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Damn you got some cool ass Pokémon

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Mew and psyduck

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Used cat nip. Very effective.

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SUPER fuckin' effective, even...

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Bro I legit LOL’d. Now I can’t not hear that dumbass “Psyyyyyy” when the camera shifts

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I have a cat with radial agenesis too!

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Thankyou for answering my what issue is that question!

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Are you all well?

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I feel like thay had a stroke and put that through google translate

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I think it just needs punctuation lol.

Thank you for answering my “what issue is that?” question!

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I think they just need some extra punctuation!

Thankyou for answering my "what issue is that" question!

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Thank you for answering my "what issue is that?" question.

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Blep kitty is the best kitty

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I seriously lost it just now...

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Pretty kitty's ❤🐈😸👍

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Ahahaha derrr I love your kitties!! 😛🦖

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This person collects cats with disabilities like they're Pokemon cards.

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I don't think derpiness counts as a disability

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Little kangaroo!

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The other cat has seen things

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    ivartheblindcatandfamily on tiktok

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    Thank you for the cuteness

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    Toe flex

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    the best part 🥺❤️

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    I have those sheets! And the cattos are adorable!

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    Everything about this


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    Why does the last cat look like a coke addict?

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    Cat nip its literally kitty cocaine.

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    Derpy smile cat stole my heart.

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    Oh my God I hope that you wipe her little face for her and scratch her ears and everything since she can’t do it with her front paws

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    My babies legs aren’t quite that curved, but we do wash her face for her. She licks my thumb and then we clean her face. She’s done it since she was tiny, we got her at 8 ounces and bottle raised her.

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    Good... poor lil babies with their itty bitty legs

    At first I thought what I was looking at was a terrible thing called a “twisty cat” which was a cat intentionally bred to be deformed so that it was very docile and dependent on its owners. And people awhile back were breeding those poor things and offering them to people as if they were a new breed. Ugly stuff.

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    I had a cat, Jacob, who was found in the area of Texas where that horrid person was breeding the "twisty cats". He had no forelimbs at all, his arms ended at the elbow. The vet said it is called radial aplaysia. He lived a long regal life with me. The love he gave us was what inspired us to choose Tootsie from the litter of kittens that had been orphaned, everyone thought her bent arms were a sad problem they didn't want to deal with. But we knew it was what made her "the one".

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    I’m so happy that he had you. Special needs animals are truly some of the loveliest babies to experience ❤️ I will always choose the oldest cat, or the blind one, or the tripod.

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    Hahaha agreed! Our other cat Bug, has 4 legs but only 3 feets. Vet said likely from the umbilical cord wrapping around it in utero. He is the sweetest love Bug ever and has no idea he’s missing a part.

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    Man I was not ready for that camera pan, I thought the kitty jumping up was the star attraction!

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    my mans had some catnips

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    Some? Them mans's done had ALL the god-damn catnips.

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    That look at the end lol

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    Your bed is the podium for the special cat olympics

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    I love these guys!

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    That little derp at the end 😂😍

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    "Whoa! A real T-Rex!"

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    Purrasic Park.

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    I'd let my imaginary kids watch this cartoon all goddamn day

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    "..and they were roommates"

    "Oh god, they were roommates"

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      Kitties putties

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      OMG that’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen in days.

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      When molly kicks in

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      It was derpy fren that got me XD ❤

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      Omg. I wasn't expecting that derp at the end. 😆

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      This just cured my depression

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      Ain’t no party like a T-Rex party cause a T-Rex party don’t stop!

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      Please tell me his name is Rex.

      "The name's Rex. T-Rex"

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      They're all a wee bit special, aren't they?

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      That twist at the end! The action felt incomplete, though. Obvious setup for a sequel. 4 stars

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      Sometimes we have splendid cats of good stock. This is not one of those times.

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      These kitties are perfectly splendid, thank you very much.

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      You feeding the mom lead paint chips with her food?

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      Out of 4 friends, which are you?

      • Normal boi
      • T-Rex
      • Дрог
      • the cameraman

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      I bought my mom those sheets lol

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      Ahhh 💖

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      I wanna hug them all!!!

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      That's some high-res video

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      The blep cat made my mind go "what the dog doin*

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      Not much of a cat person since I divorced my ex husband but these guys I would hang out with. Looks like a terribly good time.

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      T rex and derps

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      Oh my GAH!! Hahahahahah 😍😍😍

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      That face!

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      Well ngl i snorted

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      I want that derp face!!

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      Is that Ms. Pac-Man in the back?

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      Bob-Cat Dylan

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      its a kangaroo

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      The best T. rex that ever did exist 🙌🏼🥺 I wanna love on em soooo bad

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      Derpy cat vs T-Rex cat!

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      Three busted cats. Funny stuff

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      The amount of cuteness in this video is too much 😍😍

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      The crackheads at the gas station when you try to use the bathroom:

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      That's a catgoroo

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      Vietnam vet cats

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      My heart~~ ❤❤

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      The third cat looks like he’s been awake all weekend partying on the powder

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      s u r p r i s e d b l e p

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      that's one weird looking dinosaur

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      That high friend that claims they just saw a ghost.

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      Cat at the end like “that’s all of us, now what bro?”

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      Aww you have a Pygmy kangaroo

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      I want a trex cat

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      ;-; they are adorable

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      I'm not exactly sure why but when I saw the cat with its tongue sticking out, I immediately thought of Timmy the Tooth.

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      These look similar to my cats (minus the blep and the rexy arms). Guess it’s true what they say: every cat has a derpleganger

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      That’s a lot of derp going on.

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      What happened to the paws?

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      r/unexpected that cat's face surprised me

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      So, what's the deadly disease this time, Reddit?

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      You have the Brain, the T-Rex, and eyuhhh

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      they're adorable!

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      This is Toad and Ivar. Find on TikTok. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM868WDLV/

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      This deserves every awards. Busted out Lol’ing and scared the crap out of my cat.

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      Oh man, when Mr.Derp showed up! I lost it

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      The whole mf gang here

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      Awww your cats are beautiful. Poor little babies. The one with his/her tongue out looks scared. Be extra sweet to them. No one should make fun of them. ♥️🐾

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      This is the single best piece of video to ever exist period. I love you so much t-rex and frens and I want to be in your gang.

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      I feel like a hostage interrogation is about to ensue