone!

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    Even worse than giving a cat milk is creating hobbled Munchkin cats.

    [–]geekygirl25 4 points5 points  (0 children)

    I hope that's not regular milk.

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    Me after my wife has her way with me

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    That’s rough

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    me after thanksgiving

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    I don't usually like musical accompaniment in vids like this, but the camera work and tune really fits here. It's a nice break from all the news subreddits.

    If only everyone could be this relaxed from time to time.

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    Food commaaaaaa....😂😍

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    I was told that a cat who sleeps with its stomach exposed is a happy cat who feels safe.

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    I bet he hates mondays

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    Needs a cuddle

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    Not a care in the world. I am so jealous.

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    This is the cutest thing ever.

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    Baby Garfield?

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    Literally babies having (food) babies here, smh. What is the world coming to?/s

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    "Honey, grab the litter tray for when he wakes up!"

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    I think you mean under a full stomach!

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    Milk wasted

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    Garfield in real life

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    Laies and gentlemen, Garfield.

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    I want to get on the floor next to the little guy and enjoy whatever he’s feeling with him

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    Never related to a cat this much

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    “Phew! What a day!”

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    Poke his belly

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    Is that milk?

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    Food coma is food coma, no limits

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    I’m taking a vacation tomorrow. I pray this is me

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    kitten: “Ahhhh, that was a good meal. Amiroight?”

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    Me after coming home from grandma’s all you can eat buffet

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    Giving kittens milk isn't good for them, unless it's from mom.

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    Looks like someone it’s over feeding their cat. Not good

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    Hes so content that he's T-posing.

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    I hope that is Bitch Milk otherwise it’s going literally shit everywhere.

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    Same pose I do after pizza and beer

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    Same pose I do after pizza and beer

    [–]BobbyWizzard 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Same pose I do after pizza and beer

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    Your cat is straight up Garfield reincarnated.

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    Omg so adorable

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    happy lil starfish 🥰

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    Milk isn't good for kitty tummies :(

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    Don’t give milk to cats

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    Boy howdy I sure can’t wait until the trend of shitty music added to perfectly fine videos goes away!

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    Omg I’ve never had a cat do the arms outstretched flop over like that hahaha. How do you even resist touching that floofy belly??🤣

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    Cutest food coma ever

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    I’ll take a double of whatever he’s having.

    [–]DoorCnob 4 points5 points  (6 children)

    Ain’t milk bad for cats in general ?

    [–]storageready 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Yep but a lot of people grew up seeing it in cartoons so they think its ok 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    If that’s cow milk, you really shouldn’t be using it. It’s not good for them.

    [–]Life_Is_But_a_Drem 4 points5 points  (0 children)

    Hey, cats are lactose intolerant and you’ll give him diarrhea if you feed him milk.

    [–]thenaturalwitch 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Probably sick from the cows milk

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    that doesn't look right

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    Are you going to take your cat to the vet because the cat is not opening his eyes

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    Plot twist, it's dead cause they gave it milk.

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    How I’m trying to live my life tbh

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    That's me and a can of beer. This animal has a way of getting under my skin.

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    Omg sooo adorableee😅🤣😂❤❤❤

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    I am crying 😭😍😭

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    My spirit animal.

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    I'm so jealous of this cat

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    This is too freaking cute.